How To Strengthen Weak Mars With Astrological Remedies

How To Strengthen Weak Mars

Mars is the reddest planet in our solar system. It's very far from Earth, but it still has an impact on our lives. In astrology, Mars is considered to represent energy and strength. Some people believe it's a harsh planet and holds the position of commander among the planets.

According to astrology, Mars is a fiery planet with masculine traits. Some believe that Mars is aggressive and can bring disruptions in life, making it harmful to humans. However, this is not the correct way to understand Mangal's nature.

In this blog, we will try to explain the true nature of Mars and also share some remedies for how to strengthen weak Mars in your Kundli. 

Characteristics and Nature of Mars in Kundli

Mars, which has both positive and negative effects on a person, tends to show more masculine qualities. The negative impacts of Mars can make someone impulsive, offensive, and short-tempered. It may also cause disruptions in their married life. However, when Mars is well-placed in the birth chart, it can bring positive traits like courage, stamina, vigor, and athletic strength.

Moreover, a strong Mars in the birth chart can also have a positive effect on one's physical appearance. It may make a person look more attractive and confident. When Mars is positively aligned, the person can make better decisions and tends to be more energetic. On the contrary, a weak Mars can lead to confusion, stress, and poor decision-making.

Therefore, it's crucial to identify the position of Mars in the birth chart to address any negative effects it may have. This can be done by using powerful remedies specifically targeted to counteract the ill effects of Mars.

How to find Benefic or malefic Mars in Kundli

Mars in astrology rules over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. In your birth chart, Mars becomes the ruler of the house or houses where Aries or Scorpio is located. For instance, if Aries is in your Kundli's 12th house at the time of your birth, then Mars becomes the Lord of your 12th house. But how can we determine whether Mars has a positive or negative influence in the 12th house? There are two main ways to figure this out.

First, if Mars is the Lord of the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in your Kundli, it is considered unfavorable. This is because Mars doesn't have a strong connection with these houses. So, when Mars moves through these houses during your life, it might bring some difficulties. On the other hand, astrologers believe that Mars tends to give good results when placed in the 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th houses.

The second way to determine malefic Mars in Kundli is by looking at the planet it is conjunct with in your Kundli. For example, Mars is friendly with the Sun. If Mars is conjunct with the Sun in any house of your Kundli, then Mars may positively influence the characteristics related to that house, like finances or love. However, if Mars is conjunct with an enemy planet, such as Mercury, it is considered unfavorable.

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What happens when Mars is weak in Kundli?

Understanding the problems caused by a weak or harmful Mars in one's horoscope will help us find solutions. Here are some bad effects of a weak or harmful Mars

  • Harmful Mars can make you aggressive and easily angered. You might feel irritated most of the time and struggle to focus on your family and work.
  • Having Mars present suggests less happiness and more difficulties in the native's life.
  • If Mars is in the seventh house, there could be problems in their marital relations. There might be delays in marriage and a possibility of marital discord.
  • Weak Mars placement can also lead to health problems, especially issues with digestion and difficulty in eating hot and spicy foods.
  • A weak Mars might hold you back from trying new things in life, making you hesitant or cowardly.
  • If Mars is poorly placed in the birth chart, the person may face issues in marriage, lack physical strength, experience health problems, and encounter constant conflicts throughout life.
  • After marriage, conflicts with the spouse can arise for various reasons.

Best Astrological Remedies for Weak Mars 

After reading above, what are the disadvantages of having a weak Mars, now we read how to strengthen weak Mars in Kundli. Here are some simple remedies of Vedic astrology to strengthen afflicted or weak Mars. Remember, it is important to consult a Vedic expert before trying any of these remedies for Mars.

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa: 

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is beneficial for at least forty days, both in the morning and evening. But if someone is too busy, they can do it regularly in the morning. Chanting on Tuesdays is especially powerful for balancing the effects of Mars. It can lead to positive changes and improve the overall quality of life. Hanuman Chalisa also boosts confidence, encourages the person, and helps with decision-making.

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Take an Ayurvedic Bath: 

To improve the influence of Mars, take a bath with special water containing Asafetida, Bilwa Chhal, Jatamansi, Malkangani, Maulsari, and Gangajal. Doing this five times on Tuesdays can reduce the negative effects of Mars and enhance its positive effects. To get the best Mars position in your horoscope, follow these remedies regularly. 

In addition to the simple remedies for Mars mentioned earlier, Here are some other ways to improve the position of Mars in the horoscope:

  • When you feel stressed or down, try chanting the mantra "Om Bho Bhomay Namah." It can help you feel calmer and reduce the negative impact of Mars.
  • Planting a neem tree in your home can help minimize the harmful effects of Mars.
  • Donating sweets at a temple, along with items like red clothes, gold, copper, masoor lentils, and Batasha, can please Mars.
  • Wearing a red coral gemstone as an accessory can provide relief from malefic Mars.
  • Tuesdays are important for Mars. Feed monkeys with jaggery and gram on this day and consider donating bel fruit.
  • Before bathing, mix some belgiri in water and chant the Mangal Mantra.
  • In some cases, astrologers may recommend Sampooran Mangal Vidhi to counter Mangal dosh when Mars is weak but beneficial.
  • While visiting a temple, reciting the Gayatri Mantra can be beneficial.
  • Planting trees with red flowers at home and using these flowers for worshipping on Tuesdays can provide relief from malefic Mars.


In conclusion, astrological remedies for a weak Mars in a Kundli (birth chart) are based on ancient beliefs and practices. These remedies can differ among various astrological traditions. Before trying any remedy, it's advisable to talk to our astrologer. They will help you understand where the Mars planet is placed in your birth chart and how it may be affecting your life negatively. Consulting a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer can provide insights into the implications of a weak Mars in your Kundli and recommend suitable remedies.

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