How Do The Planets Affect Our Emotions

Planets Affect Our Emotions

Mood swings & emotions can really make or ruin a day!

But can we actually control them? Situations can sometimes be the catalyst, but other times, there is no clear cause. Could the planets be the cause of all this complication? Is it a myth or is it actually possible? Or have I gone insane?

The role that planets play in our existence and the universe has been greatly discussed. Are these the planets that we previously learned in science classes? But what precisely are these planets in the context of astrology, why are they accorded such prominence, and what bearing do they have on our lives, particularly in terms of mood swings and emotions?

Astrology and planets decoded

Everything in astrology revolves around the planets, their motion, and behaviour. When you go to an astrologer for a forecast, he first creates a birth chart for you. Your birth chart serves as a roadmap for your entire life, past, present, and future. It displays the positions of the planets in various houses, both in their favourable and unfavourable states, as well as the favourable and unfavorable time periods and potential future events in your life.

In astrology, there are nine planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, and the two mysterious Rahu and Ketu. Every planet exhibits a distinct behaviour, which also has a motivation. These planets rule the 12 signs of astrology, and they share some of the same characteristics with their lords.

If we expand on the astrological research, the 12 houses represent the division of the emotions that we have all experienced. Both these 12 houses and the 12 zodiac signs are simultaneously visited by the nine planets. The movement and how each indicator interacts with it determine the prediction.

In a word, astrology uses mathematics and observations to study the motion and behaviour of planets as well as their impact on people.

The concoction of astrology, mood swings & decision making

You must have read a lot about the principles of astrology. The fact that astrology can affect your mood swings and decision-making, though, may surprise you.

Depending on how they interact with the sign and movement, planets might change from favourable to unfavourable. You must have seen that despite your best efforts, things occasionally spiral out of hand.

It is as a result of the malefic status of the planets. Unexpected mood changes, occasionally making poor decisions, failures, and brain activity that isn’t in the right direction. These are some of the outcomes of planets in your birth chart that are not in a favourable position.

Similar to this, when the planet is in a favourable state, it bestows positive traits such as happiness, success, and the ability to make wise decisions.

People who are close to you could occasionally be unable to handle this adjustment or unexpected changes in mood that are brought on by the planetary imbalance in life.

For instance, if a planet is in a malefic position in your house of love, you may have relationship issues like breakups, distance, misunderstandings, and in the worst situations, divorce.

These planets are also in charge of upsetting your decision-making processes. You can end up choosing poorly if, by chance, a planet is in the malefic state in the house of property and you are considering purchasing a property. It may be because the planets are pushing you during an unfavourable time period to make the wrong option or even to fail.

As a layperson, you can find it challenging to comprehend how this works, which planets are likely to negatively impact you in which ways, or how to appease them in order to lessen their negative effects. Such knowledgeable astrologers come to your aid at this precise moment.

Can astrologers & astrology improve a bad state of life?

The person you ask for aid from must first earn your trust. An indifferent approach is fruitless. Therefore, you must trust an astrologer and tell them anything that is troubling not assume they won’t take your issue seriously because they are already familiar with folks who are going through a lot.

Please share your information. An astrologer will first go through the function of the planets in your birth chart, along with their placement and impact, when you speak with them. Make sure the astrologer you select is trustworthy and genuine. You can find one at monkvyasa because they have been in operation for twenty years and have assisted hundreds of people all across the world.

Apart from this, you can make necessary changes in your life by following the advice of our trusted astrologer. You will be able to understand the power of astrology and how it really improves life after the interaction.

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