Body Parts Ruled By Each Zodiac Sign


Head and Eyes

Aries people are known for their quick thinking, strong personality and tendency to act first and think later. This is why Aries often deal with stress physically – through physical exercise to keep the energy boost going. Even a good scream will help them reduce their stress! After all, headaches are often a clear sign that Aries is experiencing stress.


Neck And Shoulders 

Taurus people are known for their dignified body language, but when they are feeling stressed, their graceful demeanor is replaced by hunched shoulders and a sore neck. This happens because in astrology Taurus rules the neck and shoulders. When a Taurus is at his best, his shoulders are strong and his neck is held high. And when they are under stress, their resolve tends to waver, which affects their stature.

If you're a Taurus, it's so important to pamper yourself with a massage, a full meal, or anything that brings a little comfort when times are tough. After a little dose of self-care, Taurus may feel like standing up straight again.


Throat, Lungs, Breath, Hands And Nervous System

Many Geminis love nothing more than an engaging conversation with a member of the intelligent class. After all, this is one of the cleverest and most socially intelligent zodiac signs. It is no surprise that the Gemini representatives have control over their throat, lungs, and vocal cords.

When a Gemini is feeling her best, her voice is strong and alive, filling the room with lots of hilarious stories. Gemini also rules the hands, so Geminis are known for their many gestures. If a Gemini's thoughts go into a negative thought spiral, their anxiety can quickly take hold (so they rule the nervous system as well).


Chest, Breasts And Stomach

Cancer is related to human nurturing and attachment, seeing as this sign is ruled by the chest, breasts, and belly. After all, it's the breasts that nourish infants. Stomach is also the organ that is tasked with digesting the foods that we eat. Cancer strives to excel in his role in his community, but he must also take care of himself in order to feel good. He tries to advance the interests of other fellows without setting aside his own interests. If he examines others before focusing on himself, malice may arise in him.


Heart, Upper Back And Spine

Leo is the sign of the heart, and they know how to love. When they're feeling their best, their heart is open, their spirit is free and they are shining like the sun. In fact, when a Leo is feeling down, their heart might feel heavy, giving them the actual manifestation of heartbreak. But since Leo also rules over the upper back and spine, these areas are especially prone to pressure which is why they might slump or lie down whenever they're feeling stressed.

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Abdomen, digestive system

Virgo brings some strong meal-planning abilities to the table, as well as nutritious eating habits and a healthy relationship to food, exercise, and health issues. But when the astrological signs are not good, Virgo may have digestive problems.


kidneys, lower-back

The kidneys are impressively powerful organs, but many people don't take them lightly. Faulkner says that a Libra should pay more attention to how they really feel inside, not how they appear. If things are going well, you'll notice that most of your biology is taking care of those toxins of yours. If that is not the case, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs of pain in your lower back and kidneys, and pay attention to it.


Reproductive System, Reproductive Organs And Hips

Scorpio rules over the reproductive systems and reproductive organs. After all, this part of the body is populated with countless nerves contingent upon nurturance. Scorpio rules over the hips, which is why this fixed water sign is also known for giving and protecting.


Thighs, Legs

Sagittarius controls the thighs and legs, so activating your whole body through exercise is important, and so are spending times outdoors. It's about making sure you keep moving to avoid physical sluggishness and mental torpor.


Bones and Joints

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, governs the skeletal system, bones, and joints. Skeletons are the main component of bone, joints, and maturity, meaning candidates ought to consistently maintain appropriate flexibility and dense bones. 


Shins, Calves, Ankles And Circulatory System

Aquarians are known for their independent spirit and love of freedom. This makes sense because Aquarius rules the ankles. Aquarius also rules the circulatory system, which means they are very sensitive to low energy in these areas. So if you see an Aquarius working hard, it should come as no surprise that they might be out of breath!


Hands And Feet

Foot is responsible for a different part of the human body. According to Western astrology, Pisces is the last sign, which is the sign that signals the completion of a cycle. Therefore, it holds sway over the feet and the entire lymphatic system, which is responsible for the health of the rest of the body. When a Pisces feels stressed, they're prone to having swollen feet or even lymphatic blocks, which adversely impacts their vitamin K and W2 function, preventing them from eliminating the toxins in their body. When they feel heavy, a face massage can accelerate their lymphatic flow.


Finally, it is interesting to note that many parts of the body are ruled by different zodiac signs so it makes sense that their bodies would have strong communication skills. This information may be useful for those who want to know more about their zodiac sign and how it affects their health. Apart from this, you can consult to our best Astrologer for better understanding.

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