Karma Sutra: Do Stars Really Govern Our Life?

Karma Sutra

It’s all in the stars, they say. But do planets (stars) actually control our lives? What function do they serve, if any, and how does it affect how we live?

It was known as Vedanga Jyotish, or the limb of the Vedas, which translates to “The study of Light” and is a component of the Vedas (Rig Veda). Greek and Chinese history and civilisation both benefited greatly from the study of the nature and motion of the planets. The ancient wise men noted how the planets’ motion affected nature, which then had an impact on people’s lives. Any disruption in the natural cycle, which ancient man strictly followed, severely destroyed life. As a result, the planets initially filled the ancients with fear.

But how is it possible that events in our lives might be impacted by planets moving so high in the sky?

The unique characteristics of each planet have been validated through studies. Just like the sun, these planets also produce light. And just as the sun’s light and velocity affect life on earth by bringing about the seasons, so too does the motion of the planets shape and organize our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. The systems of our physical body are also organized by them.

The planets, which are ethereal entities, are how fate, or vidhata, generates the conditions that will allow us to pay off the debts we have accumulated. The cause-and-effect relationship, often known as The Karma Theory, is a fascinating part of how universal energy functions.

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There are nine incarnations of fate according to Indian astrology (jyotish) (vidhata). the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn; and the Sun and Moon. The north and south lunar nodes, rahu and ketu, are viewed as shadowy planets. These representatives serve as cosmic energy transmission relay stations. However, because the planets only radiate energy, their influence is reliant on how far we have progressed in our evolutionary process

The degree to which we have evolved as cosmic beings or souls will determine how we utilize this energy. For instance, the fiery red planet Mars, whose rays stand in for anger, can also be employed to boost vigor and perception.

The same is true for each planet. The planets have an ego identity (ahamkara), and they control our lives. They impair our cognition, causing us to feel sadness and conflict. They guide us to an increase in awareness and the development of consciousness through introspection and surrender.

Once more, the decision is up to us. Either we can be a “super star” by filling our soul with creative cosmic rays, or we can be Lucifer, the fallen star (venus at its lowest energy). To know more about Karma Sutra talk to our best Astrologers.

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