Best Colour Combination For Bedroom According To Vastu

Why colour combination is important according to Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that deals with the placement and design of buildings and rooms in order to achieve balance and harmony. When designing a bedroom, a Colour combination for bedroom according to Vastu is one of the considerations that should be considered.

The colours should be harmonious and reflect the personality of the person sleeping in that room.

If you want to ensure a harmonious and stress-free bedroom, it is best to follow the principles of Vastu. Colour combinations are an important part of this balancing act, and you can use them to create a calm and serene environment. Here are some colour combinations that can be used in a bedroom according to Vastu.

Which best Colour combination for bedroom according to vastu?

Choosing the right Colour combination for bedroom according to Vastu can be a daunting task, with so many different choices available. However, by following some simple tips, you can ensure that your chosen hue will both look good and make you feel comfortable.

According to Vastu experts when choosing a colour for your bedroom, consider the surrounding décor. If you have a bright wall colour in your living room and want to keep the same tone in your bedroom, it may be wise to choose something on the muted side, such as pale pink or light green. This way, the other colours in the room will arrange more naturally.

Another key factor to consider is whether you want a bold or soft colour scheme. A light blue might be a great choice if you don’t want to overwhelm your bedroom with too much colour but still want it to feel special and inviting.

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Which colour is best for the parents' bedroom?

Choosing the right Colour combination for bedroom according to vastu for patents is not an easy task for parents. There are so many different options and it can be difficult to know which one is right for them. Some people prefer dark colours, while others prefer light colours. Here are some tips on choosing the best colour for your parents' bedroom.

If you want your parents to feel comfortable and relaxed in their new bedroom, choose a calming colour such as green or blue. These colours will help to increase blood flow and improve relaxation.

If you want your parents to feel more energized in their new bedroom, go for brighter colours such as yellow or red. These colours will help to increase energy levels and make you feel happier overall.

Ultimately, it is up to the parents what colour they would like their bedroom to be, so do not hesitate to ask if they have any preferences!

What is the lucky colour for the bedroom?

Your bedroom is where you will spend many hours every day. That's why it's important to choose a colour that makes you feel good and relaxed. Here are some lucky bedroom colours:

1) Blue – This colour is associated with calmness and has been proven to improve sleep quality.

2) Green - The calming effects of green will help you to relax before sleeping.

3) Yellow – This cheerful colour stimulates the senses and will help you fall asleep faster.

4) Orange - The warmth of this colour will help you unwind after a long day.

5) Violet - Known as the healing colour, purple is believed to promote restful sleep and if you want the right colour according to your zodiac sign, then you should contact an expert astrologer who will help you in taking the right decision.

Top Colour combination for bedroom according to vastu

Blue as the bedroom colour as per Vastu stands for beauty, truth, dedication:

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation has discovered that blue is the most popular bedroom colour in the United States. The reasoning behind this preference is that blue is associated with happiness, calmness, and peace. This makes it an ideal colour to induce relaxation and improve sleep quality. Additionally, blue is thought to bring strength and stability to a room, making it beneficial for those who want to feel healthy and energetic throughout the day.

    Green as the bedroom colour as per Vastu stands for a positive environment:

    Choosing a bedroom colour that is green is thought to create a positive environment. This is because green represents new beginnings and growth, both seen as positive things in Vastu. Additionally, green is considered to be calming, so it can help you get a good night's sleep.

    Pink as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes a statement:

    Pink is associated with femininity and seductive qualities. It's the colour of love and romance, so it makes a perfect choice if you want your bedroom to be suggestive and alluring. It's also associated with happiness and joy, which is perfect if you're looking for a colour that will make you feel good both physically and emotionally.

    Yellow as bedroom colour as per Vastu makes for a cheerful ambience.:

    According to Vastu, the predominant colour in a bedroom should be yellow. This is said to be beneficial for both the mind and body as it enhances energy levels and promotes happiness. Moreover, a room that is predominantly yellow gives off a cheerful atmosphere, making it an ideal place to relax after a hectic day.

    Orange is bedroom colour as per Vastu:

    Orange is one of the colours that naturally stimulates emotions. This means that it can help to increase feelings of happiness and well-being in the bedroom. Additionally, orange is known to be a calming colour. This means that it can help to reduce anxiety levels and promote relaxation in the bedroom.

    Grey Color in Bedroom As Per Vastu:

    This colour symbolizes subtlety and is refreshing. It attracts accuracy and delicacy into your lives. Many shades and tones of grey can be used to create that perfect appearance in your sleeping area.

    White bedroom colour for the peaceful environment:

    White is also an alternative to go with if you would like to satisfy your need for freedom and annihilation. It stands for peace and purity, according to the Vastu colour significance. It is the colour of innocence.

    Indigo Vastu Color For Bedroom:

    Make indigo your kid's bedroom colour to set the ambience for drifting free from reality and connecting to your internal self. It improves wisdom and self-awareness.

    Purple bedroom colour as per Vastu:

    Purple depicts balance and virtue in the bedroom. This colour's smart choice is great for folks battling impatience, as adding fairy lights behind the bedsheets produces a quiet environment.

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    Vastu Colors For Bedroom For Kids

    Kids love spicing up their bedrooms with a dash of colour, so why not do the same for your Vastu arrangement? You don't need to be an expert at home decorating to get started; all you need are some vibrant colours and a little imagination.

    Here's a guide to help you choose the right colours for your child's bedroom:

    Pink: This cheerful colour is perfect for girls and boys alike, and it can add a touch of gentleness to a girl's room.

    Blue: This calming colour is perfect for rooms that will be used primarily by kids. It reduces anxiety and can help kids sleep better.

    Green: This plant-based colour is refreshing and energizing. It's also good for promoting alertness and concentration in young children.

    Orange: This is another happy, vibrant colour that kids love.


    In conclusion, bedroom colour combinations are highly individualized, so it is important to consult a Vastu Consultant Expert to get the best results. bedroom colour combinations should be based on the principle of Vastu, which states that a room's layout and decoration should harmonise with the natural energies of the four corners of the room. To achieve this balance, it is important to use colours that are associated with different elements.

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