Guru Asta 2023 And Its Negative Effect On 6 Zodiac Signs

On March 28th, the planet Jupiter will be positioned in its own zodiac sign, Pisces. Following this, on April 22nd, Jupiter will enter Aries and will rise on April 27th. In astrology, Jupiter, also known as Dev Guru, is considered to be the key influencer of various aspects of life such as education, marriage, children, wealth, and fortune. However, when Jupiter comes within 11 degrees or closer to the Sun, it automatically sets and starts losing its powers. This setting of Dev Guru Jupiter is believed to have negative effects on the lives of all living beings. Due to these reasons, the setting of Jupiter is not considered auspicious. Consequently, for the next month, many zodiac signs will experience negative effects. Let's find out which zodiac signs will be impacted on this Guru Asta 2023.

These 6 zodiac signs will be affected


Aries people will get mixed results due to Guru Asta 2023. Luck may not be on their side and they may struggle to get support from their parents and teachers. Even after working hard, they do not get the desired results. The mind may remain distracted and there may be less inclination towards spiritual activities. It is advised to cancel any plans for long distance travel, or going abroad during this period.


For the Taurus zodiac sign, Jupiter is the lord of the 8th and 11th house, and it is going to set in the 11th house itself. As a result, Taurus natives may experience both positive and negative outcomes. They may observe an improvement in their health, but they may also have to face financial difficulties. It is recommended to reduce expenditures during this period. Additionally, they may not receive assistance from their friends and siblings.

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Virgo zodiac people may have problems related to life partner and mother's health in Guru Asta 2023 . This can create a situation of discord in the house, which can make married life difficult. It is advised to avoid any kind of argument or debate at home and outside. Expenses can also increase during this period. It is recommended to communicate clearly and openly with others.


Jupiter is the lord of the seventh and tenth house for individuals belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign, and it is going to be set in the tenth house itself. As Jupiter sets in the 10th house, Geminis may encounter obstacles in their progress, requiring them to put in more effort in their work area. Additionally, they may face troubles from their enemies during this period. 


Due to the setting of Jupiter, the people of Capricorn may have problems with their life partner. There can also be a decline in their relations with younger siblings. During this period it is advised to avoid debate regarding financial matters. Additionally, they may feel a lack of confidence and may suffer from mental stress. During this time it is advised to stay away from legal issues.


The people of the Scorpio zodiac may have problems regarding their children. There may be a sudden change in their behavior or their health may deteriorate. They may be unable to express their feelings to you. Your language may turn harsh within the family, which may strain relations with family members. Students preparing for competitive exams may also face failure.


In conclusion, the setting of Jupiter may bring negative effects on the lives of many zodiac signs for a month. During this time, people may face challenges related to health, finances, relationships, and career. It is advisable to consult our expert astrologer who can guide you through this period and suggest remedies to minimize the negative effects. By following their advice, you can navigate through this challenging time with greater ease and ensure a brighter future ahead.

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