Terms of use

Monkvyasa is a marketplace website. The astrologers on the website are not employees of Monkvyasa. The services offered by the astrologers are their own and Monkvyasa is not responsible for any problem that may arise between customers and the astrologers. The customers has to verify the credentials of the advisor and take a decision. Monkvyasa only offers you a platform for interaction with astrologers.

Refund & cancellation policy

Refund, if the customer is not satisfied with the interaction with the advisor is at the desecration of the advisor. The customer is advised to check the profile of the advisor whether refund policy exists.

If the cancellation occurs from the advisor's or customer's side, the customer can make another appointment or demand a full refund. If the refund occurs cancellation transaction charge will be deducted.

If there is a technical error or a missed appointment, the astrologers and customers should decide on the further course of action.