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Diya Sharma
Numerologist , Tarot reader , Gemologist

English , Hindi

Mumbai ( Maharashtra )

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Hi Diya the Tarot Master, Life Coach & Spiritual Therapist, numerologist much more She live life through Love, Care, Goodness & Compassion. A post graduate from Delhi University But, being a Natural Healer with inborn Intuitive Instincts and an advisor all her life, she realised her mission to be an Occultist, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Therapist & a Holistic Healer practising teaching as well. A motivational speaker and a multi-faceted personality uses her all-embracing knowledge to empower people to achieve their full potential in their journey towards Personal & Spiritual growth. She conducts workshops and training programs consult and be a part of the journey. Consult for career finance. Relationship anything u wish to knw I can even tell ur past . Consult and see the difference in ur day to day life

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chandana/Doreen virtue
8 Years
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sudha sachdev
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