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You can simply talk to astrologers over phone through this feature. You can ask about your queries and astrologer reply on that.


My report services work like simple chat message service , you can ask about your queries and astrologer reply on that. is a perfect world for consulting your astrologer anytime. Talk to astrologers personally on the phone also instant solution for any astrology service. The astrologer is always with you here, the solution in your hand now!

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Our vision is to make people's life more easy by using the power of the internet. Astrology is part of day to day important decision making of most Indians, but even in this era people find it difficult to access an authentic and reputed astrology service online, we make it possible. Monkvyasa also for the benefit of our customers have introduced consultation through the phone, which will be of great benefit. Our intention is to make this service customer friendly and easy for the common man by simply using the internet. We bring all the best astrologers in India on one platform and make their service available to everyone, integrating technology with traditional astrology. We cover the entire range including - Vaastu, Numerology, Gemology and Tarot.