Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Silver Ring

Benefits Of Wearing Silver Ring

India is one of the biggest country users of jewelry globally. Indian women wearing ornaments is very important. Among various types of jewelry, a common thing worn by Indian women is a silver ring. A silver ring not only makes a person look nice but also has health benefits. In this blog by Monkvyasa, we will share the astrological benefits of wearing silver ring and facts about silver, a shiny white metal.

Silver is linked with the Moon and Venus in astrology. People believe that silver brings prosperity and it's said to come from Lord Shiva’s eyes. This is why people wear it in different forms like rings and chains, to have a good life. Without waiting, let’s learn some astrological benefits of wearing Silver Rings.

Importance of Silver in Astrology

Silver is a lovely metal and costs less than gold.In astrology, silver is related to Venus and Moon. The moon affects feelings and thoughts. That's why wearing silver jewelry gives a feeling of peace. If the Moon is weak in one's horoscope, then wearing a silver ring can give positive effects on the Moon. Additionally, silver helps in cooling the body and dealing with problems of stomach heat.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Silver?

  • Silver doesn't just serve as a ring, it has many uses. People believe that by keeping silver coins tied in a red cloth in an earthen pot in the west of the house, Lakshmi is attained.
  • It's also said that carrying a small piece of silver in your pocket or safe can attract blessings from Mother Lakshmi.
  • Silver can change color due to toxins, when sodium levels in the body increase, silver jewelry can change color.
  • Medical devices often use silver due to its health benefits. Silver has a cooling effect on the body, which can be helpful for soothing the stomach.
  • For business success, it's recommended to have a little solid silver elephant made and kept in your shop.
  • Shukracharya, a revered figure, values silver greatly. By wearing it, one might receive blessings from Venus and experience joy and prosperity.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Silver Ring

Provides Inner Calm and Stability

Wearing a silver ring brings a sense of calmness and soothing to the mind and body, which is great for reducing stress and gaining mental clarity. 

The color silver is linked with feelings of peace, balance, and clarity. Wearing a silver ring might foster tranquility, leading to a harmonious married life and a more productive work setting, ultimately improving your overall life quality. 

Moreover, Silver is believed to promote intelligence, calmness, and focus, qualities that can greatly help students improve their academic performance.

Manage Aggression

Another benefit of wearing silver ring is to control aggression. For persons prone to anger, astrologers suggest wearing a silver ring. This ring's reputation for instilling calmness can help reduce aggression. The advantages of becoming more amiable and less irritable are as follows:

Such individuals experience a more tranquil married life. They excel in their professional endeavors and foster positive relationships with coworkers. This can lead to increased prospects of receiving promotions.

Boost Intuition and Spiritual Progress

Silver is linked to the moon in various spiritual traditions, symbolizing emotions, intuition, and inner wisdom. It's thought to amplify psychic skills, spiritual development, and awareness. Adorning silver can facilitate a stronger link with your inner self, leading to increased self-awareness.

Protect You from Negative Energies

Wearing silver rings or jewelry can help in keeping away harmful energies and enhancing feelings of safety and security. Sporting a silver ring or jewelry can act as a shield against negative energies, fostering feelings of safety and security.

Benefits of Wearing a Silver Ring for Health Benefits

Silver helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. The silver ring has great potential to strengthen the influence of the Moon and provide relief from cough, cold, rheumatism, and other joint problems.

Increase Gemstone Energy

An added advantage of a silver ring is its capacity to magnify the influence of other gemstones. For instance, Ruby corresponds with the Sun planet and is thought to boost confidence, self-worth, and leadership qualities. When placed in a silver ring, it can stimulate passion and creativity. Moreover, it's believed to assist in matters related to the heart.

Astrological Benefits of wearing A Silver Ring For Student

While many are familiar with the benefits of wearing Rudraksha for students, very few are aware of the benefits of wearing silver rings. here are some of the ways in which silver can be beneficial for students.

Enhanced Intelligence: Wearing silver contributes to increased intelligence, aiding students in achieving better academic performance.

Improved Communication: According to astrology, silver is linked to reduced stuttering and nervousness. Consequently, it enhances students' communication skills, boosting confidence and lessening stage fright.

How And When to Wear A Silver Ring

Activating the healing potential of silver demands the correct procedure. Silver is often recommended for rings or bracelets due to its popularity. Following these guidelines will help you make the most of wearing a silver ring:

  • The first step is to buy a silver ring from a jeweler. Choose a trusted jeweler to ensure the purity of the silver.
  • Fill water in a bowl on Thursday night and put the ring in it after immersing it in Ganges water.
  • The next day After bathing the ring should be presented to Lord Vishnu with true devotion and following proper procedures. 
  • set a fresh red cloth as a makeshift shrine in front of a Lord Vishnu image. Place the ring on the cloth and pray to Lord Vishnu seeking his blessings for the ring.
  • After worshiping, a little sandalwood paste should be applied on the ring.
  • Ignite incense sticks and a diya while performing the Vishnu aarti. Put on the ring right after the procedure.

By following these steps, you can be sure that you will get the most out of wearing a silver ring.

Which finger to wear silver ring Astrology

Wearing a silver ring on the index finger based on astrology is a mystical practice followed by people worldwide.

However, the choice of finger isn't solely about tradition. It's influenced by personal preference and cultural practices. While wearing a silver ring on the index finger is considered auspicious other fingers hold significance too.

The middle finger symbolizes balance and stability.

The ring finger is associated with creativity and self-expression.

The little finger represents communication and networking

However, Vedic Astrology doesn't have a specific rule for choosing a particular finger for wearing a Silver Ring. Only after an astrologer examines a person's birth horoscope and looks at the positions of the Moon and Venus, can they determine the appropriate finger for the Silver Ring.


People who are into astrology believe that silver rings can strengthen certain planetary influences, help balance emotions and protect from bad things. If you want to improve intuition, have stable emotions, or follow age-old traditions, you can choose to wear a silver ring based on astrology. this is up to you. If you are thinking of trying silver rings or other astrology ideas, it is prudent to talk to our expert astrologers. They can give you good advice and help you choose whether these things are right for you or not.

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