Planets And Gemstones

Planets And Gemstone

Planets are proven to have an impact on our life and how much energy we have. Gems, sometimes referred to as valuable stones, gemstones, and ratnas, are said to be related with nine planets, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and the Moon, according to the fundamentals of Vedic astrology. The healing properties of gemstones balance the planetary effects, allowing us to more effectively address issues on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Gemstones have a variety of effects on the human body because they absorb and radiate different types of energy. It depends on the planetary transits and placements in a person’s birth chart how the gemstones will affect them. As a result, it’s important to use gemstones correctly and in accordance with the advice of a qualified astrologer. Otherwise, they could produce the opposite effects.The knowledgeable astrologers at also support the idea that selecting the ideal gemstones is more crucial than simply wearing them. Never wear a gemstone only out of curiosity; if not selected and worn properly, they can do more harm than good.

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There are many different gemstones, but let’s look at the most popular ones and the planets they are related to.

Sun – Ruby – The sun is a symbol of good health, assurance in oneself, assertiveness, and independence. Ruby offers you name, fame, control over life, virtue, vigor, and helps to improve lifestyle and status. Ruby represents the powers of the Sun.

Moon – Pearl– Moon is in charge of the mind, emotions, and happiness in life. According to legend, Pearl has the ability to reverse the negative effects of the Moon. Your mental fortitude, popularity, prosperity, and health all improve as a result.

Mars – Coral– Mars affects your desire to leave a lasting impression and your capacity to carry things to completion. According to experts, the beautiful stone known as coral, which is red and represents Mars, gives its wearer courage. It also guarantees material comforts.

Mercury – Emerald.- Mercury controls intelligence, trade, investments, education and ability to manage problems tastefully. The precious stone emerald, which is linked to Mercury, enhances mental abilities and mental capacities.

Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire- Jupiter is the planet in charge of prosperity, fortune, and wealth. It also provides immunity, vigour, and strength. Jupiter’s symbol, the yellow sapphire, has numerous therapeutic properties that enhance one’s health. Additionally, it improves financial circumstances and raises prestige, wealth, and bank balance.

Venus – Diamond- Venus is a planet that governs the reproductive system and symbolises love, romance, allure, and beauty. Venus is symbolised by the diamond, which supports happy marriages, mental and physical purity, as well as happiness, riches, creative skill, and creativity.

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Saturn – Blue Sapphire – Saturn is renowned for delivering stability to life along with success, riches, and a good reputation. The Saturn-related ratna known as blue sapphire promotes prosperity, money, health, and happiness. It increases detachment and provides you with protection from harm.

Rahu – Hessonite-Heightened awareness, detachment, acceptance, and self-fulfillment are some of Rahu’s advantageous traits. Hessonite, sometimes referred to as cinnamon stone, is the gem that Rahu is related with. By eliminating mental stress, this gemstone promotes mental tranquillity by aiding in the defeat of foes and the removal of impediments.

Ketu – Cat’s eye-Ketu is a planet of intelligence that supports spiritual development. The Ketu-related gemstone cat’s eye aids in sharpening psychic and spiritual sensitivity. Additionally, it shields you against threats and undetected adversaries. To know more about Planets and Gemstones talk to our best Astrologers.

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