West Facing House Vastu: Dos And Don'ts For Optimal Living

West Facing House Vastu Plan

Whether a west-facing house is considered good or bad depends on various factors, but it is important to note that following Vastu principles can help attract positive energy regardless of the direction. Generally, west-facing houses are ranked lower compared to the north- and east-facing ones, but they are not considered inauspicious. You can follow these tips to increase prosperity and attract positive energy to create a beneficial west facing house Vastu plan.

West facing house: What does it mean?

If the main entrance of your home or flat is oriented toward the west, it is classified as a west-facing property. Identifying a west-facing flat is straightforward. Stand at the main door or gate of your house facing outward. If you find yourself facing the west direction, then it indicates a west-facing property. Generally, west-facing homes are not traditionally considered auspicious, but Vastu experts may hold a different perspective on this matter. 

West facing house Vastu for main door 

Make sure that the main entrance to your house is located in the middle-west or northern part. It is a good idea to have some metal decorations on your door that faces west, such as a metal name sign, a metal bell, or some artistic metalwork. When building or buying a west-facing home, it's important to consider Vastu, which is a traditional system of architecture and design. According to Vastu, the west side of the house is divided into eight sections called "padas." Among these, the two sections called Sugriva and Pushpdanta are considered good for the front door of a house that faces west. They are believed to bring financial gain and business profits. The other sections are considered unlucky for a west-facing house. 

Bedroom on the West Side Facing House:

The best place for your master bedroom is on the southwest side. This direction helps improve understanding between partners and reduces conflicts. If your home has multiple floors, it's ideal to have the main bedroom on the highest floor. Make sure the bedroom is aligned with the elements of nature to ensure quality sleep and a peaceful environment. The southwestern corner is considered the perfect direction for placing the main bedroom in a house that faces west. 

Kitchen in a West-Side Facing House:

The kitchen is an important part of our home because it affects our family's health. It contains the element of fire, which helps maintain balance in the family. It's essential to position the kitchen in the right area of the house, especially for a west-facing house according to Vastu principles. Placing the kitchen in the wrong direction can lead to financial and health issues for the family. It's advisable to ensure that your kitchen counter, where you cook, faces the east direction. Cooking while facing east is considered the best practice.

West facing house Vastu plan with pooja room

According to Vastu principles, it is considered auspicious to have the pooja room in the northeast corner of the house. This corner is believed to be the most favourable for these areas.

However, for a west-facing house, one can also consider placing the pooja room in the west direction. It is important to ensure that the photos and idols of gods in the pooja room face the east direction. This arrangement can be observed in many ancient temples in India, where the main idol is placed in the west zone while facing east.

Another auspicious direction to consider is the east. So, when creating a Vastu plan for a west-facing house with a pooja room, you can place the gods in this direction. 

West facing house Vastu plan for bathroom

According to the west facing house Vastu plan, it is recommended to have the toilet in the North-West direction of the house. The commode, which is the seating area, should be placed either in the southeast or northwest direction within the toilet. It is also advised to construct the commode a few feet above the ground level.

Additionally, it's important to ensure that the toilet is not located directly below a flight of staircases.

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Vastu for living room

According to the west facing house vastu principles The living room can be positioned in the east, north, northeast, or northwest areas. Moreover, it is advisable to place the furniture along the west wall, which is where the main door is located. 

Vastu plan for and kids’ room

When planning the layout of a west-facing house according to Vastu, there are more options available for positioning the children's bedrooms. However, it is generally advisable to place them in the south, west, or northwestern sides of the house.

Guest bedroom

According to Vastu guidelines for a west-facing house, guest bedrooms can also be set up facing the northwest direction. However, it is important to prioritise the placement of the master bedroom and kids' bedrooms before deciding on a location for the guest bedroom. 

Vastu plan for staircase 

According to the west-facing house vastu plan, it is recommended to place the staircase in the south, southwest, or west direction. It is important to construct the staircase in a clockwise direction, following the flow. 

West facing house Vastu: Wall colours

According to Vastu principles, it is advised to use colours like white, silver, yellow, and beige for west-facing houses.. These neutral tones are ideal for creating a positive energy flow from the west. However, if the house is predominantly facing west, a light shade of blue can also be considered to maximise the benefits of the west direction. Other suitable colours include off-white and cream, as they are considered Vastu-neutral. It's advisable to avoid using too many bright tones that might overpower the energy of your west-facing home.

Best Plants for a Home Garden

Here are some plant suggestions that are well-suited for west-facing gardens:

Tulips: These are a popular choice for west-facing gardens. Plant tulip bulbs in autumn, and they'll reward you with vibrant colours come spring.

Roses: With over 300 species and many cultivars available, you have a wide choice of roses for a west-facing garden. Choose from bush roses to scrambling roses, depending on your preferences.

Daffodils: Growing daffodils is easy and relatively inexpensive. Plant them in autumn, and after a few months of root development, they will burst into beautiful flowers during spring.

These plants are well suited to west-facing garden conditions and have the ability to thrive in such an environment. 

West facing house Advantages

  • In Vastu beliefs, the west direction is associated with Lord Varun, and living in a west-facing house is said to bring health and prosperity with fewer difficulties.
  • One advantage of a west-facing home is it gets the warmth and pleasant glow of the evening sun until late at night. This can make you feel happier. It's especially good if you like having lots of natural light in your home.
  • West-facing homes are considered ideal for individuals in professions such as politics, business ownership, teaching, and religious leadership.
  • Some people believe that living in a west-facing house brings wealth, prosperity, and peace. It is also said that individuals residing in such homes will have fewer enemies and will be well-regarded in their work and social life.
  • These homes are also believed to be suitable for young people as they bring energy and enjoyment, focusing on their lives.

West facing house Disadvantages

  • One major disadvantage of west-facing homes is that areas that are usually hot tend to receive a significant amount of heat from the evening sunlight. This happens because the sun's path is from the south to the west.
  • Finding an ideal entrance for a west-facing house can be challenging. Due to the layout of the house, with a significant portion often situated on the northwest or southwest side, the main entrance may not comply with Vastu guidelines for many homeowners. 
  • According to Vastu principles, the length of a residential plot should ideally be positioned in the east-west or north-south direction. As a result, this may cause slight inconvenience for owners of west-facing properties. 

DO's and DON'TS for the West Facing House Vastu 


  • Make sure that the main entrance or door of your west-facing house is located in the Sugriva and Pushpadanta areas.
  • If you have a multi-floor house, place the bedroom in the topmost position of the southwest corner.
  • If the southeast direction is not available for the kitchen in your west-facing house, you can consider the northwest direction as the second option.
  • Position your kitchen in the southeastern corner of your house.
  • According to vastu, the south and west sides of a house that faces west should be thicker and taller than the east and north sides.
  • Include more windows in the north and east directions to help balance the energy flow in your family. 


  • Avoid sleeping under beams or wall partitions in your home.
  • It's best to avoid sleeping with your legs pointing towards the bedroom door.
  • Avoid properties that have extensions in the southern or southeastern parts.
  • Avoid buying a property with blockages, such as trees or electric poles, in the main entrance.
  • Do not consider properties with thin walls in the south and west directions.
  • Avoid placing the kitchen in the southwest zone of the house


In conclusion, West facing house Vastu is an important aspect to consider while designing and building a house. Adhering to the principles of Vastu Shastra, which emphasizes the harmonious alignment of the home with the forces of nature, can potentially bring positive energy and well-being to the occupants. However, it is important to consult our professional astrologer or Vastu expert to understand the specific guidelines and recommendations for west facing house. They can provide personalized advice based on factors like location, plot size, and individual birth chart.

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