Neha Dwivedi


Based in Chandigarh

Professions: Vastu consultant

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi

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Neha Dwivedi - Renowned Vastu and Fengshui consultant interior designer, life coach, and counsellor with over 18+ years of experience. Based in Chandigarh, she has a vast network of clients across the world. Neha is passionate about transforming people's lives by educating and guiding them as their mentor. Her expertise has earned her numerous accolades, including the "Women in Business" award in 2017 and features in TedX and Josh-talks. Neha has also presented a paper on VastuShastra in an international conference, showcasing her perspective knowledge. Her mission is to serve society by making people aware of the directional energies around them, helping them achieve their higher ambitions in life. Currently, Neha is inspiring the youth through social media and spreading positive energies through her brand “Vastu by Neha”.