Vastu Shastra For Office : Guide For Office Direction As Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra For Office

If you are considering setting up a new office or renovating an existing one, incorporating vastu shastra for office can be highly beneficial. Setting up a workspace brimming with positivity, inspiration, divine blessings, and financial stability is essential for any business, as finance forms its heart and soul. By using Vastu-based principles in constructing and designing your office interiors and exteriors, you can bring good luck and prosperity to your business. Hence, here are some useful Vastu tips for office that one should keep in mind.

Best Office Seating Arrangement

Following Vastu principles in your office space can potentially attract prosperity and abundance in your work. As a result of adequate work and consistent cash flow, it can also promote credibility and dedication from the perspective of the workforce. Here are some tips for best Office Seating Arrangement as per vastu.

Employees: It is recommended that they face either the North or East direction.

Accounts Department: As far as the accounts department is concerned, it is best suited to be located either in the north or east direction, as these directions are considered optimal for conducting financial transactions. Financial records should be stored in the southwest or north of the cabinet.

Technical Department: In the case of technical department, South East direction is considered most favorable as it is associated with power and passion.

Marketing & Sales Department: To keep the Marketing & Sales Department motivated, it is recommended that these departments be located in the northwest corners of the office, facing the North direction.

Administrative and HR: Administrative and HR departments can be seated in the Southeast or Northeast of the office.

Managerial level: Managerial level, it is suggested that executives be positioned to face the Southwest, South, or West directions in accordance with Vastu principles.

Office direction as per vastu or the placement of individuals within the office can affect the balance between positive and negative energy in the workplace.

Vastu Tips for Bosses’ Cabin and Office Cabins

Vastu principles are highly significant when it comes to designing office cabins, especially for the boss.

The boss's cabin should be positioned in the Southwestern section to foster approachability and responsiveness among all employees, including subordinates and external clients.

The cabin should be well-lit and exude an air of energy and power.

The seating direction is a crucial factor in maintaining strong relationships with employees, promoting growth, and creating a dynamic and energetic office environment.

The shape of Your Desk

When it comes to the Vastu of the office, the choice of desk and chair for the cabin is also crucial. It is recommended to opt for a rectangular desk made from good-quality wood, and avoid using tables made from recycled or reclaimed wood, glass or metal.

Using tables in other shapes or materials might lead to confusion, stress and a sense of detachment from work.

Vastu Tips for Choosing Office Paintings

  • In case the northeast corner is missing in the office space, it is believed that painting the northern wall of an endless road can help create opportunities for workflow.

  • If the business is involved in international trade or wants to expand in that field, it is recommended to hang a camel painting on the west wall to attract overseas opportunities for business.

  • The south wall is usually reserved for calculations, such as accounts and filing. To enhance the Vastu of this area, it is recommended to hang a painting of seven galloping horses, which are believed to bring promotion, fame and popularity.

Vastu Tips for the Perfect Office Entrance

When the entrance to the office follows Vastu principles, it can set the tone for the rest of the Vastu alignment of the office. As per Vastu principles, the main door or entrance should ideally be on the east or north side to bring positive energy and prosperity to your business. Since the entrance is the first point of contact with the visitors, it should be inviting and create a positive impression, which can be achieved by following Vastu guidelines for office entrance. Hence, it is important to focus on Vastu Shastra for Office while designing your office entrance.

It is important to keep the entrance area free of clutter and files, and it is recommended to have a reception area facing the door.

Vastu Items for Better Office Prosperity

  1. A plant: The green color of the plant can help calm the mind and bring a feeling of freshness and energy. Consider placing a bamboo or money plant on your desk to improve energy in the workplace.

  2. An idol of God: if you keep idols of gods and goddesses in your home for spiritual reasons, then it is also advised to keep them in the office. Make sure to keep them in the east or north direction and keep them clean.

  3. Photos: Several pictures with encouraging phrases and quotes can be framed on the desk.

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Vastu tips for placing plants in the office

Vastu Shastra encourages the use of plants in the office as it brings with it freshness and calmth. Indoor plants are mainly used and must be taken care of.

  1. Tulsi (Basil): Basil, also known as Tulsi, is not only scientifically proven to keep infections and illnesses at bay when planted outside the house, but it also holds immense medicinal and auspicious values. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a Basil plant in every office space.

  2. Snake Plant: This plant does not produce flowers, but its thick and firm leaves are believed to bring positivity and eliminate negative energy in the surrounding space. It promotes unity and harmony, and helps in making sound and attainable decisions.

  3. Lucky Bamboo Plant: Placing a Bamboo plant on a table is a common practice in many offices and is now becoming popular as a gift as well. According to Vastu Shastra, this plant can bring luck and peace to the workspace.

  4. Peace Lily: Peace Lilies are known for their adaptability and can thrive in moderate climate conditions, requiring only minimal light to be content.

Wall colors of the Office

Using bright colors to paint the office premises can spread positivity, reflect light, and ward off negative vibes, but in some cases, the opposite can be more effective. Let's consider the color palette for the office walls.

Vastu tips for office lights

According to Vastu, lighting should be kept simple and straightforward. Adequate lighting is essential for creating a vibrant and energized environment.

It is recommended to have as much natural light as possible in your office. The southern area of your office is ideal for having bright lights. The lighting at workstations and throughout the office should be comfortable and not too intense. To Know More consult our certified Astrologers for Vastu.

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