6 Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Home

Vastu Shastra Tips For Home

1. Vastu tips for home doorway and entrance

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of your own home should face north, east, or north east. This is to ensure that you have the best electricity coming into your home. When you take a step from the front, you must face north, east, or north-east. According to vastu, the front is an archway to success and development in life.

Other Vastu recommendations for your front door include assembling it with high-quality wood. The doorway must be the most appealing of all the doors inside the house. Enhance the entrance with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans to make it more appealing. However, essential Vastu recommendations for happy domestic pets are to avoid placing fountains, shoe racks, or animal statues outside the front door. You should also avoid painting the doorway door black and make certain that it is always well-lit.

2. Vastu shastra colour tips for health and home

These kingdoms require you to select the appropriate colorings. Certain colours have the potential to reduce negativity by absorbing negative vibes or energies. These include colours such as chrome yellow and vibrant orange. Use those tricks if you have a place that always appears cluttered despite regular cleaning. Paint the walls in those areas with those colours, or try placing candles, flowers, and towels in those areas.

If someone in your home is depressed or has a history of allergies, try those vastu guidelines for health. Use the colours chrome yellow and brilliant orange as a pillow cover or as a setting for a mattress sheet.

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3. Keep indoor plants to improve Vastu in your home

Keeping indoor plants can be extremely beneficial within the home. Vastu pointers for fitness state that it’s far critical to preserve indoor plant life inside the house for the well-being of everyone who lives there.

4. Vastu tips for positive energy in home: Ensure there is constant circulation

Keeping indoor plants can be extremely beneficial within the home. Vastu pointers for fitness state that it’s far critical to preserve indoor plant life inside the house for the well-being of everyone who lives there.

5. Vastu tips for home kitchen

The kitchen’s south-east route is thought to be a beautiful location. According to vastu shastra colour guidelines for home, paint this in vibrant colours to highlight the hearthplace elements. Avoid sun sunglasses in pink and black and instead opt for yellow, pink, peach, or brown. Maintain the fueloline burner or range in a south-east direction. The sink or wash basin should face north-east, and spice and grain jars should face south or west.

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6. Vastu tips for positive energy in home bedroom

The bedroom is our personal space for rest and relaxation. Follow those inside the bedroom to improve your intellectual wellness and sleep quality. The mattress must be located along the south or west route. This way, while you sleep, your legs will face north or east, providing you with a better night’s sleep. This also ensures greater intellectual wellness.

We recommend red, pink, orange, white, and brown for your bedroom’s partitions. These colours convey warmth, ambition, peace, and balance, all of which promote prosperity within the bedroom. Avoid placing your mattress directly in front of a window. According to shastra, for great power in the home, the windows must be on the northern or Japanese walls. Finally, keep your bedroom litter free as per vastu guidelines for domestic to maintain your bedroom a nonviolent area. Consult our certified Astrologers for Vastu.

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