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Born into Hindu Brahmin family, and regularly and staunchly does daily nitya karmas relates to divine and Pitrus. Young age around 9 years, learnt Vedas under supervision of Guru for 3 years. Been blessed to be part of Athi rudra japa karmas. I have been associated with Medical related job, the knowledge of Anatomy, Ayurveda been blessed on me apart from Chanting of Vedas. For a brahmin, studying vedas is also important. Since I know thoroughly entire knowledge of Medicine ( Ayurveda, an anga or part of Veda), I thought of learning Jyotisham or Astrology, as Guru parampara system. I am into Sage Parashar system, Jaimini sage system and K.P.System of astrology during scientific analysis of a horoscope or Prashna horoscope. Almighty blessed me in learning about Vedas... Ayurveda and Jyotishamor astrology

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