12 + Vastu Colors For Bedroom Walls: Guide To Choosing The Best Shades

The choice of Vastu Colors for Bedroom is important for a happy and healthy life with your partner or family. Picking the right paint colour for your bedroom based on Vastu principles can also bring abundance and prosperity. It impacts the way you think and shows others the type of person you are and how you appear to them.

It's important to create a good atmosphere in your bedroom because it's the room where you start and end your day. This simple guide will help you choose the best colour for your bedroom based on Vastu principles. 

Importance of colours for bedroom according to Vastu

The bedroom is an important part of your home where you sleep and relax. The colour of your bedroom plays a significant role because it affects the energy in the room. It's important to choose the right colours for your bedroom as they can enhance positive energy, bringing happiness and peace to your life.

According to Vastu, each colour has a different meaning and impact. Colours play a vital role in our lives because some colours can disturb the mind. If you want to choose the appropriate color for your bedroom according to Vastu, this information will be helpful to you.

Tips to Choose a Vastu Colour for Bedroom


Blue Vastu Colour for the Bedrooms

Painting the walls of your bedroom in blue or light shades of blue creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This colour is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long and tiring day. According to Vastu Shastra, a combination of all-white colours with blue-coloured doors and furniture can be a great choice for your bedroom.

Indigo Color For Bedroom as per Vastu

Using the colour indigo in a bedroom can create a luxurious and rich atmosphere. According to Vastu, it is considered the best colour for bedrooms, including children's bedrooms. Additionally, it helps foster a deeper connection with oneself, which is valuable to instil in children from an early age.


Green Vastu Color For Bedroom 

Among the various Vastu colours for the bedroom, green represents a sense of alleviation, ease, relief, and healing. This colour is particularly beneficial for individuals with lower immunity or the elderly as it promotes healing and well-being. If you prefer not to paint the walls green, you can incorporate green-coloured items such as plants into the room.

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Yellow, A Cheerful Vastu Colour for Bedrooms

According to Vastu Shastra, the colour yellow represents contentment, intellect, and cheerfulness, making it an ideal choice for bedroom spaces. It works particularly well in small rooms, as it can create a warm and spacious atmosphere. Adding an accent wall adorned with floral wallpaper can be a delightful idea to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.


Purple as a Vastu Colour for Bedroom

Purple is a colour that signifies dignity, equilibrium, and compassion, making it a suitable choice for the bedroom according to Vastu. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience impatience. To enhance the ambiance further, you can add fairy lights behind the bedpost, creating a soothing and meditative environment in the room.


Pink Colour Colors for Bedroom

If your favourite colour happens to be pink, you're in luck because it is considered a Vastu-compliant colour. Pink is often associated with love, joy, creating memories, and a sense of togetherness. Moreover, it is a soothing colour to behold.

If you wish to introduce shades of pink without painting the walls, you can start by placing vases or replacing doors and cabinet knobs with rose-gold options. These not only align with the trendy aesthetic but also contribute to the overall home decor in the bedroom.


Orange Colour For Bedroom

Orange is believed to attract people who aspire to achieve more and be more. It is considered ideal for painting bedroom walls, especially the southern wall of the bedroom. This colour symbolises higher self-esteem, good health, and strong values. However, it's important to note that individuals with anger issues should avoid using orange as a wall colour.

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Brown for Your Bedroom Colour According to Vastu

Choosing a bedroom colour combination based on Vastu principles that align with the trending colours of 2023 can be a great advantage. 

Brown is particularly suitable for bedroom walls as it exudes a sense of relaxation and elegance. You can easily incorporate shades of brown into your room by including furniture with exposed wood and timber accents. This adds warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the space. Another idea is to complement the earthy browns with off-white furnishings, which creates a harmonious combination.

Grey Bedroom Color According to Vastu

Grey and Feng Shui go hand in hand, creating a perfect partnership. This colour signifies subtlety and brings a refreshing energy into your life. It attracts accuracy and delicacy. There are many tones and shades of grey that can be used to achieve the perfect look for your bedroom.

White Colour for Bedroom 

If you value freedom, and independence, and dislike negativity, then white is the perfect colour for you. If you choose to paint your bedroom walls according to Vastu, it's recommended to use a mixture of different shades of white. This can add depth and make your room feel more spacious. White is often associated with purity and compatibility, making it an ideal colour for your bedroom. When considering the best Vastu colour for your bedroom, white is definitely a great choice. 

Red  Vastu Colors for Bedroom

According to Vastu, red is considered the best colour for a couple's bedroom and is ideal for those who are bold and adventurous. If the colour red feels too intense for you, you can consider combining it with shades of pink to soften the overall tone. If you choose to decorate your bedroom in this colour, there are plenty of options available for home furnishings in shades of red. Whether you prefer a monochrome look or incorporating various red hues, you won't have any trouble finding suitable decor items for your space.


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Teal Vastu Color for Bedroom

Teal is a beautiful and calming colour that is considered one of the elegant Vastu colors for bedroom. It falls within the spectrum of blue-green, making it visually appealing and soothing. The colour teal, which is a bright shade, symbolises smartness and being one-of-a-kind. Using teal in the bedroom helps create a serene atmosphere. For a great colour combination, you can pair teal with shades of white, creating a lovely two-colour scheme for your bedroom. 

Charcoal – Sophisticated Alternative to Black

If you desire an elegant and sophisticated bedroom, charcoal grey is the perfect Vastu colour choice. Depending on the tone you choose, charcoal grey can appear both cool and warm. You can enhance the bedroom's Vastu colour by styling it with tasteful interior decor and essentials like curtains, bed linen, and cushions. The great thing is that charcoal grey complements a wide range of styles, so you can confidently choose it as your Vastu bedroom colour.


Lavender – for Restful and Soothing Sleep

Lavender is a calming colour that promotes restful sleep. A bedroom with pinkish hues of lavender is one of the popular Vastu colours for bedrooms in 2023. Painting your bedroom in a lavender colour creates a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. This Vastu colour choice adds a gentle touch to the room without being overpowering. Lavender also complements well with white, beige, and other neutral tones, making it easy to coordinate with your existing decor.

Vastu Shastra colours for living room

The colour magenta is known to represent happiness, cheerfulness, and contentment. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered ideal for bedrooms. In Vastu, it is recommended to use a dark shade of magenta in living rooms and bedrooms as it creates a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, the lighter shade of magenta is bright and often used for decoration. Vastu also suggests using reddish-purple walls in bedrooms. This particular bedroom has a dark magenta wall that adds a bold touch, and it is paired with neutral colours.

Vastu colours for Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is an important space, so it's essential to choose the right colours for this room. One of the best colour options for the master bedroom is brown. Additionally, combining brown with blue and pink can create a pleasing and harmonious effect in the room.


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Vastu Colours for Kids Bedroom

Green: Green symbolises success. Therefore, choosing a green colour for your child's bedroom according to Vastu can promote their growth and bring positivity into their lives.

Yellow: Vastu suggests that light shades of yellow can help balance mood swings and improve behavioural patterns in children. Using a yellow colour for the bedroom according to Vastu can uplift the room's ambiance and enhance your kids' mood.

Purple: Purple is considered one of the best Vastu colours for the bedroom. According to Vastu, this colour creates a peaceful atmosphere and improves sleeping patterns among children.


Vastu Colours for Guest Bedroom

According to Vastu, it is suggested to have the guest bedroom in the northeast direction. For arranging the bed, it is preferable to place it on the south or west side of the room. In terms of the guest room's shelves, Vastu recommends placing them on the south or west walls.

When it comes to colours, Vastu advises using light shades of white, blue, and green for guest rooms. These colours promote a sense of calmness. It is advisable to avoid dark colours as they can make the room appear smaller and may invite negativity. 

Vastu Colours for Senior Citizen's Bedroom

To create a soothing environment in the senior citizen's bedroom, it is recommended to use calming colours such as yellow, white, green, or blue for decoration.

For the head of the household, their bedroom should ideally face the southwest or south direction. However, senior citizens can also use rooms in the northeast, east, or north directions.

It is important to choose appropriate Vastu colours for the bedroom, taking into consideration the soothing options mentioned earlier.


Vastu Colours for Study Room/Home Office

When considering the colour of the study room according to Vastu Shastra, it is important to pay attention to any Vastu defects. 

For study rooms, it is recommended to use light colours such as yellow, pink, and green. Green is associated with intelligence, while yellow symbolises learning. These colours are believed to create a favourable environment for studying and learning.

Vastu Shastra Bedroom Colour for New Married Couples


Some of the romantic colours suggested by Vastu for the master bedroom for married couples are red, indigo, vibrant purple and satin pink.You can choose the best colour for your bedroom from this list. According to Vastu, these colours are recommended for the master bedroom of a husband and wife. They will be a great choice for your home.


Vastu Colors As Per Direction of Bedroom 

  • If your bedroom faces the south, the best Vastu colours to paint it are orange or red. These colours are recommended because the planet Mars rules the south direction.
  • In bedrooms facing southeast, light shades of orange and red can be used to promote love and warmth between couples.
  • For bedrooms facing north, colours like light blue, mint green, light brown, and ivory are recommended. This is because the north side of the house is governed by Mercury, which is associated with wealth and growth.
  • If your bedroom faces northwest, colours like silver, golden, or white are suitable choices.
  • If your bedroom is in the northeast direction, light blue and silver are good Vastu colours to consider, as this direction is associated with the water element.
  • For east-facing bedrooms, colours like red, orange, brown, and green are recommended. This is because the sun rises from the east, making it an auspicious direction.
  • For bedrooms in the southwest, golden, off-white, or light yellow colours can be chosen.
  • West-facing bedrooms can be painted with colours like grey, white, golden, or silver. These colours are recommended to block negative energies, as the west direction is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Bedroom Colours To avoid as per Vastu

As per Vastu, there are certain bedroom colours that are advised to be avoided. Here are the colours you should avoid for your bedroom according to Vastu:

Black: Black is considered a colour that brings negative energy and creates a heavy atmosphere. It is best to avoid using black as the primary colour for your bedroom.

Bright and Bold Colours: Colours like bright yellow, bright orange, and neon shades are considered too energising and can disrupt the calmness and tranquillity of the bedroom. It is recommended to avoid using such bold colours as the main colour scheme.

Dark and Gloomy Colours: Colours like dark brown, dark grey, and deep purple are associated with heaviness and sadness. They can create a gloomy atmosphere in the bedroom, which is not conducive to a peaceful and restful environment.

Clashing Colours: Using colours that clash or create visual chaos can disturb the harmony and balance in the bedroom. It is best to choose colours that complement each other and create a harmonious and soothing ambience.



In conclusion, selecting the right colours for your bedroom walls according to Vastu can contribute to creating a harmonious and peaceful environment in your living space. The Vastu colours for bedroom walls are believed to have an impact on energy flow and can influence your mood, emotions, and overall well-being. While Vastu principles provide guidelines for choosing bedroom colours, it's important to remember that individual preferences and personal comfort should also be taken into consideration. It's essential to create a space that resonates with your own sense of aesthetics and promotes a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

If you have specific concerns or questions regarding Vastu colours for your bedroom walls, it can be beneficial to consult with our qualified astrologer or Vastu expert. They can provide personalised guidance based on your unique birth chart and the specific energy dynamics of your home.

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