Crystals For Your Zodiac Signs

Crystals For Zodiac Signs

Want to improve your manifesting abilities? Of course, get some crystals that correspond to your sun sign! Our planet’s skeleton is made out of crystals. Different qualities make up each crystal. Using such attributes and tuning in to that energy provides us with healing power that aids us in achieving our objectives.

According to Luna, each sun sign has a natural affinity for specific crystals, stones, and minerals. Aligning with your “biological counterpart” can be extremely beneficial. even magical!


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is noted for its fiery disposition and vivid personality. Carnelian will not only assist the ram in achieving vigor, but it will also ground and soothe their Aries prowess, which frequently gets them into trouble.


The bull, who is ruled by Venus, appreciates the finer things in life, especially love. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, bringing romance to Taurus and protecting it from potential heartbreak.


Citrine enhances intelligence, which is something the airy twins desire in life. Geminis will be able to improve their memory and energy with the help of this gem.


The crab can have super-intense emotions on bad days, which can bring out their fears. Moonstone is said to ease cancer’s inner strain and is said to be eased by calming them down and even stabilizing their sometimes chaotic and dramatic emotions.

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Because it stimulates creativity and happiness, the tiger’s eye is recognised as the classic Leo stone. It helps the lion gain confidence, positivity, and balance, which opens doors.


Virgo and red jasper are both known for their ability to offer reality and clarity to any situation. Red Jasper gives hyper-organized and analytical Virgo more focus, allowing the Mercurial sign to handle problems quickly and without a hitch.


This blue stone is associated with Libra because it helps to balance the forces within. Libra is encouraged to keep its balance by wearing lapis lazuli (which is, um, easy to do in life).


Obsidian assists in cleansing Scorpio’s aura by increasing the water sign’s perceptive side, shielding it from negative energy. These two complement each other. Obsidian bestows the gift of prophecy, while Scorpio bestows enormous power on the crystal.


Turquoise is great for boosting luck, something the energetic archer is known for. Sag and turquoise are the ultimate manifesting duo!


Jade, like the earth sign Capricorn, is all about commerce. It aids in the manifestation of riches and success, which Capricorn craves deeply. The sea-true goat’s goals will be fulfilled thanks to Jade: success, abundance, fame, and prosperity.


Aquamarine has the ability to repair the physical body, which you, believe me, require. (You’re a delicate bb.) It’s also an excellent crystal for Aquarius, the rebellious sign because it encourages and delivers radical change to the water carrier.


Amethyst, like the aquatic astrological sign, represents spiritual understanding. Not only that, but it also enhances intuition and defends the aura from harmful energies, making it ideal for Pisces. Consult our certified Astrologers for Zodiac Sign.

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