12+ Vastu Remedies For Health Problems And Overall Well-Being

Many people may not realize that minor aspects of daily life can trigger significant problems. According to Vastu Shastra, making small adjustments to your living environment can reduce health issues and stress. Various Vastu By implementing dosha remedies, you can promote positivity in your life. To help you with this, we provide some simple yet effective Vastu tips to improve your health.

The topic of health continues to be one of the most widely discussed topics globally as people look for new and traditional ways to enhance their well being. Vastu Shastra along with some Vastu tips for good health offers many such Remedies remain a powerful tool. Particularly effective. By following these tips, significant improvements in health and well-being can be achieved.

Light a Lamp in the Northeast

To promote good health and overall well-being, Vastu Shastra suggests purchasing a small lamp or candle and lighting it in the northeast direction of your home.

Repair Leaking Taps

It is important to get any leaky taps in your home repaired immediately as it is one of the most important Vastu tips to maintain good health. Leaky taps can have harmful effects on your health, and the constant sound of dripping water can cause various problems in your life.

Don’t Use the Space Under the Stairs

According to Vastu principles for good health, it's recommended to keep the space beneath the stairs clean and free of clutter. Utilizing this space is discouraged as it's believed to increase the risk of sickness and heart disease.

Face the North While Studying

For optimum results, it is recommended to face either east or north while studying, as it can help channelize your energy and bring positive results. It is considered to be one of the most effective Vastu tips for good health and can be implemented at any time.

Bring in Plants

Keeping plants at home can be a great way to purify the indoor environment and enhance mental health, as they bring life to your surroundings. Tulsi or tulsi, aloe vera, ficus, pothos or money plant, and areca palm are some varieties of Vastu-approved plants that can serve the purpose effectively.

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Avoid Building Stairs in the North-East

One of the most important Vastu tips for good health is to avoid making stairs in the northeast corner of the house. It is believed that such a placement is injurious to one's health and may hinder the growth of the children.

Don’t Place a Mirror in Front of Your Bed

Placing a mirror in front of the bed is not advisable as it can result in health problems and nightmares. To prevent such issues, it's recommended to relocate the mirror to another room.

Build Your Kitchen in the Southeast Direction

According to Vastu principles for good health, the kitchen is where you prepare nutritious meals for the household. Building the kitchen in the southeast direction of the house is considered one of the most effective tips, as it can enhance positive energy and bring significant benefits to the home.

Keep the Bathroom and Kitchen Apart

According to Vastu Shastra, to maintain good health, it is necessary to ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are not built near each other. It is important to maintain adequate distance between these two areas, as getting them too close can lead to health problems.

Clean the Home With Rock Salt

Pink rock salt can be a useful tool for improving the indoor environment, as the powerful air element in these crystals can help dispel negative energy. To take advantage of this, keep a bowl of rock salt each in the four corners of the room.

Additionally, using rock salt to clean the floor once a week can help eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria. Placing a bowl of salt crystals near a sick person can also generate positive energy, but it is important to change the salt crystals regularly.

Store Food in the Right Place

It is recommended to keep grains and other food items in the south-west direction in the kitchen to promote good luck and prosperity and to encourage healthy eating habits. This is an essential Vastu tip that can help in promoting positive energy in the kitchen.

Burn Camphor

Burning camphor in the home once a week removes negative energy, while a mixture of neem or lemongrass can effectively purify the air. Both of these are effective ways to improve the indoor environment and promote good health.

Have a Clutter-Free Entrance

Keeping the entrance of the house clean, dust-free and clutter-free can help attract positivity. To prevent the entryway from becoming a neglected area, it is recommended to wipe it with rock salt water daily. This is an effective Vastu tip which can help in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the house.

Display Fruits

Placing a basket full of colorful fruits on the center table can lift your mood and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, hanging a picture of the same in a prominent corner of your home can also help generate positive, healthy energy. This is a useful Vastu tip to create a more healthy environment at home. Talk to are vastu expert for more vastu remedies.

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