Vastu For Study Room: Direction, Colour & Tips As Per Vastu

In today's world, everyone wants to achieve success and have a good life. To succeed, it's important to have a study room because studying helps us reach our goals. Parents also take special attention to their children's study rooms. Just like Vastu is important for bringing happiness and prosperity to our lives, the study room in our house should also be designed according to Vastu principles so that our hard work pays off.

Vastu Shastra helps remove negativity from our homes. Its purpose is to increase positive energy flow so that we can be successful in all areas of life. According to Vastu Shastra, having the study room in the wrong direction can hinder our studies because it attracts negative energy. Vastu Shastra aims to improve working conditions. It is believed that the study room should be in the north direction, which is considered the center of education. Let's find out how the study room should be according to Vastu.

Study Room Direction as Per Vastu

The best places to have a study room in your house according to Vastu are the northeast, east, or west sides. These locations are believed to be good for children and help them focus better. It's important to consider the study room direction as per Vastu while setting up the space. It is not advisable to have a mirror in your study area because it can reflect your stress, workload, and anxiety, making them feel worse. Additionally, it's best to avoid using bright lights in the room because they can strain a child's eyes and head too much. 


When setting up a study room according to Vastu, it's advised to avoid placing the door in the southeast, northwest, or southwest corners of the room. It's also recommended not to have the child study in front of a blank wall or window, as this could make them feel blank-minded and have difficulty with their thoughts. 

Best Direction for Study Table as per Vastu

According to Vastu guidelines for the study room, it's important to place the study table in the correct direction. Placing the table in the wrong way can affect concentration and vision, so it's important to follow the recommended directions. The study table should be positioned in a way that children face either east or north while studying. Also, it's advised to leave some space between the table and the wall, as this encourages the generation of new ideas. It's recommended to have a medium-sized study table with a square or rectangular shape. 

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Books and Cabinets

According to Vastu for study room, it is recommended to have the books and cabinets positioned in the east, north, or northeast directions. It's best to avoid placing the cabinet in the center of the room. Additionally, it's advised to keep the bookshelves separate from the study table and to ensure the table remains clean. This helps in preventing unnecessary tension while studying.  

Children’s Study Room as Per Vastu

  • The study room should face east or west, with the north being the second-best option.
  • Children should face east or north while studying. Display their awards, certificates, and motivational posters on the north or east wall.
  • Don't place a door directly behind the study chair. Instead, have a wall in front of it. 
  • To ensure sufficient lighting, place the table lamp on the left side of the study table. Additionally, position the computer to the southeast or northwest of the table.
  • If you need to place the study table against a wall, it is advisable to leave a small gap between the table and the wall. This allows for better circulation of energy in the room.
  • Avoid having a mirror visible from the study table as it can be distracting.
  • The study table should have a square or rectangular shape, and it can be beneficial to place clear quartz on top to help improve concentration.
  • Light the east and north walls of the study room, and use the south and west walls for book storage in a cupboard.
  • Display a motivational poster on the wall in front of the study table.
  • Store books in a locked cabinet rather than stacking them on the study table.  

Best Vastu Color for Study Room

According to Vastu for Study Room, the color of the study room is very important. it can improve concentration while studying. Vastu suggests using light colors for the study room and avoiding dark colors. Light shades are more suitable and can help children learn more effectively. It is recommended to completely avoid using black color. Among light colors, white is considered the best choice. Colors like yellow, pink, and green are recommended for children's study rooms. Green is considered a symbol of intelligence, while yellow is associated with learning. Light-colored study rooms reflect more light, which is beneficial for studying.

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Vastu Painting for Study Room


According to Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to place images of Goddess Saraswati, representing knowledge, and Lord Ganesha, representing luck, in the study room. Ideally, these images should be placed on the wall in front of the study table to promote optimism and auspiciousness.


A painting of a horse symbolizes qualities like speed, achievement, victory, loyalty, perseverance, power, freedom, and success. Keeping such a painting in your child's study room can help motivate them while studying. Similarly, having horse paintings near your working desk can inspire performance and creativity.

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that large wall canvas paintings featuring brown and dark-colored horses are visually striking, positive, beautiful, and energetic.


In addition, there are various symbols considered to be angelic symbols. Many people believe that displaying these symbols in the study room can instantly and positively impact their lives. Exhibiting these symbols in the study room is seen as a way to seek personal and commercial healing energy. 

Plants for Study Room Vastu

Lucky Bamboo - Having a plant in the room can help create a positive atmosphere. Lucky bamboo is a good choice because it can thrive in low light conditions and doesn't need to be watered frequently.

Ponytail Palm Plant - It's a low-maintenance plant with many benefits. Sometimes, students may feel tired or experience headaches, often caused by breathing in polluted air with high levels of carbon dioxide. A ponytail palm absorbs carbon dioxide and releases pure oxygen, which can help alleviate these issues. 

Orchids - Orchids are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also uplift your mood. According to Vastu, place an orchid plant near your study table. Orchids are known to radiate good vibes, which can help you stay motivated and focused for longer periods of time.    

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Mirror Placement in a Study Room

According to Vastu guidelines for the study room, it is advised to avoid using mirrors in the children's study room. Mirrors are known to create an illusion of depth and extend a given direction, and they are often used in Vastu corrections to enhance energy flow. However, in the context of Vastu for study rooms, it is recommended to exclude mirrors.

Things to be kept in the study room

  • It is believed that having a picture or idol of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, in the study room is beneficial.
  • Inspirational posters can be displayed in the study room.
  • A lamp can be placed on the study table to provide light while studying.
  • A study table with a square or rectangular shape is recommended.
  • A crystal globe is considered auspicious for studies and promotes positive development, so it can be kept in the study room.

Things not to be kept in the study room according to Vastu Shastra?

  • It is advised not to keep mirrors in the study room as they can attract negativity.
  • Avoid displaying pictures that depict sadness or violence as they can cause mental stress.
  • Circular study tables should not be placed in the study room.
  • Refrain from keeping photographs of deceased individuals in the study room.
  • Remove any old calendars, broken furniture, or items that are no longer functional from the room.
  • Avoid keeping old pictures in the study room which creates mental pressure.
  • It is recommended not to install a TV in the study room.

Do's and Don'ts of Study Room As per Vastu

  • Avoid using dark colors like black or red in the study room.
  • Heavy books, files, and sofas should be positioned in the south direction of the study room.
  • According to Vastu principles, it is recommended to use a white or cream-colored cover for the study table.
  • It is not advisable for students to study facing the northwest direction as it may hinder concentration.
  • Avoid keeping unnecessary or useless items in the study room.
  • A square-shaped study table is considered beneficial as it enhances concentration.
  • Computers or laptops should be placed in the southeast direction of the study room as per Vastu Shastra
  • Avoid placing the study table directly against the door or wall.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the study room as it promotes positive energy.
  • To invoke blessings, place a picture of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Saraswati on the cupboard in the study room and offer daily worship.


Lastly, applying Vastu principles to your study room can help create an environment that is conducive to learning and can enhance academic success. By following Vastu guidelines for study rooms, you can set up a space that promotes concentration, productivity, and overall health. If you need additional guidance or have specific queries regarding Vastu for your study room or any other aspect of your life, you can talk to our astrologer and get valuable information. 

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