How To Make Jupiter Strong In Your Horoscope?

How To Make Jupiter Strong

Jupiter plays a big role in your horoscope and is seen as a symbol of things like wealth, family, knowledge, business, and respect in society. In Hindu beliefs, Jupiter is considered an important and positive planet. It's thought to bring good things like a long life, a good job, a father's love, prosperity, and lots of wealth. Jupiter is also linked to finding a good husband for a girl.

But if Jupiter isn't in a good position in your horoscope, it could affect your health, job, and education, and cause problems in your family. For girls, an unfavorable Jupiter might bring difficulties in getting married. So, to have a happy life, it's important to have the blessings of Lord Jupiter.

In this article, we'll explore how to make Jupiter strong and its remedies that can bring wealth and abundance in your life.

What is Strong Jupiter benefits?

A Strong Jupiter can bring you good luck and fame, aiding your personal growth. If someone's horoscope shows a strong Jupiter, it suggests they have good knowledge, positive qualities, a good job position, and behave well. 

These individuals like sharing what they know and are generous. They are familiar with scriptures and want everyone to succeed. They follow their religion, are forgiving, and have control over their actions. It may also introduce changes to your life, bringing new opportunities and good fortune while helping you maintain life balance.

For women with a strong Jupiter in their charts, it indicates they find happiness in their marriage. 

Remedies to make jupiter strong 

Wear yellow clothing

The colour yellow is associated with Jupiter and symbolises calmness and serenity. Include the colour yellow in your outfits every day, with a special emphasis on Thursdays, which is associated with the planet Jupiter. 

This will help you find emotional and psychological balance and provide relief for health issues related to the blood, nerves, and reproductive system. Use yellow and gold colours around your body and home to enhance the positive energy of Jupiter.  

Wear a yellow sapphire stone

Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj, is believed to be Jupiter's gemstone. Wearing it in a gold ring or necklace is thought to bring prosperity and good financial fortune. Additionally, this gem is said to enhance overall health, spiritual knowledge, and foster loving relationships. If you don't have a yellow sapphire, wearing other yellow or gold jewelry is considered a suitable alternative.

The yellow sapphire's influence is believed to be particularly potent on Thursdays. Another fortunate stone associated with Jupiter is yellow topaz. Wearing it in a ring on your index finger, especially on a Thursday, is considered auspicious for luck and well-being.

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Worship Lord Vishnu on Thursdays

The planet Jupiter is associated with the Hindu god Vishnu. To bring prosperity and happiness to your married life, it is suggested to worship or show respect to Vishnu on Thursdays by lighting a ghee lamp. 

Read the Vishnu Sahasranama, a Sanskrit hymn that includes all 1,000 names of Vishnu. Clean a picture of Vishnu by washing it in a mixture of water and turmeric. Offer yellow rice to Vishnu while chanting the Guru Beej Mantra.

Use Turmeric in daily life

Jupiter gets stronger when it consumes turmeric. Include this yellow spice in your everyday meals to make Jupiter happy. Another way to enhance Jupiter is by using turmeric.  Apply turmeric paste on the forehead and add some turmeric in bathing water.

Worship a Peepal tree

The peepal tree is important for Jupiter. If you take care of a tree, it can make a weak Jupiter strong and a strong Jupiter lucky. Water the tree's roots every morning and light a ghee lamp under the tree in the evenings. It can strengthen your Jupiter, bringing in wealth and prosperity.

Respecting Sages and Brahmans

If you show respect to sages and knowledgeable Brahmans, it will lead to Lord Jupiter bestowing His blessings upon you. It is important to show respect and offer assistance whenever possible.

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Donate Yellow things to charity

The color yellow is considered important on Thursdays. So, every Thursday, it's recommended to give yellow lentils in a yellow cloth, jaggery, yellow sweets, yellow flowers, bananas, sandalwood, turmeric, and holy books to the temple. It's also good to offer yellow sweets and lentils to sages.

Offering pulses to Horse

By worshiping Jupiter for seven Thursdays and offering yellow lentils during the celebrations, you may get good things. After doing this for seven Thursdays, feed pulses to the horse itself to get good results.

Chanting Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is the solution to all problems. Chanting Guru Gayatri or Vishnu Gayatri Mantra 108 times can have a positive effect and increase the influence of Jupiter in the birth chart. 

For extra effectiveness, say the mantra on a Thursday or when you're doing things that please Jupiter, such as wearing yellow or worshipping a peepal tree. To get the pronunciation right and learn any additional instructions, it's a good idea to ask an astrologer or a spiritual guide for guidance.

Fast on Thursdays

Fasting offers both spiritual and physical advantages. It allows you to connect with Jupiter and seek blessings on a specific day. During the fast, eat only at night or early in the morning when the sun is down. Focus on consuming yellow foods like lentils, jaggery, turmeric, or bananas after praying to Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter). 

To stay hydrated, it's best to avoid salt and drink lots of water in the morning. Fasting on Thursdays not only helps overcome obstacles in marriage but also supports efforts to enhance health and financial well-being. 

Roots of religious trees

It is believed that wearing the roots of the banana or peepal tree on your right arm on Thursday can bring great benefits.

Stick to a Vegetarian diet

Remove meat from your meals, especially beef. If there are cows around you, give them yellow foods such as gram dal (yellow lentils), jaggery (cane sugar), or turmeric for good luck. Other diet changes that can help include:

  • Not drinking alcohol.
  • Eating sweet yellow foods, like bananas or halwa.


To sum up, making Jupiter stronger in your horoscope means doing positive things and having a positive mindset to make this powerful planet have a better effect on your life. Being hopeful, generous, and having a clear goal can make Jupiter's positive influence stronger in different parts of your life. Also, doing things that help you grow personally, learn, and develop spiritually goes well with Jupiter's energy.

If you want to know more about how to make Jupiter strong then consult our experienced astrologer who can provide valuable insights into your unique astrological profile.

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