Weekly Horoscope: March 20 To March 26, 2023

Aries (Born between March 21- April 20)

Despite the fact that your health will improve this week due to Ketu's placement in the seventh house of the moon sign, you must take breaks from work if you don't want to become overly exhausted and risk harming your wellbeing. Other than this, you are unlikely to experience any significant issues because Jupiter is in the twelfth house of the moon sign, which is a favourable placement. It is clear that despite being aware of how important money is, you have been managing your finances perfectly. But this week, you may have to endure the weight of the faults of your earlier times. For there may be times when a close family member may seek you for financial assistance but you will be unable to oblige them.This will cause the gap to creep into your relationships. You must realise this week that spending time with your family's kids is important. Even if you have to take extra steps for this, doing so will help you better comprehend what's going on in their heads and your relationship with them.

Taurus (Born between April 21- May 21)

This week, you should regularly consume fruits if you want to stay healthy. Also, taking a morning stroll in a garden can aid in your health maintenance. In this situation, it is advised that you savour each moment and maintain a regular routine. You'll be in good luck and have good fortune the entire week. As a result, we advise you to work slowly, be patient, and make wise financial decisions. Due to your increased involvement in charitable endeavours this week, you may also choose to plan a religious event with your family. This will help you and your family find inner tranquillity and encourage the emergence of good thoughts. You should therefore take good care of your partner and avoid bothering them. Saturn is currently in the tenth house of the moon sign at work, thus you must be very concise while expressing your ideas and comments during any meeting. If you do not respond to them in a straightforward and clear manner, your supervisor and senior officials can become irate with you.

Gemini (Born between May 22- June 21)

Aerobic activity this week will help bring about positive improvements in the health of women of this zodiac sign because Rahu is in the eleventh house with respect to the moon sign. You must also avoid eating outside food and consider the health of your family members. As a result, you can enjoy any cuisine by cooking a variety of delectable dishes at home. This week, the support of your friends and certain close family members will enable you to overcome a variety of financial challenges. With their assistance, you will be able to better your financial situation and pay off any debts you may have. Any of your secrets may be revealed to a family member this week, which will make you feel quite ashamed. Also, this will harm your reputation among the group's members. You will be protected from falling prey to all types of misconceptions at this time. In addition, you won't need to put in as much effort this week because your efforts will provide the best outcomes, which will also benefit your circumstances.

Cancer (Born between June 22- July 23)

Due to Jupiter's placement in the moon sign's ninth house, you will understand that if your health is good, you can enjoy every part of life. Most of you will adhere to this slogan and make an effort to change your poor behaviour at this time. During this week, you need to realise that spending more money than you have to in front of others is a really bad idea. You won't be able to save enough money for your future until you accept this and stop doing things like that. The family front will continue to see a few small issues this week. You must strike a balance in this circumstance in order to keep the harmony in your household. When speaking to family members at this time, be very careful with your remarks. The planets' alignment this week suggests that you may experience some tension in your interactions with your siblings, friends, family, and coworkers during this time. It will have a negative effect on your thoughts and prevent you from making any plans for your career. Many students may spend the majority of their break this week attempting to fix household items, which may make them feel guilty.

Leo (Born between July 24- August 23)

This week, several beneficial changes in your health will make it easier for you to socialise and engage with others. As a result, you will become more courageous and self-assured, as well as fully capable of making any decision. Because of Jupiter's placement in the eighth house of the moon sign this week, you have the freedom to spend a lot of money on conveniences that you won't regret. Since you won't be short on cash at this point, you won't give spending it much thought either. This week, several members of your family won't be seen speaking to you directly; the cause could be your perception of who you are and how important you think you are. In this case, you will need to learn to prioritise others instead of constantly putting yourself first.Saturn is in the seventh house of the moon sign, which means that in terms of your career, you must avoid idly delaying the completion of any tasks or deferring them altogether. Because only then will you be able to receive the encouragement and respect of your more experienced teammates. You're going to have a better week than normal this week.

Virgo (Born between August 24- September 23

This week, you may experience a number of health-related issues as a result of Rahu's placement in the ninth house of the moon sign, so incorporate regular yoga and exercise into your daily routine. But, you might find that exercising care is a much better course for you. This week is expected to see the conclusion of any property-related transactions that you have already carried out. Which will help you, and you'll be largely effective in safeguarding your future as a result. You may be really upset by your father's treatment of you this week. Therefore you run the risk of getting reprimanded for anything you say. Avoid retaliating to him or his statements in such a case to keep your family as peaceful as possible; otherwise, the argument can worsen. You'll want to visit some of your old acquaintances this week, so you can also take time off from work. But, if you take a hasty vacation, it may interfere with a lot of your ongoing projects. You are therefore encouraged to make any plans while considering your actions and any set limitations. You will have the opportunity this week to demonstrate your commitment to excellence in front of everyone who has previously viewed you as unworthy.

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Libra (Born between September 24- October 23)

This week, you will have alleviation from joint discomfort, sprains, and foot aches. For individuals who are over 50, this week will be particularly noteworthy. Jupiter is in the sixth house of the moon sign this week, which increases the likelihood of conflict in the home because of the shortage of cash. As a result, in every circumstance like this, be cautious in your communication with your family and, if required, ask them for assistance on how to amass wealth. This week, you should resolve household and delicate matters using your intelligence and influence. In the absence of this, folks may have the erroneous impression of you. Hence, you must correctly demonstrate your understanding when speaking with the other members of the household. Before making any promises to a new business partner that you are thinking about bringing on board, it will be crucial for you to verify all the information and conduct background research.

Scorpio (Born between October 24- November 22)

For those born under this sign, this week will be ideal from a health perspective due to Jupiter's placement in the fifth house of the moon sign. since you won't be confronted with any significant problems at this time. Take advantage of the occasion and spend time with your loved ones outside in the fresh air. There is a chance that any money or real estate dispute that has been pending will be resolved in your favour this week. Your financial situation will improve as a result. If any family member was experiencing health issues, this week will see an improvement in their condition thanks to the proper adjustment in therapy. Children may request that you take them on a picnic as a result, helping to create a positive mood within the family. This week will be more successful for self-made businessman born under this sign. You will receive respect from your family and fame in society as a result. Also, this will allow them to urge themselves to achieve better. This week, students under this horoscope sign can devote all of their efforts to fulfilling their comforts. Yet, it will already be too late by the time you recognise its detrimental effects.

Sagittarius (Born between November 23- December 22)

Your immune system will continue to be particularly weak at this time because Rahu is in the fifth house of the moon sign, so if required, take the medication before getting sick. Yet, you should also refrain from handling every issue on your own at home. You must keep superfluous expenditures under control this week because Jupiter is in the fourth house of the moon's sign. Otherwise, you risk running out of money when you need it most, which would increase your stress levels and the pressure of repaying your debts. You'll work especially hard this week to enhance your relationships with family members and bring about family harmony. Despite this, you won't gain the members' necessary support. You should thus discuss this issue with a knowledgeable individual at this time. If you believe that "time is money," then you must act immediately this week in order to take use of your strengths and get to the top. Otherwise, someone else will pass you while you continue to plan and contemplate. Students will notice a lot of good developments this week in the educational environment. This period will be particularly lucrative for those who hope to study abroad.

Capricorn (Born between December 23- January 20)

Your last week's labor-intensive efforts to improve your health will pay off this week with greater outcomes. With little effort, you will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. You will be fortunate at this time in terms of your health. Money-related matters will provide favourable outcomes for locals of your zodiac sign this week because Saturn is positioned in the second house with respect to the moon sign. Your financial situation will improve, and now would be a good time to make any financial decisions. This week is expected to clear up any misconceptions amongst family members, which might help the family come to some sort of peace if there had been any in the past. Your family will be content as a result, and you will feel at ease. The planets' alignment this week suggests that you may experience some tension in your interactions with your siblings, friends, family, and coworkers during this time. It will have a negative effect on your thoughts and prevent you from making any plans for your career.

Aquarius (Born between January 21- February 19)

Similar to how adding spices to vegetables makes them taste better, sometimes even a little sadness can be a very crucial factor in bringing about optimism in our lives. Because we might not be able to experience the true cost of happiness if there is no suffering in life. This week, aim to maintain your health by being calm throughout times of sorrow. Given that Ketu is in your moon sign's ninth house, someone you know or who is near to you may be able to catch your attention with the help of a major investment plan and other ideas. It would be better in this case for you to fully study the individual before making any kind of investment. A friend or close acquaintance of yours might abandon you this week just when you need them the most. Depending on others too much will get you in difficulty later, so try to avoid it. This week, those born under your sign will have less stress and ups and downs in their careers and professions. Because you have been waiting a long time for some positive changes and unexpected events to occur in your life, this period will bring them.

Pisces (Born between February 20- March 20)

Your horoscope suggests that avoiding high-fat foods and the effects of your balanced routine will have a beneficial impact on your health this week because Jupiter is in the first house with respect to the sign of the moon. Also, it will aid in your effort to lose weight. You will find a lot of lucrative investment chances this week as a result of Saturn's placement in the twelfth house of the moon sign. However, you must keep in mind that before investing your money in any investment opportunity that comes your way, you must sit down and carefully study it. Only after you have given the plans careful consideration should you invest. This will enable you to defend yourself against a variety of threats. This week, you'll gain social recognition, even though your sibling's health might deteriorate at this time. This will require some of your financial resources. Nonetheless, you will take care of all your family obligations throughout this period, earning you respect in the household. This week presents opportunities for you to achieve favourable career outcomes. You will be able to remove all obstacles and concentrate on the successful road. For more information about Horoscope consult our certified Astrologers.

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