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About Self

I am a Software Engineer - Technology Specialist by profession and An Astrologer by Heart. I learnt Astrology because of my curiosity about it . I saw many Astrologers failing in giving predictions as they want to sale remedies only by scaring people . I follow Classical and System Approach Astrology. I have been doing it professionally on few Reputed Astrology Websites. I am Analyzing Charts for last 7 years . I learnt it from My Uncle , who is a prominent astrologer in my City . First I started giving Predictions to my Friends and Relatives and now to many persons. I am specialist in most of the areas of life. You can get an reliable and awesome service, accurate reports and phone consultation for Love Marriage , problems in Love marriage, delay in Marriage, Divorce, breakup and Married Life analysis and Health Problems , Career issues specially those who are in Job and Business and in modelling or film industry but not getting success or has questions like When will I get name, fame, good job etc etc. And Financial problems and Remedies to avert them. I am a Match- Making Specialist as well. I generally suggest very fast acting remedies. My Remedial Measures include - Gemstones, Yantra, Yaggya, Rudraksha, Mantra, Charity, Donation etc. I generally suggest Gemstones for best Planets and Simple Upays for Negative Planets. I am an honest person to the core of my heart. I will just show the path and I don't have any other interest involved like selling remedies or scaring people on the name of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. I am specially interested in areas about delay in marriage and married life problems and Health problems solution. As far as Astrology is concerned, I learnt many things on the way like our family background matters a lot for our career, our karma decides a lot for our career and health, our thinking helps us a lot to be a well groomed person, and only Rahu, Ketu, Saturn can not cause harm to all or only mare placement of Mars in certain houses doesn't make someone Manglik. So, there are many things to analyze about in a kundali. I feel blessed and thankful to Lord Ganesha for giving me everything.

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