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Shastri Bipin Chandr
Astrologer , Vastu consultant

Hindi , Punjabi

Jagraon ( Punjab )

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Hello I am Shastri Vipin Chandra Jyotishi I was born in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand on February 15, 1989 in Tisriyara village on 15th February, 1989. I have received Junior Education from State Inter College Binak khal (Uttarakhand Education Board). I am very religious since childhood. From childhood, my wish was to read astrology Vastu Veda. I Have received education of astrology Vastu Veda from my village. I have been living in Jagraon city in Ludhiana district of Punjab state from the last 12 years. And I have been doing the priest's work in a temple here for the last 11 years. I have been performing astrology & Vastu work here for the last 11 years. I have been able to solve the problem of all types of people here by astrology. Whether he is poor or rich. I think that, it has come to me, And it's my duty to solve the problem. Astrology will show you all about happiness and sadness in the future, about everything about education, sports, business, jobs, marriages and children, And astrology is the friend of all in this life of happiness and misery. Astrology is the only way to show everyone the right path. Destiny can not be changed according to astrology, but the incoming signs, the coming troubles can be overcome as we can not avoid the rain during the fierce rains, but if we take the umbrella in the hand, then we can not escape from being drenched. That is, we can be safe, this is the statement of astrology. The entire universe is under the planet, that is, the structure of this universe of this universe is also under the planets of the planets. So come and send me your birth date, birth time, place of birth, send me your problem, as a fortune teller, I assure you that I will be able to solve all your problems.

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