Venus Transit In Aquarius, Know Its Impact On All 12 Zodiac Signs

Venus Transit In Aquarius

Venus is taken into consideration to be an auspicious planet as in step with Vedic astrology. The superb effect of Venus is such that It is thought that one might also additionally get materialistic pleasures and happiness in married lifestyles. There are positions of Venus withinside the Kundli. One is favourable Which brings happiness and prosperity in one’s lifestyles and the opposite is damaging which has a tendency to convey strain in married lifestyles, economic troubles, issues in worldly pleasures, etc.

Venus is taken into consideration as a promoter, encouraging beauty, art, love, creativity, and materialistic pleasure. The ruling lord for Taurus and Libra is understood to be Venus. In Virgo, it’s miles positioned in a weakened kingdom and is living in an multiplied kingdom withinside the zodiac signal of Pisces. Friends of Venus are Mercury and Saturn, whilst Sun and Moon are categorised as enemies.

February 20, 2021, that is. Sunday at 2:12 a.m. The transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place. The impact of the Planet Venus passing via the Aquarius may be located on all 12 Zodiac signs.

Based on the zodiac signs, right here are the results of the transit of Venus into Aquarius on your lifestyles.


For Aries, they’re in all likelihood to be on the list of numerous possibilities, given that Venus is making a completely powerful “Dhan Yoga” at this time. Venus is regulating their 2nd residence of gathered wealth, own circle of relatives, and 7th residence of marital relationships and commercial enterprise partnerships, and is positioned withinside the 11th residence of income, prosperity, and wealth. This transit could convey wealth and opulence for Aries moon signal.

Business companions will see their wallet complete with cash for this time. This is the time of the year whilst there are numerous possibilities for human beings withinside the arts, creativity, and style careers. Transit of Venus to Aquarius is thought to be a higher transit than the ultimate transit of Venus to Aries natives.

Aries may also get hold of complete aid out of your own circle of relatives all through this time and happiness will succeed withinside the domestic setting, For the only sin relationships, it’s a first-rate time to see you spend first-rate time together along with your companions. Singles might also additionally input into new relationships with a person with whom they are probably struck immediately.

Overall, an incredible transit is a good way to fulfil your desires. Remedy– It is usually recommended to maintain speed on Fridays to get the first-class final results of this transit.


Venus, the Lord of the Ascendant and the Sixth House, will by ship via the 10th residence of career and profession for the natives born below the signal of the bull. This manner which you are in all likelihood to have combined and charming consequences all through this Venus period.

You appear to take your profession for granted, and you may want to step up your efforts. You can see the dearth of engagement with paintings and the dearth of creativity in your philosophy. You might also additionally experience being lazy, and that can obstruct your productiveness and performance. Your enemies will try to take advantage of this situation, so that you ought to pay attention to this weak point all through this transit.

Taurus businessmen ought to keep away from any form of loans and liabilities, and they’re additionally advised to paintings with the prevailing to be had resources.

Spending first-rate time together along with your own circle of relatives will convey peace and happiness in your non-public lifestyles. To convey greater concord and smoothness to the dating, make small gestures out of your side.

As defined above, the awareness ranges are in all likelihood to drop all through this length, the pupil born below this moon signal will must paint tougher all through this transit.

In this Venus transit Yoga, bodily exercising and meditation are the important things to keep away from lifestyle problems together with obesity, diabetes, etc.

Remedy– It is counselled to sprinkle rose water on Shivling each day withinside the morning.


For the natives of Gemini, Venus is passing to the 9th residence of your horoscope. This residence displays cash, luck, spirituality, and better education.

Professionally Luck and fortune are very auspicious as Venus is the lord of the fifth residence of making plans and techniques located at the side of the third residence of efforts, the Sun on your ninth residence. You might be praised for your mind and efforts and might be preferred with the aid of better officials. Any form of merchandising or switch that has been caught for a long term can get exact news.

It is likewise an auspicious time for better education, college students may be admitted to their favourite universities, and lots of college students also can pass overseas to better education.

Married couples are in all likelihood to achieve complete aid from their companions. You’re each in all likelihood to spend a few first-rate time collectively to assist construct your dating. Your antique lover is predicted to expose their presence for singles.

Remedy– Worshipping Goddess Katyayani each day will enhance the final results of this transit.


For the Cancer moon signal, Venus holds the lordship of the fourth residence of happiness, luxury, popularity, mother, land, and actual property, and the 11th residence which represents profits and income of all types, status, and friends. It might be transiting via your 8th residence from which we see longevity, surprising profits, and transformation.

As it’s miles at once affecting your 2nd residence of gathered wealth and own circle of relatives, it’ll really convey up a few surprising income a good way to offer a financial increase to you all through this transit, But, as Venus is likewise the fourth residence of consolation and luxuries, so you may be willing to spend your cash at the matters that upload on on your comforts and luxuries, that can on occasion cause impulsive shopping for.

There is not anything incorrect with it, however you could additionally pamper yourself in lots of exceptional ways. So, making an investment of your cash the proper manner for your thoughts and paintings all through this transit will see you smiling your manner via the bank. This is an eventful time of the year so placing your attention withinside the proper route could be very important.

Married natives are in all likelihood to get hold of income from their spouses. Committed couples seeking to take their dating to the subsequent stage are in all likelihood to see their desires come true. Students indulging in studies or better research together with PhD. are in all likelihood to get greater favourable consequences than college students doing their recurring research.

Healthwise, you can come across a few troubles associated with the eyes or your decreased abdomen, in particular associated with U.T.I. So, provide your water consumption excessive and keep away from ingesting any form of highly spiced or fried meals all through this length. For eyes, sleep right and spend much less time on tv and mobile.

Remedy– Donate beauty-associated objects to Goddess Mahalakshmi on Friday.


During this transit, Venus might be going via the 7th residence of your horoscope. Single Leo goes to be very useful on this transit; they’re in all likelihood to get married. New energy, bliss, and happiness are in all likelihood to be visible in married couples.

Low motivation and process delight may be visible on your paintings, that can cause dissatisfaction, productiveness and performance may also get hampered. This will upload to the venture of giving a terrific reference to your boss and colleagues. You are advocated to be affected person together along with your employer avoid any form of adventure, if now no longer required all through this time.

A own circle of relatives legacy may be stronger all through this time for Leo natives engaged in a own circle of relatives commercial enterprise or operating with their father. Those in a partnership might also additionally must be careful, as there are probably a few ego clashes and conflicts among companions. Favourable consequences are predicted to those beginning any new commercial enterprise with acquainted men and women like siblings, relatives, and partner.

Hardworking Leo college students are in all likelihood to acquire exact consequences of their academics. There is probably a few fitness troubles for a number of the Leo natives.

Remedy– Reciting of the Venus Mantra “Om Shum Shukraya Namah” each day all through the Venus Hour is taken into consideration to be exact.


For the natives born below this signal, you may be web website hosting Venus withinside the 6th residence of your horoscope because it enters the signal of the Aquarius. From the 6th building, we see rivals, debts, illnesses, and additionally the problems and boundaries that ought to be met of their adventure to achievement.

Virgo ought to be alert as they could take part in positive clashes and disputes which could affect the peace of mind. Your father might also additionally, however, make incredible development all through this time in his area of labour or commercial enterprise, for you to be a supply of rest and happiness for you. In a date together with your companion, you seem to grow to be an over-perfectionist, that can preclude your dating.

It is usually recommended that you preserve the right stability among your expenditure and revenue. Also, this isn’t a terrific time to put money into any economic system, together with land and actual property.

It is counselled to maintain a near test for your ingesting behaviour and eating regimen all through this era. Remedy– On Friday, put on the crystal quartz rosary around your neck.


Libra is in all likelihood to host their ascendant lord Venus of their 5th residence, which displays offspring, thoughts, passion, romance, preparation, and strategy. They are in all likelihood to look for extra verbal exchange and concord of their dating with their children.

Libras are in all likelihood to get possibilities or responsibilities, this may decorate your capabilities at your workplace. Growth is at the playing cards for commercial enterprise individuals. Those in commercial enterprise partnerships also are in all likelihood to make cash all through this transit. Those at the inventory change could earnings properly all through this transit.

As a way as non-public lifestyles is concerned, this section is an excellent time to go into new relationships, as it’s miles in all likelihood to convey happiness, cheer, and ultimate for a long term. Those in relationships might be active and colourful in your relationships, your companion will apprehend your feelings, appreciate them, and assist you set up balance and concord on your dating.

Students could additionally see and develop their interest and awareness permitting them to do properly in educational pursuits. Those in innovative fields together with journalism, the arts, the internet, publishing, etc. may also be capable of spotlight their talents.

Remedy– For higher consequences, put on white garments on Friday.


For the Scorpio Moon signal, the demon mentor Venus has a lordship over the 7th residence of marital relations, partnerships, and the 12th residence of lengthy trips and expenses. It’s going to transport via your fourth residence of happiness, warmth, mother, land, and actual property all through this time of year. This indicates that Scorpio natives are in all likelihood to have useful results all through this time period.

Scorpio might be surrounded with the aid of using bliss, concord, happiness, and contentment. Mothers’ fitness will enhance. Relationships together along with her may also get stronger. Ones staying out of doors India are in all likelihood to go back lower back to their residence over-expenditure wishes to be stored below control. You can also invest in shopping for new cars, gadgets, land, or property. The fitness of the partner may also be exact.

Many who’re in love will see a development in engagement and self belief of their relationships. Also, natives seeking to get married may want to provide you with quite a few exact proposals all through this transit.

Overall, an awesome time is a good way to convey a superb boom to all sides of your lifestyles.

Remedy– Read or concentrate on the mythological tale of the incarnation of Lord Parashurama.


Venus might be transiting via the 1/3 residence of siblings, courage, efforts, verbal exchange, and brief journeys for the Sagittarius moon signal. Venus regulates the 6th opposition residence and the 11th triumphing residence on your horoscope, this means that this transit of Venus will convey you auspicious consequences.

Sagittarius’s Relationship together along with your sibling will enhance all through this era and they’ll cooperate and aid you in all manner. You are in all likelihood to get a few exact possibilities via social media. This time is likewise excellent for venture trips and brief journeys. This length may also see you spending a first-rate time together along with your own circle of relatives and friends.

Professionally, this time will provide superb consequences at the process.

Great consequences are predicted for Many operating in worldwide corporations and multinationals and in all likelihood to get the favoured consequences of their paintings To acquire incredible development in your profession you could place efforts to enhance your verbal exchange together with your subordinates, colleagues, and companions.

Love is the air all through this transit. Love lifestyles are in all likelihood to blossom and also you also are in all likelihood to present presents on your cherished ones. A married couple will love the happiness of their datingStudents getting ready for aggressive checks get exact achievement in this era.

Remedy– To give a boost to you ought to donate sugar on Friday.


Beneficial consequences are predicted for them as Venus is the Yogakaraka planet for the Capricorn Moon might be transiting via the second one residence of their own circle of relatives and wealth for Capricornians.

“Dhan Yog” is a card for you to decorate your gathered wealth. You are in all likelihood to get hold of incredible process offers. Ones watching for increment or merchandising are in all likelihood to get it all through this era.

Businessmen also are in all likelihood to look boom all through this time. As comers in fifth residence lord and is located in tenth location, this means that this time will enhance their capacity to give and execute their plans. This will permit them to go into beneficial and worthwhile offers all through this transit. Your persuasive capabilities may also enhance, for you to assist you carry out the incomplete tasks.

Carefully invest in luxuries and attractive meals all through this time, as this will make a contribution to an upward thrust on your expenses.

Students can rate the exact grades of their checks in the event that they get complete aid and their own circle of relatives cooperation. Overall, an excellent transit, complete with happiness and riches.

Remedy– Wear a terrific first-rate white opal crafted in silver on Friday.


In the sector of affection and passion, Venus might be going via the residence of the Aquarius natives. Venus keeps the lordship of the fourth and 9th homes for the Aquarians, that’s why this transit could convey auspicious consequences and higher improvements.

You get exact development on your expert lifestyles due to Your pleasant and cooperative mindset and you may get the entire aid of your seniors as properly all through this transit. Professional or commercial enterprise journeys made all through this transit are in all likelihood to supply incredible consequences. Stock marketplace gamers born below this signal could be capable of making exact income for themselves at this time.

At this time, you may be dependent on your partner due to your gentle and receptive mindset. Singles ought to paintings on their attractiveness, which may be useful to draw their contrary sex.

You also can earn superb matters out of your lifestyles, as you’ll see an upward thrust in luxuries and consolation. You may also acquire peace of mind, delight, and achievement

Remedy– To enhance Venus all through this transit you ought to feed Mother Cow


For the Pisces Moon signal, the transit of Venus will take place through the 12th residence of spending, worldwide tour, and loss. This time could bring about an upward thrust on your spending. Maximum of this sum of money could be expended on pointless expenses, to maximise your consolation and luxury, to pamper yourself. So, keep away from indulging in any form of extra all through this time.

Your monetary burden will boom as your sibling will appear in the direction of you for financial aid. Your siblings can tour overseas for paintings. Unwanted tour is likewise at the playing cards which might also additionally cause a waste of cash and energy. Health wishes to be stored below the test. Try to do Yoga and meditation on your lifestyles.

Professionally, it’s time to grasp directly the whole lot you’ve got in place of taking chances. If you need to make a few forms of funding all through this time, make it after consulting your mentor, father, or father. Also, continue to be warm to the ladies and maintain an ethical distance from them, otherwise, you would possibly locate yourself in incredible trouble.

Personally, the 8th and 12th homes each symbolise secrecy, and Venus withinside the twelfth residence indicates a hidden love affair for a number of the natives born below the signal of the fish. So, try and do away with them, there are probably troubles later on in your married lifestyles. Single natives might also additionally hesitate to express their feelings and longings for a person they need, which might also additionally make a contribution to isolation and dissatisfaction.

Remedy– One can see the auspicious end result in the event that they donate milk on Monday and Friday. To know more about Zodiac Signs talk to our best Astrologers.

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