Lucky Car Colour According To Date Of Birth And Rashi

The astrology perspective on car colours is that people born on certain dates have a predilection for certain colours. For example, people born on the 1st of January are said to be especially drawn to blue and green colours.

This is because these colours represent the elements of water and wind, respectively. Other colours that are favoured by people born in January include silver, gold, and black.

Feng Shui, meanwhile, believes that car colours play a significant role in our individual lives. The theory goes that different colours represent different energies or essences within us, and depending on which colour we choose for our car, we can promote or inhibit certain qualities within ourselves. Also choosing the Vehicle colour according to Rashi is an additional consideration for those who want to connect their car choice with astrological influences.

Lucky car colour according to date of birth

Birth date - March 21 to April 19
Lucky Color - red, along with yellow and saffron

Birth date - April 20 to May 20
Lucky Color - white, green and black

Birth date - May 21 to June 20
Lucky Colors - red, green and grey.

Birth date - June 21 to July 22
Lucky Color - white, red and yellow

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Birth date - July 23 to August 22
Lucky Color - red, yellow, saffron

Birth date - August 23 to September 22
Lucky Colors - red, yellow, saffron and white

Birth date - August 23 to September 22
Lucky Color - Red, yellow and white.

Birth date - September 23 to October 22
Lucky Color  - green and black

Birth date - October 23 to November 21
Lucky Color - yellow and saffron

Birth date - November 22 to December 21
Lucky Colors - red, yellow, saffron and bronze.

Birth date - December 22 to January 21
Lucky Colors - blue, green and yellow

Birth date - January 20 to February 19
Lucky Colors - blue, green and yellow.

Birth date - February 19 to March 20
Lucky Colors - red, yellow and bronze.

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Lucky car colour according to Rashi

Lucky car colours for Aries

If you are born in Aries so your ideal lucky car colour according to date of birth is red, along with yellow and saffron. Therefore, choose cars with one or two of these particular colours for the optimal driving experience.

Lucky car colours for Taurus

If you're born between April 20 to May 20, you will be Taurus. The car colours most favourable for Taurus are white, green, and black.

Lucky car colours for Gemini

If your date of birth falls between May 21 and June 20, you are of the Gemini sign, your lucky colours are red, green, and grey and your female reproductive organs consist of your maidenhood chakra.

Lucky car colours for Cancer

cancer people are optimistic and decisive. They are great decision-makers and, because of this, their lucky colour would be red and white.

Lucky car colours for Leo

According to the Vedic astrology of Leo natives, they're regarded as quite strong. Additionally, being a Leo, you would feel bold. As the lucky vehicle colour according to Rashi in 2023 you had better go for red, yellow, saffron, and white.

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Lucky car colours for Virgo

If you have a Virgo sign, you are hard-working with a practical approach. Also, you have a charming, gentle character with a calm, composed demeanour. Therefore, the lucky car colour for those born under Virgo is blue and white.

Lucky car colours for Libra

Libra men and women are interested in balance, harmony, and symmetry. Based on the vehicle, they want sleek and sensual rides. The lucky colour for vehicles for Libra is white and black.

Lucky car colours Scorpio

Scorpio natives will be assertive and willful. Additionally, they will be entirely passionate and have a whimsical heedlessness. That is why the positive colour scheme for these natives will be white. Also, you choose lucky car colours for Scorpio including red, yellow and saffron.

Lucky car colours Sagittarius

People with the Sagittarius sign enjoy traveling. You have a passion for fancy vehicles that energize you and prefer clothes that reflect the health-conscious, upgraded design of your lifestyle. This means that your ideal vehicle colour according to Rashi in 2023 includes red, yellow, and bronze.

Lucky car colours Capricorn

Capricorn natives possess self-control features. You value discipline and trust in authority and assurance, which encourages you to focus and make your choices well. As a result, you should go for blue, green and yellow for your car. This means that your ideal car colours include red, yellow, saffron and bronze.

Lucky car colours Aquarius

Typically, Aquarius men and women are drawn to independence and originality. The colours you should choose for your car include blue, green and yellow.

Lucky car colours Pisces

Your Moon sign is Pisces, which has a natural expression in artistry and an intuitive personality. You love aesthetic conveniences and appreciate the comfort of the car. Your lucky vehicle's colour is red, yellow, and bronze.

Conclusion: Lucky car colour according to date of birth

In conclusion, car colour is said to be a sign of one's luck for the day according to their date of birth. Whether it is true or not, car colours can always bring happiness and comfort when behind the wheel. So if your date of birth falls within the given date range, maybe consider changing your car's colour! Also, you can talk to our best astrologer for astrology solutions.


How do I know my lucky number colour?

The luck number is calculated by adding the digits of the birth date. Each lucky number relates to a specific colour, which indicates the character type of the individual.

What colour is the luckiest?

Red, yellow, and green

What colour is happy?


Which colour car is safest?


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