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Pt.Dhirendra kumar Tiwari

English , Hindi

Patna ( Bihar )

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Monday 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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I am practicing Indian vaidic Astrology for 15 years in Patna Bihar.My severals published forcasts comes true.Last forcast about Indian lok sabha election 2014 and making shri Narendra Modi as PM of India and bihar bidhan sabha election 2015 and making shri Nitish Kumar as cm of Bihar comes true.I am also in legacy of great jaiminy astrologer and first head of department,department of Astrology Banaras Hindu university,Pt.Ramyatna ojha.writing regularaly in leading hindi dailies like Hindustan,dainik jagaran on astrology.Also active on electronix media for astrology.writing a book "KNOW YOURSELF" about practical illustration of life happening with vaidic Astrology.

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Pt Ramyatna ojha
15 Years
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Santosh kumar
Clinets in politics
Suraj kumar
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Severals clint
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User Reviews

  • jg
    ( 5.0 )

    He's got very good knowledge on astrology and the most positive thing is that he focuses on positive aspect of your life according to your horoscope unlike other astrologers who might scare you. He gives you proper analysis for both positive and negative aspects and you can see a clear picture.

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  • jaydeep84joshi
    ( 4.7 )

    He is one of the best astrologer

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  • Ravishanker N
    ( 5.0 )

    Brilliant Astrologer - very quick and indepth

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  • Ramya
    ( 5.0 )

    I spoke to Pt.Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari, and his predictions are right. He has sound knowledge and clarity on the astrology. He speaks both English and Hindi. There is no misuse of words and wrong assumptions while talking to him. One can trust while talking to him and no time wasted on predicting false details. Go ahead with full confidence on yourself and Almighty God!

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