Weekly Horoscope: Feb 20 to Feb 26, 2023

Aries (Born Between March 21- April 20)

Because Jupiter is in the twelfth house with respect to the moon sign and Rahu is in the first house with respect to the moon sign, you should avoid any form of trip this week because it can be taxing and unpleasant for you. This week, it's feasible that you'll profit from a past investment. As a result, you can prepare to treat others and host a party by spending more on them. You will have to pay more than you planned. In this instance, think twice before purchasing anything, no matter how modest. This week, your tendency of arriving home late at night may prove to be a costly lesson. Since there is a chance that you may have a heated argument with your family members about this issue, and they may even yell at you. Because Saturn is in the eleventh house with respect to the moon sign, your previous hard work will pay off this week, and you will receive a promotion and admiration from your superiors. Although human growth produces ego, something similar is likely to occur in you as well.

Taurus (Born Between April 21- May 21)

You can take a journey to a beautiful location with your friends and close friends this week. But, during this time, you must avoid overeating on any trip, or your stomach may become upset. While Jupiter is in the eleventh house of the moon sign, there will be numerous financial advancements in your life this week. As a result, you will quickly be able to repay your outstanding expenses and debts. Due to malefic Rahu being situated in the twelfth house with respect to the moon sign,- Therefore, avoid providing or loaning your money to anyone during this time. To increase your exposure amongst influential and important people around you, it will be a good opportunity for you to participate in social activities. Because your ability to impress others this week will give you many positive results. Often we become egoistic about our abilities and skills that we overburden ourselves with immense responsibilities for tasks beyond our capacity. You will also see something similar this week. With this, instead of doing one, you can get yourself badly trapped in every task.

Gemini (Born Between May 22- June 21)

This week will be chaotic for you, so much so that you may grow agitated. As a result, your nature will be aggressive, and you will be completely unsuccessful in talking to everyone directly. The unexpected increase in your spending will disrupt your peace of mind this week. As a result, you may be prone to mental tension. Be calm in such a circumstance and devise a plan to solve the problem; otherwise, Because Ketu is in the fifth house of the moon sign, you will have a difficult time dealing with many concerns at home this week. In this case, you may feel as though multiple individuals are attempting to bring you down, which might make your mind depressed. Health issues will occur for any family member of the household, which will also be the primary cause of your increased mental stress. you may have to spend money on your health as a result of these expenses. Owing to this, you will be unable to provide your best at the office. Its negative influence can exacerbate your concerns while also impeding your career. Sleep is just as important for a healthy body as education is for a student. But, sleeping more than necessary can be harmful to many students' health this week.

Cancer (Born Between June 22- July 23)

You will not have any health issues this week because Jupiter is in the ninth house in relation to the moon sign. As a result, practise yoga, exercise regularly, and enjoy good health. Because your attentiveness and regular health regimen might help you overcome many of your previous problems. All property-related transactions that you have performed in the past are likely to be finalised this week. This will help you, and you will be successful in safeguarding your future as a result of it. When Ketu is in the fourth house of the moon sign, and because of certain changes at home, you may have a clash with individuals this week. This will cause you to lose respect, and you may have to deal with the family's disinterest. You will have to travel for work this week, but it will be an unfavourable journey for you. So you will not only lose money by travelling at this period, but you will also waste both your energy and time, which may become the primary cause of your developing mental tension.Individuals born under this sign who want to study abroad will have to work harder this week.

Leo (Born Between July 24- August 23)

You won't have to work too hard to stay in shape this week. Because you will be fortunate this time. As a result, even if you make minor attempts to be healthy, you will be able to retain your health. This week, your friends and close family will support you at every step of the way to help you get out of any financial issues. With their assistance, you will be able to better your financial situation and settle any obligations you may have. Your sense of humour will boost your popularity in social settings. You will be able to draw the attention of many dignitaries, increasing your prestige and esteem in society. Professionally, this week is going to be extremely favourable for your zodiac signs due to Saturn being placed in the seventh house with respect to the moon sign. Because the stars are aligned in your favour at this time. As a result, you will have a great deal of luck and fortune in your profession and career. While Mercury is in the sixth house with respect to the moon sign, certain students born under this sign may be able to study abroad this week.

Virgo (Born Between August 24- September 23)

Because Jupiter is in the seventh house of the moon sign, many beneficial changes in your health this week will help you engage with others and your social life will improve. As a result, your courage and confidence will grow, and you will find yourself perfectly capable of making any decision. This week will bring you financial luck, but if you want to make any investments, then examine the realities and only then invest. Otherwise, your money may become stuck. Avoid arguing with family elders over contentious subjects that can lead to misunderstandings between you and loved ones. As a result, rather than attempting to solve them, it is in your best interests to avoid them. This week, you will focus on improving earlier investments and developing proper plans and strategies for the future. In such a case, seek advice from specialists, your father, or any other fatherly figure before beginning any crucial activity. Several of your classmates will be envious of your accomplishment this week. As a result, they may turn against you and stir teachers against you. In such a case, while attempting to comprehend their plot, you must improve your behaviour towards everyone else, lest you tarnish your image in the eyes of others.

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Libra (Born Between September 24- October 23)

This week, you should avoid worrying about your health. Otherwise, your condition may worsen. So, while he's occupied with other things, get him a gift from the correct doctor. While Jupiter is in the sixth house with respect to the moon sign this week, businessmen must be particularly cautious when investing money, as even a minor lapse could lead to financial disaster. As a result, they must exercise caution when doing financial transactions and read any paperwork between the lines. During this week, your pal or close friend will disregard your advice or suggestions. As a result, you will feel disregarded. If you're looking for career forecasts for your zodiac sign, this week will be quite beneficial for those who work. Because you will be able to do all tasks with renewed vigour and power throughout this period. Students who continue to study something new will have positive benefits since their intellectual ability will improve this week; otherwise, students may slip out of their ability and endure many negative effects.

Scorpio (Born Between October 24- November 22)

This week, you should avoid worrying about your health. Otherwise, your condition may worsen. So, while he's occupied with other things, get him a gift from the correct doctor. Because Jupiter is in the fifth house in relation to the moon sign, you will be able to come across such opportunities with the help of your hard work and commitment, allowing you to make some money. Yet, you would need to invest in a good plan rather than naively placing your cash somewhere. If you truly love someone and are considering inviting them to meet your family for marriage considerations, doing so this week may be counterproductive. Because, according to the current planetary yogas, your decision may bear the weight of any ongoing argument. This will result in you losing their support. Those who do business in partnership can make a nice profit this week because Saturn is in the fourth house in relation to the moon sign. Because technical and social networking can greatly assist you in expanding your firm at this moment.

Sagittarius (Born Between November 23- December 22)

This week, drive carefully. Keep your eyes and ears open, especially on sharp bends and squares, or you could be involved in an accident. When Rahu is in the fifth house with relation to the moon sign, don't forget to lend money to anyone this week, and if you have to, acquire all the documentation in writing from the lender about when they will return the money. You can protect yourself from a variety of threats by doing so. This week, you can assist other ladies in the household by participating in household duties. This will assist you in strengthening your relationships with other family members as well as gaining respect and honour in the family. You may feel swamped with responsibilities at this time, right from the start. Your career will advance due to Saturn being in the third house in relation to the moon sign, yet these additional obligations may cause mental stress. In such a case, keep your cool and try to avoid all forms of stress. Students who were hoping to gain admission to a good institution or college of their choice may be disappointed this week. So it is conceivable that you could receive unpleasant news from someone, which will make you depressed. For more weekly predictions consult our certified astrologers.

Capricorn (Born Between December 23- January 20)

You understand what is more essential to you, so you must be strong, astute, and quick to make judgements to improve your health. You must also be prepared to accept adversities. This week is favourable for purchasing items whose monetary value may improve further. While Jupiter is in the second house with respect to the moon sign, you can invest in gold jewellery, a house, or property, which will result in high returns in the future. Participating in social festivals will provide you with the opportunity to meet many significant members of society.In such a case, don't allow all of these opportunities pass you by; instead, make the most of them. While Saturn is in the second house of the moon sign, you will receive complete admiration and support from your superiors and top officials this entire week. Aside from that, your trips will be really beneficial to you. Because the influence of several favourable planets in your horoscope can be seen in your enthusiasm.

Aquarius (Born Between January 21- February 19)

Those born under this sign who have reached the age of 50 will be able to put their previous troubles with the nervous system and digestion behind them for the time being. Because they will develop solid routines that will assist them in overcoming these issues. Because Jupiter is in the second house of the moon sign, you may encounter fresh and intriguing situations in your financial life this week. This will not only provide you with substantial cash benefits, but your financial situation will appear to be much stronger than before. This week, you must avoid getting into any form of family argument. And failing to do so can taint your image in the eyes of others. As a result, if you have a disagreement with someone, attempt to resolve it calmly through communication. We frequently become so egoistic about our abilities and capabilities that we overburden ourselves with enormous responsibility for tasks that are beyond our ability. This week will also provide something similar. Instead of doing one thing, you can easily become engrossed in all of them. Students may have a difficult time grasping their classes or subjects this week .Because of your ego, you will avoid accepting support from anyone in such a situation. Yet, for greater results, you will need to seek the advice of elders.

Pisces (Born Between February 20- March 20)

Older people born under this sign should take extra care of their health this week. To accomplish this, visit the park in the morning and evening, stroll for around 30 minutes, and avoid visiting dusty areas as much as possible. The presence of planets implies some unwelcome expenses during this period because malefic Rahu is in the second house with respect to the moon sign. Yet, because your income is steadily increasing, the influence of these expenses will be little in your life, and you will be able to spend some on your comforts. As a result, it is critical that you keep a balance between your income and expenditure. You will be able to overcome the problems that will face your family this week. There will be instances of improved communication among family members. You should also help the women in your family with household chores. 

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