Rohit dua


Based in Mumbai

Professions: Tarot reader

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi

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I have been doing tarot readings since 1999. I do blind readings so personal details are not needed. I do reversed cards so that increases the probability in tarot readings and I have been doing the standard Celtic Cross spreads and the three card spreads. I only need the name of the client whether the reading is a phone reading or email reading. Based on the first name, I pull the cards. Questions can be asked about one's career, finances, love life, relationships and so on. If there are relationship issues then I will need the first name of the other person with whom you are facing those relationship issues. I have a blunt tongue and I am not the kind to give false hopes. Yes, I do provide basic remedies like the colors, stones you need to wear, the deities you need to worship and so on. I only read the tarot cards so that is my basic and primary services. Remedies need to be taken with a pinch of salt and sometimes suffering has no escape route. I only do tarot readings so when you are trying to match horoscopes in the email format. I only need the name of the two candidates, whose compatibility you wish to know. Based on the name, I will be pulling a relationship reading to know where the candidates are headed in terms of relationship, passion, stability and other factors which come up in the reading. Blessed be.