Vastu Paintings For Living Room: The perfect Paintings For Your Wall

Paintings are a great way to make your home look nice. They can show off your personal style and make your home look better overall. But, did you know that some paintings can also bring good things like happiness, health, and wealth? According to Vastu Shastra, an ancient study, certain paintings can bring good luck and do more than just look good in your home. 

Good luck paintings can open up opportunities in your personal and professional life, make you healthier and happier, and even bring prosperity into your home! In short, they are supposed to do their job of bringing good luck. Here are some Vastu paintings for the living room that are believed to bring good luck to homes, according to Vastu.

Running Horse Painting

A painting for the living room as per Vastu is the one of running horses, which is believed to bring good luck.It can make you feel free, loyal, powerful, victorious, famous, and accomplished. This painting is especially good to have if you feel stuck or need more positivity in your life. It's best to put it in your living room or study room. The painting should have an odd number of horses facing the same direction to keep the positive energy. The Seven Horses painting is a common one that brings good luck. It shows seven horses running through water in the east direction.

Phoenix Painting for Opportunities

The Phoenix bird is believed to bring a positive change to your life. If you want to get a Phoenix painting for Vastu, make sure the wings are open. This can bring you fame and make people think highly of you. Phoenix paintings can also help you find better opportunities and add more excitement to your life.

Painting with Flowing Water

Vastu Shastra is both an art and a science that focuses on the elements of nature. Water, which is essential for life, is one of the primary elements that Vastu talks about. According to Vastu, stagnant water can represent a lack of wealth and growth, while flowing water can bring money into your home. 

Paintings of flowing water are believed to bring good luck according to Vastu, making them great choices as vastu paintings for the living room. You can choose from paintings of waterfalls or flowing rivers that match your style and place them in your living room. Some people use fountains to bring this positive energy, but it may not be practical for everyone.

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Butterfly Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

Butterflies are creatures that are known for their transformation and are considered a symbol of life. Paintings with butterflies can bring happiness and joy to your home.Vastu Shastra believes that if a person has hope, endurance, and is ready to accept change and happiness, they can change like a butterfly. In short, having paintings of butterflies can uplift the mood and create positive vibes in your home.

Painting of Nature and Greenery

Paintings of green forests, tall trees, and bamboo can enhance the beauty of your home. According to Vastu Shastra, these paintings are not only visually appealing but also have a positive impact on your life. Vastu experts believe that plants and greenery symbolize growth, development, and prosperity. 

Having Vastu paintings for the living room in your home may attract good luck in various ways. For example, it might bring new opportunities, positive energy, and peace into your life. Additionally, these paintings can also create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, similar to having indoor plants, but without the need for their care.

Peaceful Buddha Good Luck Painting as per Vastu

If you want to find inner peace or guidance in life, having a painting of Gautama Buddha can help. Buddha, who achieved enlightenment, represents peace and fulfilment, and having his painting in your home can bring those qualities into your life. It's best to choose a painting of Buddha in a meditative state.

One of the advantages of such paintings, which bring good luck to your home as per Vastu, is that they can be placed anywhere in your home, such as the living room, bedroom, study, or entrance hall. A painting of Buddha in the entryway can repel negativity and restlessness. However, it is not recommended to place it in the dining area or kitchen.

Radha Krishna Painting

If you want to add some excitement to your love life, you can consider putting up paintings that are believed to bring good luck to your bedroom, according to Vastu. Vastu experts suggest using paintings of couples for this purpose. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose something as simple as two hands forming a heart or a painting of a couple in an intimate pose.

If you are more spiritual, you can opt for Radha and Krishna paintings in your bedroom for good luck. These paintings can bring new energy to your relationship, prevent conflicts, and maintain a healthy relationship. The effectiveness of this painting as per Vastu can be greater if it is mostly in red, which is the color of love and passion. You can include these paintings in your modern bedroom design to enhance your love life.

Peacock Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

Paintings of peacocks are believed to bring good luck if placed in the bedroom, home office or study room.Peacocks symbolize strength, vitality, speed, and success. They are also known to hunt snakes, so having peacock paintings can help neutralize any negative effects caused by Rahu, who is often associated with snakes. 

It's best to choose a painting that features a pair or a group of peacocks to promote togetherness and harmony. Dancing peacocks in the painting would be even more auspicious.

Flowers Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu

According to Vastu, paintings with flowers can bring good luck to your home by creating positive vibes and attracting a life force. Flowers such as orchids, peonies, lilies, and roses are commonly used in such paintings. Lotus flowers are particularly special, as they are associated with Goddess Lakshmi and can bring wealth, wisdom, and prosperity. However, it is important to keep the painting clean and dust-free, as a dusty painting may have the opposite effect.

Grand Mountain vastu paintings for living room

If you aspire to achieve your goals and need motivation, consider having a painting of mountains at home. This type of good luck painting is particularly beneficial for students, businesspeople, and job seekers, and can be placed in bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms. Scaling mountains is similar to the journey toward achieving one's goals.

On the other hand, if you want to reduce your expenses and increase your savings, you should look for a painting of mountains without any water bodies. Such paintings bring good luck according to Vastu, symbolizing stability and reducing unnecessary expenses. Mountain paintings are considered to be one of the best vastu paintings for living rooms. They also represent support, particularly during tough times, and infuse your home with peaceful energy. It would be best to install this painting as a backdrop in your living room to indicate support and protection.

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Paintings to avoid as per Vastu

When you want to follow Vastu principles to design your home or office, it's important to consider many things. Choosing the right paintings is important, but it's also important to avoid certain paintings that don't fit with Vastu. Here are some types of paintings you should avoid.

  • Paintings of war scenes or any violent imagery should be avoided as they generate negative energy and can lead to conflicts.
  • Avoid paintings of crying women or any other sad and depressing imagery. It can lead to emotional turmoil and unrest in the house.
  • Paintings depicting a single bird or animal may not be suitable as they signify loneliness and solitude.
  • Paintings of the dead, such as portraits or memorials, should not be hung in the living areas. It can attract negative energy and disturb the peace of the household.
  • Avoid paintings with distorted or abstract art, as they can lead to confusion and disorientation in the mind.
  • Lastly, do not hang any painting that depicts negative energy, such as negative deities or demonic images.
  • Paintings that depict war, violence, anger, or sadness should be avoided in the home or office as they can create negative energy and disrupt the balance of the space.
  • Such paintings are not suitable as they represent harm, pain, and suffering. They can make the environment uneasy and tense.
  • Broken or damaged frames can attract negative energy and create an unbalanced environment. It is better to avoid such paintings or to replace the frames before hanging them up.
  • It's good to have interesting artwork that makes people curious. But, if it's not clear what the painting means, it's best to avoid it. Modern art is nice to look at, but it should have some meaning to you before you hang it in your home. Avoid putting confusing or negative images, especially on your main door.

Best colors for Vastu Paintings

Colors of the paintings we choose are also important in Vastu Shastra. Some colors are considered lucky, while others are inauspicious for your living or workspace.

Red: Red is considered lucky in Vastu Shastra and represents life. Having a painting in shades of red, such as pink, light pink, blood red, or maroon, can bring good luck and positivity to your home.

Blue: Blue represents water, and is an auspicious color in Vastu Shastra. Paintings in shades of blue or similar colors are recommended for the North direction of your home or office.

Yellow: Yellow and peach shades are considered cheerful and represent joyfulness in Vastu Shastra. Choosing paintings in these soft colors can add a peaceful touch to your living space. Adding vastu paintings for the living room in these colors can also bring positivity and happiness to your home.

Some other Vastu tips for paintings

In addition to the paintings mentioned earlier, there are a few more Vastu tips to keep in mind when selecting wall art for your home or office.

  • For the West direction, paintings of camels and pine trees are considered the best for promoting friendly communication and wellbeing. Camels represent steadiness and stability, while pine trees enhance inner strength and longevity.
  • In the South direction, it's recommended to have paintings of rocky mountains or tall buildings, especially in the Southwest direction. This can provide courage and keep you grounded.
  • For the North direction, it's ideal to have artwork featuring water such as streams, fountains, or flowing water images. These are considered highly auspicious and can promote business growth, career advancement, and financial prosperity.
  • To decorate the East wall, hang paintings of nature, sunrise, or birds. This promotes social connections and a positive mindset, leading to a healthy well-being. 
  • For safety purposes, display a Panchmukhi Hanuman painting on the Southwest wall. 
  • To welcome prosperity, hang Goddess Lakshmi's painting on the East wall. 
  • In the pooja room, place paintings facing the East direction to attract positivity and prosperity. 
  • For kids' rooms, choose paintings of running horses, mountains, Goddess Saraswati, or sunrise and place them on the East wall. 
  • For the departed souls, display their images on the South wall, but not in the pooja room. For living people, place their images on the East wall of the house.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, it's beneficial to display paintings of greenery or air-related elements in the East direction. This promotes growth, new opportunities, and connecting with new people. 
  • Sailing ship paintings symbolize wealth and prosperity and should be placed in the North or Southeast direction. A painting with more than one sailing ship signals multiple sources of income.


In conclusion, Vastu paintings for living rooms are an excellent way to attract positive energy and create a peaceful and harmonious living space. By following the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, you can choose paintings that bring good luck and positive energy to your home. Paintings of running horses, flowing water, and mountains without water bodies are some of the most popular options. 

If you have further questions or need more guidance on selecting Vastu paintings for your living room, it may be beneficial to talk to our astrologer or Vastu expert. They can provide personalized advice and suggest specific paintings based on your unique needs and the layout of your home.

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