East Facing House Vastu Plan: Direction And Tips For A Peaceful Life

East Facing House Vastu Plan

Vastu Shastra is important when buying houses in India. Many homeowners spend extra money to make their home interiors follow Vastu guidelines. If you want to buy or build a house facing the East direction, it's important to analyse the principles of Vastu beforehand. Vastu is a traditional system that suggests certain guidelines for home construction and layout, but not all of them work for everyone. 

In our previous blogs, we already discussed the north facing house vastu and south facing house vastu. Now, let us focus specifically on the Vastu tips for East facing houses. Here are some tips for your east facing Vastu house plan to bring good luck to your home.

How to identify the east facing house?

The answer is easy. If you face east when you leave your house, then you have an east-facing house design according to Vastu. Having an east-facing home is not only preferred according to Vastu, but it is also supported by science. When the sun rises in the east, the morning sunlight enters the home and fills the interior spaces with light, fresh air, and positive vibes. Many people believe that being in a positive environment helps you succeed.

Is an east facing house good for Vastu?

There are many benefits to having an east-facing house according to vastu beliefs. If your home faces east, you are more likely to have a lot of wealth and prosperity. East-facing homes are considered to be more in line with Vastu principles because they receive plenty of sunlight, which is a positive source of energy. It is also recommended to have some open space outside the house for good progress in life, according to Vastu guidelines for east-facing homes.

Who are suitable for East Facing House

According to Vastu experts in India, every house and person is different. To figure out if a certain property is right for someone, it needs to be carefully checked and evaluated. When considering suitability, several factors come into play, with two important ones being the individual's profession and astrology.

Let's first discuss the professions that are suitable for occupants living in an east-facing house according to Vastu. The east direction is associated with the Sun, which represents authority, power, and elegance. Many individuals in such houses prefer to work for themselves rather than for others, making them freelancers or self-employed. Additionally, the east direction represents the element of air, symbolizing agility, new beginnings, creativity, focus, and protection.

Vastu Tips East Facing House Vastu Plan

Main door placement in East Facing House Plan

Let's start with the basics of the main door. According to Vastu principles for east-facing houses, it's important to have the front door placed exactly in the center. If your front door is in the northeast corner, make sure there is a 6-inch gap between the wall and the main door.

Avoid placing the main door in a southeast-facing direction. However, if you can't avoid it, you can use a vastu pyramid on each side of the door and one in the middle, on top of the main door. You can also place symbols like the Swastika, Trishul, or Om in these positions to get rid of any negative energy caused by this door placement. 

Balcony/free space Placement in the east facing house vastu

In east-facing houses, it is recommended to have balconies facing the east direction. This allows us to have plenty of natural light without any obstructions, which brings positive energy. It is believed that having open spaces in the east direction of a house brings good luck and promotes good health for the people living there. According to Vastu Shastra, if the east corner of your home is blocked, it can lead to health problems for the family members.

Placement of Kitchen in East Facing House Vastu Plan

According to kitchen vastu for east-facing houses, it is recommended to have the kitchen in the southeast direction of the house. When cooking, it is advised to face the east direction in the kitchen.

Another favorable option, which aligns with Vastu principles, is a northwest-facing kitchen. In this case, you should face the West while cooking. The cooking stoves, toasters, and oven should be placed in the southeast-facing area of the kitchen.

East Facing House Vastu Plan with a Pooja Room

In an east-facing house vastu plan with a pooja room, it is important to follow certain vastu guidelines. The ceiling in the pooja room should be lower compared to the other rooms. The pooja room itself should face the northeast direction, and there should not be a bathroom adjacent to it.

According to the east-facing house plans with a pooja room, the northeast direction is considered very auspicious. Since the pooja room is a sacred space, it is recommended not to make any alterations or adjustments that go against the principles of Vastu in this room.

Placement of Bedroom in East Facing House Vastu Plan

In a house that faces east, it's recommended to have the bedroom facing southwest. The master bedroom should be bigger than the other rooms. Position the bed against the south or west walls. Make sure that when you sleep on the bed, your legs face north or east and your head faces south or west.

Don't hang a mirror or any shiny object right in front of your bed. The bathroom connected to the main bedroom should have a direct view of the bed, and keep the door closed at all times.

Living Room Placement in East Facing House Vastu Plan

When designing your home, it's important to consider where you place the living room. Avoid placing it in a way that you have to walk through the bedroom or kitchen to get to the living area. The location of the living room should follow the principles of Vastu Shastra. In a house that faces east, the living room should ideally be positioned on the northeast side, as it is considered fortunate according to Vastu.

Also, remember that the walls on the north and east sides of the house are slightly thinner and shorter compared to the walls on the west and south sides. This is believed to attract success and prosperity in both personal and professional life.

Best Colours for East Facing House Vastu Plan?

In addition to considering directions and room placements, there are some Vastu tips related to home decor and interiors. If you have an east-facing house, it's beneficial to have plenty of sunlight in the morning.

Moreover, it is suggested to use colours in your home that are in shades of green or blue. These colours are recommended in an east-facing house vastu plan because they make good use of both natural and artificial light in the house. Additionally, these colours create a calm and cool atmosphere, enhancing the overall look and feel of the house.

Study room Vastu in east-facing house

As per Vastu, in an east facing flat, it is advisable to place the study room towards the east or west direction of the house, with north being the second best option. However, make sure that the door is not directly behind the study chair. It is also necessary to have an open area in front of the study table. If you have to place the table against a wall, you can leave a small gap between the table and the adjacent wall for energy to circulate.

Staircase Directions For East-facing House Vastu Plan

According to Vastu, for an east-facing house, the staircase should be positioned either in the west or the south.

Garden Placement in East Facing House Vastu Plan

While considering Vastu for your home it is advised not to plant trees in the east and north direction of the plot. However, you can plant colourful flowers in the garden as they are believed to bring positivity.

Directions For Dining Room

In an east-facing house, the kitchen and dining room should be positioned along the southeast side. It's important to ensure that the entrance door and the dining room door do not face each other.

During meal times, it is recommended that people face the north, west, or east direction while dining.However, the head of the family should always sit looking towards the east side.

Bathroom/toilet Vastu for the east-facing house

In an east facing house Vastu plan, the bathroom should be located in either the southeast or northwest corner. It's important to make sure that the bathroom is not positioned next to the pooja room. Additionally, there should be no toilets in the northeast direction of the house.

Car Parking Direction in East-Facing Home

In an east-facing home, it is recommended to park your car in the southwest direction. It is advised to avoid parking it in the north or east directions, as they are not considered suitable for keeping stationary objects.

Instead, choose either the west or south-facing directions for your garage.

Vastu Doshas to Avoid in East-Facing House

Although having an east-facing house is generally considered auspicious, there are instances where it might not bring favorable outcomes. To address Vastu doshas, you can follow the following remedies:

  • If your house is a bungalow or an individual space, keep a wide open space.
  • To promote mental peace, place your worship temple in the north-east direction
  • Place bowls of rock salt in the corners of your home, as salt is believed to have healing properties.
  • If there is a student in your family, you can place a crystal globe in the north-east direction.

Do’s and Don’ts for east facing house vastu 

Do’s of east facing house vastu

  • Make the north and east walls a little shorter and thinner than the south and west walls.
  • Arrange the kitchen to face either the southeast or northwest direction.
  • The northeast direction is considered very lucky for the prayer room and living room.
  • You can place the guest room in the northwest direction.
  • It is considered good if the plot slopes from south to north.
  • The best location for the master bedroom is in the southwest direction.
  • Keep more open space on the eastern and northern sides of the house.
  • If the door faces east, a wooden nameplate is suitable.
  • Make the boundary wall taller on the southern and western sides of the plot.
  • When designing an east-facing house, make sure the roof slopes towards the east. The roof or sheets should curve towards the east, as it is considered lucky.
  • Cleanse the home with mountain salt twice a week to enhance positive energy.

Don’ts of east facing house vastu

  • Do not plant tall trees in the east, as they can block the valuable and positive morning sunlight.
  • Do not place a fountain or any decorative item outside the main entrance.
  • Avoid plots that slope from north to south.
  • Avoid placing the shoe rack in the southeast or east direction.
  • Avoid buying property that is attached to land in the south or west direction.
  • Avoid having bedrooms, toilets, and septic tanks in the northeast corner.
  • Avoid designing the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and children's room in the northeast direction.
  • Avoid having a kitchen in the northeast corner.
  • Avoid having large trees on the northern and eastern sides of the house.
  • Keep the north and northeast corners free from clutter, dirt, and dustbins.
  • Avoid designing the garage and stairs in the northeast direction.
  • Make sure there are no sharp edges or cuts in the northeast corner.
  • Do not completely block the east side, as it can allow negative energies to accumulate inside the house.
  • Ensure that objects such as electric poles and trees do not block the main entrance of the house.


In conclusion, an east-facing house Vastu plan considers the principles of Vastu Shastra to make positive energy flow better and create a peaceful living environment. Facing the east means the house looks toward the direction where the Sun rises, and it is associated with qualities like authority, power, creativity, and new beginnings. However, it's important to remember that each person and property is unique. It's a good idea to talk to our astrologer or Vastu expert to understand if an east-facing house is suitable for a particular person. Astrologers can give personalized advice based on a person's astrology and other factors, which helps in creating a well-rounded Vastu plan.

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