Weekly Horoscope: Dec 12 To Dec 18, 2022

Aries (Born Between March 21 - April 20)

Despite having everything this week, you will feel emotionally weak because malefic Rahu is located in your moon sign's first home. You might seem normal on the surface, but after contemplating your goals in life, you might start to feel restless and unsure on the inside. This week, your income may increase as a result of any previous investments you may have made, including any inherited real estate, land, insurance, or other assets. Jupiter's placement in the twelfth house of the moon sign, in this case, gives you the option of deciding to reinvest that money with a sound plan. Maintaining your control over family members this week, your desire to impose your standards on them and not listen to them, can work against you due to Ketu's placement in the seventh house with respect to your moon sign. Arguments with members of your family may develop as a result.

Taurus (Born Between April 21 - May 21)

The health horoscope predicts that this week will be better for health because Jupiter is in the eleventh house with respect to the sign of the moon. You must, however, pay extra attention to some things during this time, such as exercising or doing yoga in the park when you have the opportunity, and taking frequent 30-minute walks in the morning and evening. This week, even if you don't want to, you can spend a lot of money to attract someone of the other sex because Venus is in the eighth house with respect to the moon sign. You'll run into problems as a result later. Therefore, you would have a beneficial opportunity to make intelligent decisions while spending money on others. There could perhaps be a family conflict this week involving other family members, which would disturb the family's serenity.

Gemini (Born Between May 22 - June 21)

The time will be very good for your health and will strengthen it thanks to Jupiter and Rahu placement in the eleventh house from your moon sign. You will also take excellent care of the members of your family as a result. which will probably improve your standing inside the family as well. Overall, your health will be good during this week. People will notice how committed and diligent you are this week, and as a result, you will get something financially. However, there is a good probability that your life partner will be able to provide you with financial support at this period. This week will bring joy, tranquillity, and success into your family life since Venus, your moon sign's fifth house lord, is present in the seventh house.

Cancer (Born Between June 22 - July 23)

During this time, you can incorporate yoga or exercise into your daily routine. Because numerous heavenly constellations are moving favourably at this time, you are encouraged to pay close care to your health. Therefore, make the most of it in a wise and acceptable manner. This week will bring fresh financial plans for you because Jupiter is in the ninth house and aspects the sign of the moon. If you must make a quick financial decision in such a circumstance, you must consider both the positive and negative elements of the decision because failure to do so could result in loss. This week, you'll feel disappointed in yourself since you'll think that your family's intervention prevents you from living your life according to your own terms. Your behaviour toward the other housemates will appear a touch impolite in such a circumstance.

Leo (Born Between July 24 - August 23)

Even if your health will improve, there may still be ups and downs in other aspects of life. As a result, spending time with your close friends will help you feel mentally satisfied. This entire week, because Jupiter is in the ninth house of the moon sign, you will need to spend money on various aspects of your life, which could make you feel short on funds at times. In such a scenario, it is imperative that you have a sound financial strategy from the outset. You will be able to control many of your unnecessary spending thanks to this. More than you anticipate, your elder siblings will help you out this week. As a result, you will also be able to escape any serious trouble. To address this, you are urged to speak up in front of them without holding back. This week, dealers won't discuss their businesses in any detail.

Virgo (Born Between August 24 - September 23)

If you are not a vegetarian, you will solve your weakness issue this week. However, it would be preferable for that to eat home-cooked food and walk for around 30 minutes each day to help with digestion rather than ordering takeout. This week, it's crucial for you to maintain emotional control and refrain from overspending on your close friends and family members. You must plan your expenses according to your budget because the unfavourable Rahu, according to the moon sign, is in the eighth house. This will help you spend your money wisely. It is anticipated this week that the previously planned family vacation may need to be delayed for a while due to a family member's bad health. You and the household's kids will appear a little dejected as a result. There is a chance that a love marriage will occur later in the week because of the fortunate alignment of the planets. Your career will benefit from this week's favourable placement of Saturn, which is in the sixth house of the moon sign, according to your horoscope.

Libra (Born Between September 24 - October 23)

This week, your mental issues could ruin your physical pleasures due to the unfavourable Ketu's placement in the first house of the moon sign. This may have a detrimental impact on your ability to achieve your professional objectives. All forms of financial issues in your life will be resolved at the start of this week. You will find it simple to purchase many necessary items in the middle of the week as a result of this enhancement, which will increase your comfort. You will occasionally receive assistance from your brothers and sisters over the entire week, and you will be able to lead a peaceful and contented life with your family. Therefore, it would be best for you to often discuss issues with your siblings. You may initially feel completely swamped with obligations at this time. As a result, your career will advance, but these new duties may cause you some mental stress. Maintaining your composure at such a moment can help you avoid any form of stress.

Scorpio (Born Between October 24 - November 22)

The health horoscope predicts that this week will be better for you in terms of your health. This week will prevent you from contracting any serious illnesses thanks to Mars' placement in the seventh house of the moon sign and the sight of your zodiac lord. Even if there might be a few little physical issues in between, your health will improve significantly throughout this time, and you'll notice a change for the better. This week, married people will receive financial support from their in-laws, which will help them get through all of their financial difficulties because Jupiter is in the fifth house with respect to the moon sign. You are advised to take your time before investing this money in this situation because problems could arise. You will benefit from this week's interaction and communication with your distant relatives or friends. Because you'll be able to improve and redevelop your previous relationships during this period. This week will be more successful for self-made businessman born under this sign.

Sagittarius (Born Between November 23 - December 22)

You might experience a lack of confidence this week. You won't be able to make any important judgments as a result. You must therefore keep in mind that much of the responsibility for it rests with you, and you'll need to make the right option while carefully considering it at the appropriate moment. It's going to be a terrific week for your financial situation. Drivers are advised to exercise a little extra caution because Jupiter is in the fourth house of the moon sign, where it belongs. Because it's probable that any damage may necessitate spending money to repair, Don't unintentionally offend members of your family this week. in particular with your elders. Otherwise, failing to do so could disturb the family's serenity and cause you mental tension. Those already employed by a foreign-based organisation are extremely likely to receive a significant promotion or financial windfall this week. As a result, your supervisors at work will admire your efforts, and in the interim, your coworkers will be perceived as fully supporting you. This week, you might experience a loss of confidence.

Capricorn (Born Between December 23 - January 20)

This week, you should refrain from working over your ability because Saturn is in the first house of the moon sign, which means your body won't be as resilient to stress and tiredness as usual. Therefore, it would be best for you to get some rest now. You must realise this week that spending more money than you have to in front of others is a really bad idea. Recognize this and refrain from doing such things; only then will you be able to put aside enough money for the future. You will be able to remove all obstacles from your family life this week, which will make the environment around you happier. If your father had a health issue, there is a chance that it will get better because the Sun is in the eleventh house relative to the moon sign. You will have the chance to interact with him. You won't hesitate to pursue any illicit action this week in order to advance in your career.

Aquarius (Born Between January 21 - February 19)

Due to Saturn's placement in the first house of the moon sign this week, it is important to take good care of your health. You will have plenty of time to yourself, so make the most of it by going for daily walks and, if you can, doing some simple exercises at home. You should also take this week as an opportunity to catch up on your sleep. This week, your workload will be somewhat lighter, which will allow you to spend more time hanging around idle. Since doing something instead of just sitting about in this situation will boost your earning potential, you must be aware of your capacity and abilities. You frequently make promises that are beyond your capacity, which puts you in serious danger. But you mustn't do that this week. Otherwise, you risk losing your qualifications as well. As a result, only commit to tasks you can complete. If you believe that "time is money," then you must act immediately this week in order to take advantage of your strengths and get to the top. Otherwise, someone else will pass you while you continue to plan and contemplate.

Pisces (Born Between February 20 - March 20)

Give yourself some rest this week by taking time away from your busy schedule, if at all feasible. Since you have previously had significant mental stress, treating yourself to some new activities this week will be quite beneficial for your physical relaxation. It will therefore be best for you to stay away from demanding duties. This week, because of Rahu's placement in the second house of the moon sign, you should start thinking about conserving money right away. To do this, you should talk to your family and close friends about your goals. Otherwise, due to budgetary limitations at the end of the week, several issues could arise. This week, your spouse will assist you in mending family divisions, and it will turn out to be the best thing for you. Due to Mercury's placement in the tenth house of the moon sign, there is also a possibility that your family and friends will give you a nice gift. For more weekly predictions consult our certified Astrologers.

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