7 Running Horses Painting Vastu Direction, Importance And Benefits

7 Running Horses Painting Vastu Direction

What is a 7 running horse painting?

7 Running horse painting is a unique type of painting that became popular in Vastu shastra. The painting usually depicts a galloping horse with its rider in search of another horse or animal. Horses are often lively and full of energy, but some of the questions about 7 running horses Vastu direction of people's minds.

7 Running Horse paintings are quite beautiful and have been representing various aspects of life – including travel, adventure, speed, and power. This painting is quite motivating, and it can give you a sense of excitement about the possibilities life has to offer.

If you're interested in collecting 7 Running Horse Paintings, be sure to do your research first—there are so many variations out there, and some can be harder to find than others.

Meaning Of The Number 7 In The Horse Painting

The number 7 has a long history of being a symbol of good luck in art. In The Horse, a horse race can be seen with seven horses frolicking. The 7 and it's also used in paintings such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Some people think it has to do with astrology and numerology, while others believe it's just about luck.

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Meaning Of The Seven Horses In The 7 Horse Painting

The seven horses in the 7 Horse Painting represent different aspects of Chinese culture.

  • The first horse, representing the north, is strong and fast. It represents strength and power.
  • The second horse, representing the east, is gentle and slow. It represents wisdom and knowledge.
  • The third horse, representing the south, is spirited and fast. It represents energy and enthusiasm.
  • The fourth horse, representing the west, is calm and gentle. It represents peace and harmony.
  • The fifth horse, representing the northwest, is strong but also kindhearted. It represents courage and determination.
  • The sixth horse, representing the southeast, is Swift but also timid. It represents sensitivity and understanding.
  • The seventh horse, representing the west-southwest, is gentle but also determined.

What are 7 running horses painting vastu direction?

You should do certain things to ensure that your running horse painting is in accordance with the Vastu direction.

The first step is to identify the cardinal points, which are North (East), South (West), Up (Northwest), and Down (Southeast). Each direction has its own associated qualities that you should take into account when choosing your running horse painting.

For example, Northeast corresponds to strength, Southeast represents stability, Southwest denotes dexterity and Northwest represents intelligence.

But according to Vastu experts, the best direction for a seven-horse painting in your home is the south. Because the southern direction is associated with success and fame, you should mount that painting in the south of the room.

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Reasons For Placing the 7 Horse Painting in Home, Office

The painting, entitled "7 Horse," is a beautiful piece of art that can be found in many homes and offices around the world.

Some people believe that the painting has magical powers, while others say it is simply beautiful to look at.

Regardless of its true meaning or power, the painting is a popular choice for decoration in homes and offices around the world.

Horse racing usually shows an interest in speed. Hang it on the wall of your home, office, or lodge where you plan to observe the progress of the activity.

Horses are known for their speed. Hang it on the east wall of your home or workplace where you want to see rapid progress.

The horse continued to be the principal mode of transportation in ancient times. Venus is also a trademark of horses, which is why the importance of horses is confirmed in the symbolism. Consult one of our certified Astrologers for Vastu.


What do 7 running horses mean?

The symbol of a horse, particularly seven running horses, symbolises success, peace, and progress according to Vastu Shastra.

Which colour 7 horse painting is good for a home?

white horses

Where do you place the 7 horses?


Why do people paint 7 horses in the bedroom?

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a seven-running horse painting in the bedroom is a good omen.

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