Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility: Find Your Perfect Match

Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility

Krittika Nakshatra is the third lunar mansion in Indian astrology, spanning from 26°40' in Aries to 10°00' in Taurus. It's associated with a razor symbol, suggesting sharpness and a penetrating nature. People born under Krittika are often seen as sharp and inclined towards professions involving sharp objects, such as working with leather and fur.

These individuals are naturally assertive and may find it challenging to adapt to changes. To have a lasting and happy relationship, it's suggested that they choose partners compatible with Krittika Nakshatra. Compatibility is better with those whose stars match well with Krittika Nakshatra, leading to more comfort and understanding. According to Vedic astrology, individuals with high Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility are considered better matches for both Krittika Nakshatra males and females.

Krittika Nakshatra marriage Compatibility with The Best Compatible Nakshatras

Krittika Nakshatra - Jyeshta Nakshatra (76%)

Jyeshta is a great match for people born under the Krittika Nakshatra, whether male or female. They bring inspiration and joy into the lives of Krittika Nakshatra individuals. With their apparent experience, Jyeshta helps break through the protective shell of Krittika Nakshatra natives. In a relationship, both Krittika and Jyestha meet each other's needs and take care of one another. To have a strong and compatible marriage between Jyestha and Krittika, it's important for them to maintain love, happiness, and security in their relationship.

Krittika Nakshatra - Shatabhisha Nakshatra (75%)

Krittika individuals may find it challenging to understand Shatabhisha individuals because they can be elusive and inflexible. Shatabhisha individuals, with their cold and rude demeanor, might initially push away Krittika individuals, leading the latter to become protective. However, when Krittika individuals realize the vulnerability of Shatabhisha individuals, they become more accepting. With mutual respect and understanding, they can develop a loving and caring bond over time.

Krittika Nakshatra - Dhanistha Nakshatra (70%)

In relationships, Dhanishtha enjoys taking the lead when it comes to expressing romantic feelings, which works well with Krittika individuals who are shy about showing their emotions. Aiming to build a strong and exciting relationship with Krutika Star individuals, Dhanishtha shows a lot of love and care. Overall, Kritika and Dhanishtha together form a passionate, loving, and lasting bond.

Krittika Nakshatra marriage Compatibility with The Least Compatible Nakshatras

Krittika Nakshatra - Shravana Nakshatra (32%)

Krittika nakshatra compatibility with Shravana is often challenging in romantic relationships.Their marriages frequently encounter problems due to a lack of compatibility. Krittika individuals may initially find Shravana people interesting, but they can become weary of Shravana's emotional ups and downs. Krittika individuals get confused about what Shravana people are feeling, so they usually don't share their own emotions.

Krittika Nakshatra - Rohini Nakshatra (30%)

People born under the Krittika Nakshatra are drawn to those born under Rohini Nakshatra because they feel safe and confident around them. However, Krittika individuals may have difficulty fully trusting Rohini individuals due to unrealistic expectations in love. Dealing with possessive and emotional Rohini partners can be challenging, leading Krittika individuals to avoid committing to a relationship with them. It's suggested that those born under Krittika Nakshatra should be cautious about marrying someone with the least compatible Krittika star.

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Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra (30%)

Both people born under the Nakshatra constellations of Uttara Ashadha and Krittika tend to have strong and dominant personalities because they are influenced by the Sun. However, they usually don't get along and prefer to keep their distance from each other. If someone from Uttara Ashadha tries to become close to a person from Krittika, they might feel confused and keep a distance. They often hide behind their friends to avoid getting too close. If they end up in a relationship, there's a high likelihood that they will be lonely and unhappy.

Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility with Other Nakshatras

Having good compatibility in love is important for a happy and lasting marriage. In astrology, Krittika Nakshatra compatibility is at different levels with different stars. Here, we will look at the specific traits of stars that go well with Krittika and how they can lead to a successful marriage.

Krittika Nakshatra - Ashwini Nakshatra (61%)

The marriage compatibility between Krittika Nakshatra and Ashwini is average. People born under Krittika are attracted to the bold and straightforward nature of Ashwini individuals. They appreciate Ashwini's fearlessness and find their adventurous spirit exciting. On the other hand, Ashwini individuals enjoy pursuing their interests. They can break through the defenses that Krittika Nakshatra individuals may put up. Both Krittika and Ashwini individuals are hesitant about commitment to love, but once they commit, they maintain a loving and enjoyable relationship. For a successful and lasting marriage, Krittika Nakshatra should work on trusting their matching star, Ashwini.

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Krittika Nakshatra - Bharani Nakshatra (65%)

People born under the Bharani Nakshatra are attracted to those born under the Krittika Nakshatra star. They are smart enough to understand the emotions and basic needs of Krittika natives and can break down barriers. When Krittika natives realize that a sensual Bharani Nakshatra is interested in them, they may feel uncertain and hesitant. They dislike the possessiveness of a Bharani Nakshatra partner. However, when it comes to love and romance, they feel most comfortable and fulfilled with a Krittika Nakshatra, as it is a compatible star for marriage. To avoid conflicts in a Krittika-Bharani marriage caused by over-possessiveness, Krittika natives should make their Bharani partner feel secure by expressing love and care.

Krittika Nakshatra - Krittika Nakshatra (65%)

Two people born under the Krittika star sign when in a relationship, tend to have similar characteristics. This can be good because they share qualities like commitment, loyalty, love, and romance. However, it can also lead to disagreements and friction because they are so alike. Despite these challenges, their strong connection helps them overcome issues caused by their similarities. As per Vedic Astrology, Krittika Nakshatra compatibility is not considered favorable or auspicious for marriage with the same Nakshatra sign. So, it's recommended to avoid getting into a relationship with someone who has the same star sign.

Krittika Nakshatra - Mrigashira Nakshatra (54%)

People born under the Krittika Nakshatra tend to be argumentative. They have a tendency to debate about almost everything. Mrigashira individuals are also argumentative, fiery, and have strong opinions. This makes it challenging for Krittika Nakshatra individuals to outdo them in arguments. Additionally, both Nakshatras have a passive nature, making it less likely for either of them to make an effort to advance their relationship. To address relationship issues, individuals from these Nakshatras should work on being decisive and be open to taking the initiative in moving their relationship forward.

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Krittika Nakshatra - Ardra Nakshatra (49%)

Krittika Nakshatra compatibility with Ardra has the potential for a great relationship. According to Nakshatra astrology, their connection can be exciting if they overcome fears and insecurities. Both struggle with trust and expressing emotions, leading to a mediocre and unhappy marriage. To make their relationship successful, Krittika and its matching star should learn to trust and share their feelings with each other.

Krittika Nakshatra - Punarvasu Nakshatra (56%)

The appeal and wisdom of Punarvasu attract both men and women born under Krittika. However, they have different expectations in relationships. Punarvasu prefers a strong and adaptable partnership, while those with Krittika Nakshatra seek a traditional and solid commitment. People with Krittika Nakshatra often hide their feelings and may appear overly possessive in a relationship. For a successful marriage between Krittika and Punarvasu, they need to build mutual understanding and communicate well with each other.

Krittika Nakshatra - Pushya Nakshatra (68%)

Pushya and Krittika stars have great compatibility in bed. People born under Pushya understand how to handle the shyness of those born under Krittika, making them feel at ease. They make an effort to ignite the desires and passionate feelings of Krittika individuals. These individuals stand by Krittika during challenges, ensuring they feel secure and comfortable in all situations.

Krittika Nakshatra - Ashlesha Nakshatra (57%)

People born under the Krittika Nakshatra are attracted to the mysterious, independent, and passionate Ashlesha individuals. Ashlesha natives guide Krittika individuals in overcoming insecurities and shyness, helping them feel at ease with their sensuality. However, the Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility with Ashlesha is not high. Krittika individuals tend to display jealousy over minor matters, making their relationships unnecessarily complicated.

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Krittika Nakshatra - Magha Nakshatra (47%)

Krittika Nakshatra compatibility with Magha individuals is not strong for marriage. There is a lack of trust between them, as both hide their insecurities behind a confident and arrogant facade. Magha individuals may make those from Krittika Nakshatra feel unwelcome and rejected. However, if Magha individuals acknowledge their Krittika partners' feelings, they can work on changing their behavior. For a healthy relationship between Magha and Krittika Nakshatra, they need to communicate and connect on a deeper level, looking past the images they project.

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (43%)

People born under Krittika Nakshatra tend to be too moralistic for the fun and social Purva Phalguni. Both are hesitant to take the first steps in love, and Purva Phalguni's tendency to stay out often clashes with the preferences of Krittika natives. To make their relationship work, they need to take initiative and break through the protective barriers they've built around themselves. For their relationship to thrive, both should overcome their shyness and reveal their true personalities. It's essential that they appreciate each other's efforts and make sure to express that appreciation.

Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra (53%)

Both Krittika and Uttara Phalguni, ruled by the Sun, exhibit similar traits and characteristics. They are warm, caring, and affectionate towards each other. However, in a relationship, individuals with Krittika Nakshatra desire love and appreciation, but they often feel that they don't receive enough of it from their Uttara Phalguni partners. As a result, Krittika individuals may find themselves continually honoring and paying homage to their Uttara Phalguni partners throughout their lives.

Krittika Nakshatra - Hasta Nakshatra (44%)

People born under the Hasta star sign can be emotionally demanding. They really want love and might act clingy in relationships. If someone is born in the Krittika Nakshatra, they might find it tough to deal with the strong emotions of Hasta folks. Krittika Nakshatra individuals tend to hide their caring side and don't easily express their feelings. For a good relationship and compatibility in marriage, those born under Krittika Nakshatra should be more loving and romantic with their Hasta partner. They should realize that expressing love doesn't come with a cost, and if they show a little extra love to their Hasta partner, they'll likely get even more love in return.

Krittika Nakshatra - Chitra Nakshatra (61%)

Chitra natives are self-assured and like to do things on their own. They always try to bring out the best in their partner. Krittika Nakshatra appreciates this about Chitra natives and loves them wholeheartedly. They express love with a lot of passion and excitement. In a relationship, Chitra prefers not to cling on and would rather move on than face challenges. To keep their love strong, Krittika Nakshatra should avoid testing Chitra natives. Both partners need to work together to make their relationship happy and successful.

Krittika Nakshatra - Swati Nakshatra (32%)

Krittika and Swati Nakshatra share an exciting and passionate connection in the bedroom. However, their relationship tends to suffer from a lack of trust, leading to separations. According to Nakshatra astrology, Krittika individuals often feel judged by the way Swati individuals live their lives. These differences create conflicts and drive them apart. Krittika men and women need to understand that Swati individuals have different behaviors and natures. It's essential for them to communicate and find common ground to bridge their relationship gaps. Both parties should learn to appreciate each other's imperfections and accept each other for who they truly are.

Krittika Nakshatra - Vishakha Nakshatra (51%)

Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility with Vishaka Nakshatra is not favorable. Their relationship poses spiritual challenges, and both partners have the potential to harm each other emotionally. The emotional turbulence they experience becomes a significant issue in their relationship. Additionally, negative traits like jealousy, anger, and restlessness contribute to making the Krittika and Vishaka relationship unhappy and miserable.

Krittika Nakshatra - Anuradha Nakshatra (60%)

People born under Anuradha and Krittika Nakshatra are quite different from each other. People born under Anuradha initially come across as serious and practical to those from Krittika, until the latter discovers their inner vulnerability and profound romantic nature. When it comes to Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility Anuradha's strong desire for love, can sometimes seem romantically intense for Krittika individuals. Yet, the unconditionally loving nature of both Anuradha and Kritika fosters a bond that is strong, unbreakable, and uplifting.

Krittika Nakshatra - Mula Nakshatra (65%)

People born under the Krittika Nakshatra initially have trust issues with those from Mula Nakshatra. However, as they grow closer in a relationship, Krittika begins to appreciate the positive qualities of Mula. Krittika natives admire the philosophical, courageous, and romantic nature of people born under Mula Nakshatra. They provide support to Mula individuals, helping them to remain strong and stable. In return, Mula offers the love and care that Krittika Nakshatra desires in a relationship.

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (47%)

Krittika and Purva Ashadha don't have a strong connection in their marriage. Their intimacy is not good, and they struggle to connect romantically and passionately. Krittika feels uncomfortable when teased by Purva Ashadha in bed. They both keep their guard up and don't fully open up to each other. Krittika is aware that Purva Ashadha could retaliate, so they distance themselves to avoid any issues.

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra (54%)

People born in Krittika Nakshatra give importance to their relationship with the people of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra from the very beginning. They become good friends easily. However, it can be challenging for Krittika individuals to express love due to their shy nature. They hesitate to make the first move and often take a while to open up and reveal their true identity.

Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (50%)

People born under Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra may often give mixed signals due to their dual nature. It's important not to be misled by their seemingly cool attitude alone. Despite this, they crave appreciation and affection in their relationships. Once they find the desired love, care, and acceptance, they open up emotionally to individuals born under Krittika Nakshatra. To build strong compatibility with this Krittika-compatible star, it's advisable to make efforts to win them over, even if it seems challenging at first.

Krittika Nakshatra - Revati Nakshatra (32%)

People born under Revati Nakshatra, who are considered compatible with Krittika Nakshatra, can be overly idealistic in their behavior. They may excessively admire their partner and expect them to behave like a demigod. Sometimes, they make unrealistic demands in the relationship. Krittika Nakshatra individuals, however, do not appreciate their tendency to overanalyze everything and dislike it when Revati Nakshatra individuals point out their shortcomings. As a result, Krittika natives often choose to distance themselves or avoid becoming too deeply involved with those born under Revati Nakshatra.


Simply put, looking into how well people born under the Krittika Nakshatra get along with each other can give us useful information about their relationships. The specific traits and energies linked to this Nakshatra can affect how well they match with their partners. But remember, things like personal characteristics, communication, shared values, and mutual respect are really important for a relationship to work.

If you want to know more about how compatible you are with someone or if you're facing issues in your relationship, talking to our experienced astrologer can help.

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