Wallet Colour According to Date of Birth and Vastu

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For many people, their wallet colour corresponds with the date of their birth. There are many different colours that wallets can come in according to the date of birth. Some people say that this is a sign of your personality, while others believe that it's just a fashion choice. in this article, we suggest which is the best Wallet colour according to date of birth and as per Vastu.

Why do people choose a certain Wallet colour according to date of birth?

According to a study conducted by WalletHub, people born on certain dates tend to prefer different wallet colours. The study’s author says that this might be because different colours represent different emotions for people born on these particular dates.

People believe that certain colours help us remember important dates or events in our lives. For some people, it may be a symbol of their personal identity. For others, it may represent something significant from their past.

it could be an indication of what they hope to achieve in the future. There is a number of reasons why someone might choose a certain wallet colour according to date of birth.

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Wallet colour importance in Vastu?

According to Vastu experts, there are many beliefs and customs surrounding the use of colour in Vastu. Wallet colour is one such aspect that is often taken into account. Wallet colour can be indicative of a person's character, and it can also affect their luck.

According to some beliefs, red signifies fertility, black represents power and control, and green symbolizes money. Some believe that different colours can have different effects on one's fortune. For example, carrying a white wallet may help you make more money, while carrying a blue or yellow wallet may improve your chances of winning at gambling.

When it comes to Vastu, many people believe that the colour Wallet colour as per Vastu is important. Wallet colour can be used as a sign or symbol for your personality. The following are 8 reasons why the colour of your wallet matters:

  1. Wallet colour can help you to identify yourself
  2. Your wallet colour can set the tone for your day.
  3. It can help you to remember important things.
  4. It can increase your personal power.
  5. It can support your positive energy.
  6. It can help you attract good luck and fortune.
  7. It can improve your relationships.
  8. It can help you to feel more positive

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What does Wallet colour as per Vastu represent?

According to traditional Indian architecture, the colour of your wallet can have a significant impact on your health and wealth. Below are 10 different wallet colours and their associated benefits:

  1. Green colour is considered to be auspicious because it is associated with fertility and growth. It is also said to help protect you from negative energy and bring good luck.
  2. Brown colour signifies strength and stability. It is said to encourage financial abundance and protect you from financial risks.
  3. Gray colour is considered neutral, which means it has no specific associations with any particularreligion or culture. It is believed to be protective against bad luck and give you psychological stability.
  4. Pink colour is associated with love, happiness, and joy.
  5. Purple This colour is associated with wisdom, power, and royalty.
  6. Blue This colour is associated with loyalty, trust, and peace.
  7. Yellow This colour is associated with happiness and joy.
  8. Orange This colour is associated with creativity and happiness.
  9. Green This colour is associated with vitality, growth and health.
  10. White This is the traditional colour of purity and innocence.

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Wallet colour according to date of birth

If you are born under any of these zodiac signs, then which colour is lucky for you, its information is given below.

Aries (मेष) - Red, Yellow, Pink, And Saffron Colors
Taurus (वृषभ)-White, Green, Or Silver Color
Gemini मिथुन – Green, Blue And Purple Colors
Cancer सिंह –White, Pink, Red
Leo कर्क – Red, Pink, Yellow, And White Colors
Virgo कन्या –Dark Green, Parrot Green, Blue, Purple, And Yellow Colour
Libra तुला – White, Pink, Or Light Colour
Scorpio वृश्चिक –Red, Pink, and White Colour
Sagittarius धनु – Yellow, Red, and Pink Colour
Capricorn मकर –Blue, Black And White Color
Aquarius कुम्भ – Black, Blue, Green, And White Colors
Pisces मीन – Yellow, Saffron, Red, White, And Pink Colour


In conclusion, it is interesting to know what colour your wallet will be according to the date of your birth. If you are born with a certain colour, make sure to always carry that colour around with you! Maybe even add it to your daily routine and see what happens. Or talk to best astrologer about it, who knows, maybe it will help you manifest those things you desire in life!


Which colour wallet is lucky in astrology?

some people believe that a green wallet is lucky in astrology because green is associated with money, prosperity, and fertility. Other people believe that any colour wallet can be lucky in astrology, depending on the person's individual beliefs and preferences.

What colour is the luckiest?

The three lucky colours considered lucky in human lives, as well as on special occasions, are red, yellow, and green.

Is red wallet good luck?

Yes, Red for good luck and protection.

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