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Professions: Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot reader

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

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I am Raavi Tiwari from a Brahmin family(U.P) but settled in Hyderabad. I am a lawn Tennis coach by profession and currently living in Poland. I was fascinated by Astrology since childhood. I was always surprised that how can an Astrologer know about a person whom he never saw or knew. I used to keep watching videos and in recent years I did a numerology course. The time I started making predictions about the people, it became very easy for me to read people, especially in my profession to deal with clients. After that, I decided to go even more further because astrology gives a detailed analysis and it was really interesting, so I decided to take up an advanced astrology course and broaden my knowledge. My only focus is to provide services that can help people to transform their lives to the greatest potential and provide the tools of what they are capable of becoming. This can be the best guiding tool selection for matchmaking, career, education, business, health, job, partnerships, investment, litigation, etc., I can help you in taking the right decisions so that you don't waste your time nor your energy on unwanted things. Astrological guidance can help you in every possible way to deal with things in life in a positive manner so that you have a balanced life.