Swati Nakshatra Compatibility: Good And Bad Matches

Swati Nakshatra Compatibility

Swati Nakshatra is one of the stars in Vedic astrology. It's known for being independent and free-spirited. In simple terms, it's linked to the clear raindrop and represents qualities like being sharp, talented, and adaptable. In Indian astrology, it's symbolized by a young plant blown by the wind, signifying new beginnings and growth. Swati has qualities related to air, like being quick and adaptable. It's associated with Lord Vayu, the God of wind, and Rahu is its ruling planet.

In terms of love and relationships, those born under Swati Nakshatra seek mutually acceptable arrangements and like meeting new people. Swati Nakshatra females are honest and straightforward but can be a bit extravagant. Because they sometimes struggle with balance in challenging situations, it's advised for them to marry someone born under a compatible star. In this blog, we provide detailed guidance on the Swati Nakshatra compatibility with other Nakshatras and find the best and worst matches of this Nakshatra.

Professions and Persons Ruled by Swati Nakshatra

These are the different types of individuals associated with Swati Nakshatra. 

  • First, we have those who engage in trading, buying, and selling, which includes traders, buyers, and sellers. 
  • Merchants and people who excel in the art of buying and selling also fall into this category. 
  • Independent business professionals who manage their own ventures are part of Swati Nakshatra's influence.
  • It is also associated with ascetic individuals, those who lead simple and disciplined lives, and those deeply devoted to spiritual practices. 
  • This Nakshatra has an impact on students pursuing profound subjects and individuals characterized by their high mental strength and independent spirit. 

In short, it includes a diverse range of people from traders and business experts to ascetics, students and people with a strong sense of independence.

Most Compatible Nakshatras for Swati Nakshatra 

Swati Nakshatra- Bharani Nakshatra (78%)

According to Swati Nakshatra compatibility, the best match for this Nakshatra is Bharani Nakshatra. They have a strong connection, and a great friendship, and enjoy spending time together. Bharani brings out Swati's sensual side, making them feel desired in the relationship. They love their Swati Nakshatra partner passionately and help them overcome any sexual inhibitions. On the other side, when Swati Nakshatra individuals meet someone from Ashwini Nakshatra for the first time, they feel a natural attraction. They are drawn to Bharani's charming personality and feel confident and empowered in their presence. Swati impresses Bharani with their down-to-earth nature and has great compatibility with this Swati matching star.

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Swati Nakshatra- Swati Nakshatra (77%)

Swati is most compatible with another Swati star. When they understand each other, their relationship becomes stronger and more interesting. Because they have similar characteristics, they enjoy many of the same things. That's why many people choose a partner with the same Nakshatra for marriage. But sometimes, Swati Nakshatra individuals struggle when they face challenges because they don't know how to handle their differences and disagreements. To make a Swati-Swati Nakshatra marriage work well, both partners need to be loving, patient, and caring towards each other.

Swati Nakshatra- Ardra Nakshatra (75%)

Ardra and Swati Nakshatra's compatibility for marriage is really good. They have a strong bond in love and relationships, and they understand each other well. In their marriage, both Ardra and Swati's ambitions and emotional needs connect seamlessly. They both approach love with a practical and realistic mindset. According to Swati Nakshatra's marriage compatibility, Ardra is very committed to Swati in the relationship. They are open with Swati and share all their feelings and emotions. If Swati and Ardra work together and support each other, they can make each other's wildest wishes come true, even if they are a bit unusual.

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Least Compatible Nakshatras for Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra- Revati Nakshatra (24%)

Swati Nakshatra Compatibility with Revati Nakshatras don't go well together. When they consider getting married, it may be difficult for them to connect emotionally and mentally. Swati may feel unimportant and not have a special relationship with Revathi. Swati thinks that Revathi is kind but also very strict and unforgiving. When Swati and Revathi are together, they often hurt each other. It is better for them to be honest and open from the beginning of their relationship.

Swati Nakshatra- Magha Nakshatra (27%)

Magha and Swati have a strong connection, but they're having trouble finding happiness in their relationship. They both struggle with trust issues and often doubt each other when trying to make things right. To make their relationship better, they should try to be more open and put in extra effort to make each other happy and content.

Swati Nakshatra- Ashlesha Nakshatra (30%)

Ashlesha and Swati don't have the strongest relationship. In terms of Swati Nakshatra marriage compatibility they often have difficulties and aren't very happy together, especially  Even though Ashlesha can be a good friend and partner to Swati, they struggle to get along. If they become a couple, Swati might lose interest in Ashlesha quickly. They also have trust issues and keep secrets from each other. To make their relationship better and happier, Swati needs to stop being suspicious and start focusing on the positive aspects rather than dwelling on what's lacking.

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Swati Nakshatra Compatibility Chart

This table ranks Swati Nakshatra's compatibility with other Nakshatras based on their compatibility percentages, from highest to lowest compatibility.

NakshatraCompatibility Percentage
Bharani Nakshatra
Swati Nakshatra 
Ardra Nakshatra
Purva Ashadha Nakshatra
Punarvasu Nakshatra 
Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
Hasta Nakshatra
Mrigasira Nakshatra
Rohini Nakshatra
Krittika Nakshatra
Ashlesha Nakshatra
Mula Nakshatra
Shatabhisha Nakshatra
Shravana Nakshatra 
Purva Bhadra Nakshatra
Anuradha Nakshatra
Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra
Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra
Jyeshtha Nakshatra 
Vishakha Nakshatra 
Chitra Nakshatra 
Dhanishta Nakshatra
Shatabhisha Nakshatra
Magha Nakshatra
Revati Nakshatra 

Good and Bad Match for Swati Nakshatra Male and Female

When it comes to Swati nakshatra compatibility, the best matches for both Swati men and women are Bharani, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Chitra, Swati, Vishakha, and Jyeshtha. However, Swati's compatibility for marriage is the highest with Bharani. On the other hand, Swati's compatibility with the Revati star is not very good. The most challenging and least compatible matches for Swati are Magha, Ashlesha, Purva Ashadha, and Uttara Phalguni.


In conclusion, Swati Nakshatra compatibility can play a significant role in shaping the dynamics of relationships and partnerships. As we've explored, Swati Nakshatra exhibits a unique blend of characteristics and energies, making it a complex and intriguing constellation. Consulting with our experienced astrologers allows for a deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities of astrological factors, helping individuals navigate the intricacies of relationships, career choices, and personal growth.

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