7 Rudraksha Wearing Rules For Females

What is rudraksha

Wearing Rudraksha is a form of prayer used in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are believed to have powerful spiritual and healing properties and are often worn as talismans to protect against negative energies.

In Hindu mythology, Rudraksha is said to be the tears of Lord Shiva and hence considered very sacred and powerful.In astrology, Rudraksha is sometimes associated with the planet Saturn and is believed to have a positive effect on the wearer's life.

It is believed that these pearls can help bring wealth, health, and spiritual growth to the wearer.

There are many different types of Rudraksha and each one has its own unique properties and benefits. The most common types of Rudraksha are 1 to 21 Mukhi.

Rudraksha beads are also used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, apart from being worn as prayer beads or talismans. They are often threaded together and worn around the neck or wrist.

It is important to buy Rudraksha beads carefully and consult to our best astrologer before using them as a remedy.

Can Female wear Rudraksha?

Although there are other things related to rudraksha wearing rules for females, but it is true that some people may have misconceptions about women wearing Rudraksha beads, but it is important to admit that these beliefs are not based on fact. 

In Hindu mythology, it is said that Goddess Parvati also wore Rudraksha beads, demonstrating that there is no taboo for women wearing these beads.

Rudraksha beads are believed to have powerful spiritual and healing properties, and many people, including ascetic women, have found them beneficial in promoting peace and overall well-being.

It is important to take any form of alternative medicine or spiritual practice with an open mind and consult a qualified healthcare professional before using it as a form of treatment.

It is important to use Rudraksha to dispel ignorance and bring good energy into the body. It's beneficial to use.

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Some Rudraksha Wearing rules for Females

There are many tips on how to properly wear and take care of Rudraksha beads. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Note: These steps apply to every one female or male all of these steps can be followed when they wear Rudraksha.

  • While wearing Rudraksha in the morning, chant Rudraksha and Mool Mantra nine times.
  • Wear the rosary after the bath and chant the mantra every time you wear it. Worship and offer incense sticks and ghee lights (Diya) while wearing the rosary.
  • Keep beads clean and well maintained by cleaning them regularly and replacing thread if it becomes dirty or damaged.
  • After cleaning the garlands, apply oil on them and offer incense to them. Store the beads in a clean and tidy place when not in use.
  • Be sure to select a well-defined, natural Rudraksha without damage. If symptoms of allergy appear on the skin after wearing Rudraksha, then stop using it.
  • Keep the rosary of Rudraksha in the worship room and do pranam daily.
  • Don't interchange neck rosary and chanting rosary, as each has a specific purpose.
  • Before wearing the garland, do Rudrabhishek and chant the Shiva mantra three times.
  • Wear pearls on a Monday, which is considered an auspicious day for Lord Shiva, or you can Talk our to best Astrologer to see the right day for you.

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Benefits of wearing rudraksha for Female

There are a number of benefits of wearing Rudraksha for females. Here are some important benefits:

Mental Clarity and Focus: Rudraksha has a calming effect on the mind, which can help with concentration and focus.

Health Benefits: People believe that Rudraksha can help improve overall health and prevent disease.

Wealth and success: It is believed that wearing Rudraksha can bring wealth and success to the wearer.

Chakras Balance : Some people believe that Rudraksha can help balance the chakras, or centers of energy, in the body, thereby improving physical and emotional well-being.

Reduce Stress and anxiety: The calming effect of Rudraksha can also help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Importance of Rudraksha for Female

Before getting the rudraksha wearing rules for females, it is important to remember that everyone has the right to make their own decision about what to wear, and that includes the decision to wear a Rudraksha bead. In Hindu mythology, it is said that Goddess Shakti (also known as Parvati) is a form of Lord Shiva and that the two are interlinked and cannot exist without each other.

The idea suggests that both genders are equal and can benefit from the spiritual energy of Rudraksha beads. Women should feel empowered to wear Rudraksha beads without letting the opinion of others influence their decision.

After buying a Rudraksha bead, it is important to check whether it is genuine and in proper condition.

Here are some suggestions for this:

  • Make sure that the mala is genuine. This is the most important step that you should take to check the mala for any defects in it.
  • Check that the rosary is not too tight and that the beads are well placed. This will ensure that it is comfortable to wear and use in prayer or meditation.
  • Make sure the mala contains Sumeru beads, which are believed to have special powers. There should be a total of 109 beads including Sumeru in the rosary.
  • Follow the conditioning steps to prepare the garland for use.
  • These steps include washing the mala with clean water, drying it with a clean cloth, soaking it overnight in ghee or oil, and then soaking it in cow's milk for 24 hours.
  • Before wearing the garland, worship and chant the Shiva mantra.
  • It is also worth noting that if cow's milk and ghee are not available or not desired, oil can be substituted in their place.
  • It is also recommended to use non-metallic bowls instead of glass or plastic bowls for soaking the beads.
  • Finally, it is traditional to gently press the mala to the forehead before wearing it.

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