9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology

9 Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology

The planets in astrology have always been a popular topic. From determining your personality to understanding your relationships, the planets are integral to understanding yourself and the world around you. In this article, we will discuss the 9 planets and their characteristics in astrology.

Each planet has its own unique qualities that can be used for personal growth and well-being. Let’s take a look at what each planet means and how it can impact your life.

Sun: King of the 9 planets in astrology

Also known as the “Father of Stars.” The Earth is 93 million kilometers away from the Sun. In astrology, he is the largest of the nine planets. Its diameter is almost 110 times that of Earth, and its circumference is nearly 27,19,000 miles. The sun never goes backwards. Kalpurusha’s soul is the Sun, Moon is his mind, Mercury is his speech, Mars is his strength, Jupiter is his knowledge and happiness, Venus is his desire or lust, and Saturn is his misfortune. Any planet within an orb of 8 12 degrees of his conjunction absorbs the strength and influence of the Sun.

The administrative head of government is represented by the sun. The Sun provides us with resistance and vitality. He has control over one’s breath and makes them determined and decisive. You must have encountered people in your life who exude incredible self-assurance, are bursting with energy, are always upbeat, and are quite ambitious; this is mostly due to their powerful Sun.

In astrology, the Sun, or Surya in Sanskrit, is a male planet and the king of the nine planets. It is the sole reason for the world’s existence. It provides us with life and brightness. We rise early in the morning and do ‘Surya Namaskar’ to receive Lord Sun’s gifts of energy and vitality.

If the Sun is unfavorable in Kundli, the native may be overbearing, lordly, domineering, haughty, and lavish. Impulsivity can also lead to heart problems and a loss of status or self-esteem.

  • It is a luminary star because of its huge light emission, located roughly 93 million miles from Earth and surrounded by a massive heat that illuminates the other planets and stars. Sun is depicted in Hindu tradition as a Lord riding a seven-horse chariot.

  • Your astrological chart’s essence is also the Sun. It is the most important symbol of a parent who gives you a new life. In a woman’s chart, the Sun is the secondary significator for her husband or male companion.

  • Leo and the 5th house are ruled by the Sun. It stays in each sign for about 30 days. The Sun is friends with the Moon, Jupiter, and Mars, but enemies with Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu. The Sun’s Vimshottari Dasha lasts 6 years, with Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashadha as its constellations (nakshatras). In Aries, the Sun is exalted, whereas in Libra, it is weakened. Ruby is its gemstone.

  • Good health, good beauty, good or higher education, good employment chances, high position in the job, leadership and dominating ability, good social status, and materialistic comforts are all indicators of a powerful Sun in the chart. It could lead to a profession in politics, law enforcement, or as a speaker, administrator, contractor, physician, or pharmacist.

  • Your boldness, initiative, ego, intelligence, willpower, spirituality, and path to fortune are all represented by the Sun. Because it is a hot planet, you become irritable. Because the sun is the Giver, you will be kind-hearted, good-natured, responsible, royal, and hopeful.

  • Sun denotes health, head, body, bone structure, blood, brain, bile, digestion, voice-organ, heart, right eye for males and left eye for females, and right eye for males and left eye for females in the body. Strong sunlight keeps you fit and energetic.

  • Weak Sun causes vision issues, digestion problems, heart problems, dental problems, bone fractures, fever, high blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer, and a weakened immune system, among other things.

When the Sun is aspected/conjunct by more than one inauspicious planet, it causes ‘Pitra Dosha’ in the kundali.

Moon: Queen among 9 planets in astrology:

The Moon, also known as Chandra in Sanskrit, is the planet closest to Earth. It exerts a strong influence on human emotions, feelings, and mood. Cancer and the 4th House are ruled by the Moon. It spends two and a half days in each zodiac sign and takes about 30 days to complete its astrological cycle.

In astrology, the Moon is the sole planet that rotates around the Earth among the nine planets. The Earth and the Moon are approximately 2,38,000 miles apart. The Earth’s inhabitants are ruled by the Moon. Because the moon is feminine in nature, it makes us feel vulnerable. The Moon is in charge of conception, childbirth, and the newborn stage of life.

An afflicted Moon at the moment of birth causes illnesses and prevents appropriate development. Its closeness to the Earth and quick movement make it a significant signifier. Liquids, fresh water, milk, food, fish, drinks, sailing, brewing, nursing, and females are all ruled by this planet.

Because it is so close to the earth, the Moon has a huge impact on the brain. Moon-ruled people are usually sensitive, emotional, and domesticated, with a strong attachment to their homes. If the Moon is not in a favorable position in the chart, the natives may be too easygoing, and overindulge in food, alcohol, or pleasure. Moon-ruled people work well as nurses, cooks, confectioners, grocers, gardeners, in liquids, stewards, and clerks, among other professions.

  • It is a friend with Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and an enemy with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The Vimshottari dasha of Moon is 10 years and the constellations are Rohini, Hasta, and Shravan. Moon is exalted in Taurus at 3 degrees, and debilitated in Scorpio at 3 degrees. Mool trikona rashi of the Moon is Taurus between 4 to 30 degrees. Pearl is the gemstone of the Moon.

  • If Sun is the father, Moon is the mother; the mother raises the kid, so Moon, as a feminine planet, is a strong symbol of motherhood and motherly things. Strong Moon signifies a mother’s strong love and care, as well as her ability to raise and develop the cerebral faculties of her child. The Moon is the wife’s secondary significator.

  • Strong Moon favours vocations involving care and sentiments, such as public relations, administration, housekeeping, nursing, cooking, catering, psychology, and medicine. Moon is connected to hotels, restaurants, public spaces, and hospitals. Moon also denotes water, therefore it is associated with watery regions and things associated with water, such as ships or sailors.

  • A pleasing appearance, good speaking talents, good memory, good acts, good imagination, good intellect, fertility power, and good feelings are all attributes associated with a good Moon. Females prefer people with a good Moon since it gives them a feminine nature.

  • As the Moon represents sleep, a weak Moon might cause erratic behaviour, intolerance, insensitivity, and even insomnia. You may also use Moon to check on your family, financial stability, happy married life, inheritance, income and gains, basic comfort, family, basic education, marital status, and social behaviour.

  • Face, mind, feelings, tolerance, intellect, imagination, good memory, fertility, blood, breasts, stomach, lungs, chest, left eye for males, and menstrual cycle, generative organs, and right eye for females are all represented in the body.

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Mars: Commander-in-chief of 9 planets:

You’ve probably seen brave or fiery people full of activity, passion, ambition, physical strength, or a fighting spirit who are constantly ready to take on anyone and accomplish anything without hesitation. Mars is in charge of such folks.

Mars is one of the nine planets in astrology and is smaller than Earth. He is the God of War and Hunting. Mars is known as Bhumi-Putra and is supposed to be Earth’s son. He is the conflict and destruction governor. Man’s ambition, desires, senses, and animal instincts are all controlled by Mar.

When Mars is strong, it offers you a lot of self-confidence, battle abilities, bodily strength, organizational skills, and the desire to succeed in any profession. The natives of afflicted Mars will become irritable, argumentative, and quarrelsome. Mars also serves as the governor of brothers and real estate.

Being an action planet, Mars people do well in business or in the profession if the planet is rightly placed in the chart.

Mars is a male planet that is red, arid, and fiery. Mars is enthroned in Capricorn and weakened in Cancer. The gemstone is red coral. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, as well as the first and eighth houses. Mars is smaller than Earth; it spends 45 days in each zodiac and takes around one and a half years to complete the astrological cycle. The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all friends of Mars, but Mercury and Rahu are enemies. Mrugshirsh, Chitra, and Dhanishta are the constellations of Mars’ Vimshottari Dasha, which lasts 7 years.

  • Mars is associated with mental and physical bravery, as well as everything that involves risk. People from Mars are brave and fearless, which is why they often choose careers in the military, police, firefighting, engineering, surgery, construction, mechanics, entrepreneurship, and sports. Athletes, martial artists, and anyone who participates in risky activities are all descendants of Mars.

  • On the negative side, Mars might turn you into a mobster, criminal, shooter, or executioner, among other things. Mars is afflicted with quarrels, fights, lack of bravery, and dare. Mars is the general significator of younger brothers, which adds to the native’s power. If Mars is afflicted, younger brothers will cause difficulties.

  • These locals may be cruel, energetic, violent, angry, and rash depending on Mars’s position. Mars provides a strong physique. The residents of Mars are irritable, hostile, and inconsistent in their behaviour. Mars is home to places near the fire, such as kitchens, battlefields, and stadiums, as well as explosives, weapons, and guns.

  • Mars is the planet to study if you want to learn about the chest, bone marrow, blood, intestinal, forehead, neck, nose, or muscles. Accidents, wounds, burns, fractures, piles, liver issues, fevers, tumours, typhoid, cholera, pox, and boils, among other things, could be caused by afflicted Mars. Look for the positioning of Mars in the Kundli if you want to examine the potential of a vehicle accident.

  • Look for Mars if you want to learn about real estate and immovable properties like houses and land. Look for Mars if you want to learn about surgery or surgeries, for example. Mars will address any questions on the issues mentioned above.

Mercury: Prince among the 9 planets in astrology:

Mercury, also known as Budha in Sanskrit, is the planet of speech, communication, and intelligence. Mercury is responsible for those who have outstanding oral, written, mental, and logical capabilities, are humorous, have exceptional speaking ability, and can calculate.

Using their oral and cerebral abilities, this person brings humor to the atmosphere. Mercury is weak or affected in those who have trouble communicating or gathering their ideas.

Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, is also known as “The Messenger of the Gods.” Mercurial folks have a youthful appearance because the planet is depicted as the most youthful in astrology. Mercury thrives when it is in the company of or in the aspect of favourable planets.

He is classified as combusting inside 8 12 degrees of the Sun, losing all of his abilities. Mercury governs comprehension, interpretation, and expression.

It is in charge of travel, teaching, speaking, writing, publishing, and literature, among other things. Mercury benefits orators, authors, reporters, teachers, and accountants, as well as other vocations that require a logical, innovative, and intellectual mind. These people are meticulous and orderly.

Mercury-influenced people are more interested in esoteric sciences. A person with afflicted Mercury will become intelligent, crafty, and wicked. Such people are occasionally skilled gamblers.

  • Mercury influences authors, teachers, businessmen, media personalities, lawyers, accountants, software engineers, astrologers, and diplomats. Mercury makes you a poet, a mathematician, and a banker or a clerk. In the natal chart, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, as well as the 3rd and 6th houses. It spends 25 days in each sign and completes the zodiac cycle in about 10 months.

  • It denotes maternal uncles, sisters, and acquaintances. Mercury is friendly with the Sun, Venus, and Rahu but hostile toward the Moon and Ketu. It has a 17-year vimshottari dasha with the constellations Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati. Mercury is exalted at 15 degrees in Virgo and weakened at 15 degrees in Pisces. Mercury’s Mooltrikona Rashi is 16 to 20 degrees in Virgo. Emerald is its gemstone.

  • Mercury folks have appealing physical characteristics. Mercury represents your childhood and education, as well as venues like libraries, post offices, parks, airports, cinema halls, and media houses.

  • Weak Mercury causes psychic disorders, nervous system problems, memory loss, and other issues because it is mostly tied to mental talents. Mercury is the ruler of skin and skin disorders, as well as the tongue, lips, hands, and arms.

  • Mercury deficiency causes vertigo, hearing, asthma, and mental and communication difficulties. Mercury also represents learning, children, logic, maternal uncles, and primary and secondary schooling.

Jupiter: Giant & most powerful planet:

If the Sun and Mars are both harsh planets, and Mercury is neutral, Jupiter, or Brihaspati in Sanskrit, is one of the most powerful and positive planets. Jupiter is the God’s Preceptor and Lord of the Sky.

Jupiter is the astrological big planet. Jupiter is the Gods’ ‘Guru.’ Jupiter was regarded by the ancient Greeks as the father of Gods, Zeus. Jupiter is known as the ‘Fortuner.’ He bestows a significant amount of what looks to be good luck if he is well situated in the horoscope.

It is stated that if Jupiter is powerful and nicely positioned in a chart, he will receive last-minute assistance to help him get through the difficult period. The native will become irresponsible, excessive, expensive, debt-ridden, and contentious as a result of bad Jupiter. Jupiter is also seen as a kid significator (Santan Karaka).

  • Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces in the natal chart, as well as the 9th and 12th houses. It spends 13 months in each zodiac and 12 years to cycle through them all. Jupiter is friendly to the Sun, Moon, and Mars, but not to Venus or Mercury.

  • Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purva Bhadrapada are the constellations of this vimshottari dasha, which lasts 16 years. In Cancer, Jupiter is exalted, whereas in Capricorn, he is debilitated. Jupiter’s birthstone is Pukhraj, or Yellow Sapphire. It is yellow in colour. From its own position, it aspects the 7th, 5th, and 9th houses.

  • Jupiter is a very important planet for females because it is the prime significator of spouse and has a significant impact in marriage decisions. Jupiter rules politics and administration, and almost all effective politicians have a strong Jupiter.

  • Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, hence certain occupations necessitate a specialized stream of Jupiter-related knowledge. Jupiter influences financial advisors, bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, physicians, priests, judges, teachers, and astrologers, among others.

  • Jupiter also has jurisdiction over places associated with these professions, like banks, courts, and colleges.

  • Examine Jupiter’s position in relation to children, money, wealth, education, father, and older siblings.Jupiter is a religious and spiritual planet; spirituality, intelligence, humanism, knowledge, optimism, faith, charity, humour, idealism, and judgment are some of Jupiter’s most prominent characteristics.

  • Jupiter rules the hips, glands, ears, feet, physical growth, and throat, among other things. It causes anemia, jaundice, liver problems, cough, colds, and asthma when it is weak. You become overconfident, ostentatious, and materialistic as a result of it.

Venus: The brightest planet:

You’ve probably wondered what makes singers, actors, artists, and dancers unique in their charts. Venus is also known as Shukra in Sanskrit. Venus is a planet that you want to be in the ideal position in your Kundli. Material pleasure, love, passion, marriage, and friendship are all important.

Venus is all about beauty, music, dance, and drama. Anything associated with luxuries, such as jewels, costly automobiles, and a lovely residence, is Venus. Venus denotes luxury.

In astrology, Venus is the brightest planet. In men’s charts, Venus is a feminine planet known as the Goddess of all earthly pleasures and the principal governor of marriage. Venus-ruled men and women are noticeably friendly and social. When Venus is afflicted, it causes unpleasant domestic conditions, concern in love, and financial difficulties with friends. Venus is in charge of automobiles.

  • Venus is the brightest of the planets, ruling Taurus and Libra, as well as the second and seventh houses in the natal chart. It spends 28 days in each zodiac and completes the zodiac cycle in 225 days. It is a powerful predictor of wifehood, marriage, and happily married life.

  • Venus is a gentle and courteous planet that is friendly to Saturn, Mercury, and Rahu but hostile to the Moon, Sun, and Mars. It has a 20-year vimshottari dasha with the constellations Bharani, PurvaPhalguni, and Purvashada. In Pisces, it is exalted, while in Virgo, it is weakened. Diamond is its jewel.

  • Design, fashion design, architecture, interior design, modelling, advertising, and fashion are all Venus-related professions.

  • Venus owns amusement parks, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and art galleries, among other things.

  • Remember those attractive girls with fair skin, slim figures, lovely eyes, charming appearance, sharp and exquisite facial cuts, and bright hair – yeah, it is Venus.

  • Venus is associated with the sexual organs, sperm, private parts, kidneys, face, eyes, neck, throat, chin, cheeks, and skin in the human body. Diabetes, anaemia, stone issues, sex problems, asthma, and other ailments are caused by a weak Venus.

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Saturn: Outermost planet among the 9 planets in astrology:

Saturn, or Shani in Sanskrit, is an astrologically contentious planet. The dasha and antardasha of Saturn have many different interpretations among astrologers. It is a fairly slow-moving planet that spends two and a half years in each zodiac. Sade-Sati (7.5 years) and Dhaiya (2.5 years) are the most talked about and investigated dashas. People are often distrustful of these two dashes and devote a great deal of prayer and reverence to Lord Shani, the planet’s god.

Saturn spends an average of 2 12 years in each sign. The chief governor of longevity is Saturn. Saturn is thought to be a ‘lame’ planet. It is associated with darkness, secrecy, loss, and misfortune in Western astrology. Saturn rules the majority of labour-related occupations. Saturn, like Mars, is a planet associated with land and property.

Ironically, all of Saturn’s so-called horrors lead to a better existence after teaching certain lessons. Limitations, delay, and opponents will humble you, make you patient, seeker, and believer, and redeem you. When the dasha appears, it puts you in a reflective mood. Saturn is regarded as good for those born under the sign of Venus, but bad for those born under the sign of Mercury. He is additionally advantageous when he is in his own sign, when he is in Jupiter’s signs, or when he is exalted.

  • It is most likely the only planet whose Lord, Lord Shani, is properly worshiped and prayed in temples throughout the country, with people gathering to pray in these temples with complete ceremonies on Saturdays.

  • Capricorn and Aquarius, as well as the 10th and 11th houses, are ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s zodiac cycle takes 30 years to complete. Saturn is friendly to Ketu, Mercury, and Venus, but hostile to Mars, the Sun, and the Moon. Saturn’s Vimshottari dasha lasts 19 years, with Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttarabhadrapada as constellations. In Libra, it is exalted, while in Aries, it is weakened. Saturn’s birthstone is Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam.

  • Saturn has a reputation for being a cruel and harsh planet. Saturn in one’s life represents more effort and less reward. It is also an extremely essential planet in your life cycle. Dasha of Saturn teaches many life lessons related with past, present, and future lives through obstacles, troubles, failures, sadness, and agony over a lengthy period of time because it is sluggish moving.

  • That is why Saturn rules death, poverty, debt, sadness, grief, suffering, slavery, imprisonment, separation, and locations like jails, slums, sewers, and graves. Saturn’s Dasha pulls out your best attributes as a human being.

  • Saturn also influences spirituality, detachment, sincerity, stability, longevity, and constancy. It represents laborers, servants, butchers, engineers, real estate agents, farmers, sweepers, hermits, and monks, among other things.

  • Saturn represents the muscles, joints, teeth, knees, and bones in the body. It causes persistent and severe ailments such as fractures, cancer, arthritis, insanity, impotency, miserliness, and selfishness when it is weak.

  • Saturn is highly linked to iron, coal, wood, and steel, and those with a strong Saturn make a lot of money dealing with these materials.

Rahu: Shadow planet:

Rahu and Ketu, unlike other planets in astrology, do not have a physical shape. According to folklore, Amrita sprang from the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan) with numerous things. The Devas and Asuras disagreed on how it should be distributed. Lord Vishnu pulled a fast one and had the entire thing devoured by the Devas. However, one Asura hid in the queue and devoured little Amrita, unaware that Lord had chopped him in half, the head part known as ‘Rahu’ and the remaining body part known as ‘Ketu.’ They are usually opposite each other in horoscopes.

Rahu has numerous contradictory interpretations discussed among astrologers, however, few things are common:

  • It’s a phantom planet with no discernible shape or size. It is a malefic planet that rules neither a sign nor a house.

  • It is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Sagittarius, according to some, and exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Scorpio, according to others.

  • Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are all friends of Rahu, but the Sun, Moon, and Mars are all enemies.

  • It spends 18 months in each zodiac sign and completes the cycle in 18 years. Hessonite or Gomed is a gemstone.

  • It’s a big debate whether it’s good or terrible. It is beneficial in angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10) but terrible in dusthana houses (6, 8, 12).

  • Its kundli behaviour is mostly determined by its dispositor location, aspect, and conjunction. The governing planet of the sign Rahu is in is Dispositor. Rahu is thought to be good on its own, without any other planets. It becomes powerful in the chart if its dispositor is strong or if it is aspected by its dispositor.

  • Rahu causes over-achievement, unexpected setbacks, undiagnosed health problems, and financial loss; it also signifies black magic or evil spirits, manipulative and speculative jobs such as gambling, poisons, drugs, and immoral deeds.

  • If it is related to the marriage houses (7, 2, 11) or planets, it might produce issues in a marriage.

  • Rahu is the planet of politicians and diplomats, and it may help them advance in their careers.

Ketu: Shadow planet:

Same as Rahu, Ketu is also a shadowy, malefic planet always positioned opposite Rahu.

  • Ketu is associated with Moksha (liberation), mysterious wisdom, mystic science, and spiritual pursuits.
  • Rahu and Ketu can both produce surprising and unanticipated effects. Ketu can turn you into a magician, astrologer, or doctor.
  • Venus, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are friends of Ketu, but Mars, Sun, and Moon are enemies.
  • Ketu spends one and a half years in each zodiac and completes the cycle in 18 years.
  • Ketu’s Vimshottari dasha lasts seven years. In Sagittarius, Ketu is exalted, whereas, in Taurus/Gemini, he is debilitated. Lahsuniya, also known as Cat’s Eye, is a Ketu gemstone. For Planets And Their Characteristics In Astrology consult our certified Astrologers.

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