Sivaramkrishnan Sudharssen


Based in Bengaluru

Professions: Astrologer

Spoken Languages: English, Tamil

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I hold BE Civil Engineering, ME and MBA degrees. Worked in one of the L&T Group companies and in Corporate company as Senior Engineer. I was inspired by my father Late.Mr.M.Sudharssen who was an astrologer & attracted towards the concept of Astrology. I was strongly inclined towards occult sciences right from childhood. My untiring search, interest, and destiny, brought me to the right destination. I realized that Baskara Astrology has a solid foundation and methodology on scientific grounds. I have learnt “Baskara Astrology (K.B.System)” from the legend, Inventor and Founder of the system – Shri.Thilak.K.Baskaran. I have been successful in guiding my clients in their important decisions and day to day life. With high success rate in predictions, helps in maintaining a strong clientele track. For all your queries, determined answer will be given.