My father and certified from BHU

Ankita Bajpai


Based in Bengaluru

Professions: Astrologer, Gemologist

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi

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Hello and namasty, This is ankita bajpai.I am a professional astrologer. I have done and PGDBM from GGU central university. I have been practicing astrology for last 15 years, i have learnt vedic astrology from my father; he is a great astrologer. Also i have done a certificate course from BHU Varanasi. Initially i started practicing free of cost.. and after few years i turned this into my profession as people were so much satisfied with my accurate predictions.. also they find the right path to take right decisions and solutions to their problems. I owe every bit of my knowledge to Lord Krishna whos blessings have prompted me to acquire more and more of it. My predictions are based on accurate calculations with proper excavation and through exploration of ancient vedic rules laid down by maharishis of indian vedic astrology. Astrology can't be taught. It can only be learnt.A course follows a set of sylllabus. Just clearimg exams and getting a certificate will not make a person astrologer.Astrology is a constant learning process. An astrologer learns more from ecperience and practice than from books or texts. Not everything is mentioned in books in todays fast changing world. Astrology anthusiast will fail if an astrologer's study is limited only to books.