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BIO DATA: Vedic Astrology, kp astrology, Remedy and Puja Expert,Tarot Reading, Horary Astrology, Prasna predictions **************** I am a Vedic Astrologer with 30 yrs of astrological experience. I can give the astrological findings as per KP system also for your questions, if you have your birth details like ...time of birth,date of birth and place of birth. If you do not have the exact birth details, you can get the astrological answers based on Horary astrology and Prashna method. You can contact for Auspicious Hora timings for an auspicious event like new child birth., graha pravesam, purchase of Jewelry, purchase of land and properties, car etc. I am well known for having intuitive powers and providing accurate predictions. Ask any question pertaining your Education, career, financial matters, love,personal relationships, children, property, health, life parter, business partner, investments,lucky gem stones, lucky colors, lucky numbers, marriage matching, compatibility analysis,Marriage , Pithru Doshas and their remedies, poojas, mantras etc. My consultations will provide you significant insights into different aspects of your life.

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