About us

At Monkvyasa, we are reimagining the way people access Astrology Service and connect with Astrologers globally. We provide best online Astrology Consultation in India. We form one of the best market place to connect our customers and astrologers, ensuring best quality services, support, predictions and astrology solutions. Monkvyasa has seen exponential growth with 100s of astrologer and 10,000s of customers, accessing the portal and consulting our certified astrologers for day to day resolutions.Monkvyasa bridges the gap between traditional services and new age technology for a high-quality solution in the Astrotech space. We maintain absolute privacy of data and information of all our customers, and keeping data privacy as one of our priorities.


To help people across the world find the right astrology solution in their life and lead a happy one. We wish to create a community of Astrologers and Customers, helping each other with various other solutions including Tarot, Kundali by date of birth, Numerology, Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Mundane Astrology.


We are working to build the world's largest community of people who seek, learn and share astrological, spiritual and well-being experiences on a single platform in a transparent, trustworthy and credible manner.


With an ever-growing pool of 100+ leading Vedic astrologers, Tarot readers, numerologists, and Vastu experts from around the world, Monkvyasa presently has a huge readership in more than 60 countries.


All of the astrologers at Monkvyasa collaborate as a single family to provide you with the best astrology experience, together with the support staff. Monkvyasa assists everyone in finding direction, happiness and guidance in life, whether they are teenagers worrying about what career path to take or adults dealing with marital compatibility concerns.