Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire Stone and How To Wear

blue sapphire stone benefits

Blue Sapphire stone, also known as 'Neelam' in Hindi, is a highly valued and expensive gemstone. It is associated with the planet Saturn and is believed to have the ability to positively impact the life of the person who wears it.

When Saturn is not very influential in someone's astrological chart, they may experience slow progress in their endeavours. Achieving success becomes more challenging, requiring a lot of hard work. A weak Saturn can also lead to feelings of demotivation and laziness, and it might cause conflicts in both personal and professional life.

Wearing a blue sapphire is believed to enhance the influence of Saturn, making it stronger. Because blue sapphire is considered a potent gemstone, its effects can become noticeable within a short period.

Here are some Blue sapphire stone benefits 

Brings Money and Good Fortune

One of the biggest benefits of blue sapphire stone is that many people like blue sapphire because it can bring them more wealth. This gemstone is believed to bring good luck in every situation, which can lead to wealth. But remember, you still need to work hard for financial success. When you wear Neelam, it might make your efforts more effective, and luck could be on your side.

Acts As A Protective Shield

People sometimes feel envious when others succeed or have good luck. Belief in things like black magic or the evil eye can make situations worse. To help you stay focused and keep receiving good things in life, a Neelam (blue sapphire) stone ring acts like a protective shield, harnessing the blue sapphire stone benefits. It creates a kind of energy that shields the person wearing it. As a result, negativity stays away, and you can continue to do well.

Discover your hidden talent

When individuals can't find their special abilities or can't improve their skills, they struggle to achieve success and recognition. Blue sapphire stone, also known as Neelam stone, has the power to reveal hidden potential in people. You will notice positive changes in your life due to the benefits of blue sapphire stone. It removes obstacles, helping you reach greater heights quickly.

Advantages of Work-Life

If you're facing problems at work or struggling to find a good job even though you have the right qualifications, wearing a blue sapphire stone can help. However, just having the gemstone won't make a difference unless you also put in effort. When you wear the gemstone on your finger, it can increase your chances of getting a better job or an opportunity to improve your life. It can help you progress more quickly and effectively

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Quick & Fast-Acting Stone

Many people work hard to succeed but don't like waiting for a long time. If you're in a hurry and want to see quick changes, the sapphire gemstone can help. It works fast and brings results sooner than you'd expect. Wearing this gemstone can boost your energy levels significantly. Neelam, which is the most powerful gem among nine others, can work quickly because of its strength.

No More Worry and Stress

Achieving success and financial stability can bring a set of challenges. But with the help of Neelam stone, you can overcome these difficulties and those mental problems that can make you depressed. This will help you remain positive and confident.

Wearing Blue Sapphire can also provide benefits like gaining a good reputation, having multiple sources of income and making better decisions in life.

Relationship Benefits

According to Vedic Astrology, Blue sapphire gemstone,  influences relationships positively by strengthening marital bonds, enhancing love and romance, ensuring stability, resolving conflicts, and protecting against negative influences.

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How to Wear a Blue Sapphire Stone?

The Blue Sapphire gemstone can bring many benefits, but it must be worn correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose a high-quality Blue Sapphire that's been properly cut and polished.
  • It's best to wear it as a ring, bracelet, or pendant.
  • If it's a ring, wear it on your middle finger. Men should wear it on their right hand, while women can choose either hand.
  • The best metals to set the stone in are gold, silver, or a mix of five metals (Panchdhatu).
  • Since Saturn is associated with Blue Sapphire, astrologers suggest wearing it on a Saturday, which is considered Saturn's Day.
  • Morning is the ideal time to put on Blue Sapphire.
  • Also, talk to good astrologers and for this, it is a good idea to talk to an astrologer in Monkvyasa.

To activate its powers, follow these steps:

  • First, cleanse the gem by dipping it three times in raw cow's milk or Ganges water. Then wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Chant the mantra provided below 108 times.
  • Put on the gem while chanting the mantra for the last time.

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Who Should Wear a Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The natural Neelam stone is associated with the astrological planet Saturn. If the position of Saturn, also known as Shani, in your birth chart is causing you trouble, then wearing this gemstone can help. The stone's power can mitigate the negative effects of Saturn.

People born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius are considered suitable candidates to wear the blue sapphire gemstone according to astrologers. People from other zodiac signs can also wear this gemstone, but it is strongly recommended to consult with an expert astrologer before doing so. 

While Blue Sapphire offers many advantages, wearing it without proper guidance may not yield the desired results. It is suitable for only a select few, but once recommended by an expert, it can bring about numerous positive changes in one's life.

Tips to Follow Before Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

It's important to wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone correctly to get all its benefits. Every little detail matters, from choosing the right gemstone to wearing it on the right day. Here are some tips for wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone to bring the positive effects of Saturn into your life:

Get a Good Quality Gemstone: Before wearing this gem, make sure you get a high-quality, natural Blue Sapphire from a trustworthy seller. The benefits you get from the gemstone depend a lot on its quality.

Consult an Astrologer: If you're not sure how to wear the Blue Sapphire properly, talk to an astrologer before you buy one. They can give you guidance.

Clean the Gemstone: To remove any imperfections, clean the gemstone in boiled milk or clean water before wearing it. The ideal weight for a Blue Sapphire ring is around 4 to 5 carats.

Consider the Price: The price of Blue Sapphire varies depending on several factors like its weight, quality, treatments, and where you buy it. In India, the price can differ based on the seller. The stone's cost also depends on its color and carat weight.


In Conclusion, a Blue Sapphire stone isn't just a pretty piece of jewellery. It symbolizes wisdom and blessings from a higher power. When you wear it at the right moment, with help from an expert in astrology, it can really change your life. Keep in mind that astrology is a complicated field, and the effects of gems like Blue Sapphire can be different for each person. So, it's important to get advice from a professional astrologer and pick the right time carefully.

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