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What is esoteric astrology?

Esoteric Astrology is astrology that specializes in the soul. Esoteric astrology is concerned with defining our soul’s contribution to the evolution of humanity in the area of our unique outward character or what will happen to us in this lifetime. It is taught as a means of reconciling the soul and character. To acquire our most self and live with soul consciousness, esoteric astrologers say we want to move past our fabric nature, using our character as a device of soul expression in the area of the alternative way around. If this sounds a bit woo-woo, it genuinely is because it is. Theosophy, or the “New Age” movement of the past, late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, gave birth to esoteric astrology.

History of esoteric astrology

The Theosophical Society was founded in 1875 as a home for upper-elegance intellectuals who had superior mediumship capabilities and were eager to find out about esotericism. Consider séances and Hilma Af Klint’s artwork. Along with Alice Bailey, the founder of esoteric astrology, Rudolf Steiner and Helena Blavatsky have been major members of the movement.

Alice Bailey’s five-quantity A Treatise on the Seven Rays, which she claimed to have channelled through her disembodied religious teacher, DK, codified esoteric astrology (read: a ghost). “Certain subjects I may additionally say will in all likelihood be seemed as revolutionary, or as erroneous, as unbelievable or unprovable with the useful resource of the usage of the educational and uninspired astrologer,” she writes withinside the introduction.

She is aware that her teachings are contentious and her delivery is untrustworthy—expect Instagram-well-known-crystal-healer vibes. Her teachings have been carried forward into the modern era with the useful resource of the artwork of Alan Leo (the particular sun sign horoscope writer) and modern intellectual astrologer Dane Rudhyar.

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How is esoteric astrology different from the astrology I know?

The biggest significant distinction between esoteric astrology and modern intellectual astrology of sun sign horoscopes (and all of the one memes) is the usage of planetary rulers. The rulers of the signs and signs shake down like this in modern astrology:

Aries – Mars | Taurus – Venus | Gemini – Mercury | Cancer – Moon | Leo – Sun | Virgo – Mercury | Libra – Venus | Scorpio – Mars, Pluto | Sagittarius – Jupiter | Capricorn – Saturn | Aquarius – Saturn, Uranus | Pisces – Jupiter, Neptune

However, because of reality, esoteric astrology is all about transcending our nature and discovering our higher purpose within the collective (aka, manifesting our great existence similar to the great effects on the rest of the world). The planetary rulers reflect each sign’s higher octave or more calling. In esoteric astrology, each sign has an exoteric planetary ruler who knows the sign’s herbal outer expression, similarly to an esoteric planetary ruler who is The sign’s religious side. The exoteric rulers are much like in modern intellectual astrology, but the esoteric planetary rulers are very inside the subsequent ways:

Aries – Mercury | Taurus – Vulcan* | Gemini – Venus | Cancer – Neptune | Leo – Sun** | Virgo – Moon | Libra – Uranus | Scorpio – Mars** | Sagittarius – Earth | Capricorn – Saturn** | Aquarius – Jupiter | Pisces – Pluto

What can I research from an esoteric analysis of my chart?

We now understand that esoteric astrology differs drastically from modern intellectual astrology. It’s a complex device with murky origins, and now no longer like traditional sorts of astrology, working towards it necessitates studying the jargon language of “esoteric” and “exoteric” rulers, the seven rays, and soul consciousness. This sort of astrology, which specialises in the collective in the area of the individual, does not count on lifestyle activities or provide heat takes on the character. An esoteric chart analysis specialises in transformation and the way to better understand our soul. That’s a lifelong process.

Esoteric astrology is concerned with who we are coming to be in the area of who we are. For more Esoteric Astrology consult our certified Astrologers.

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