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Arvind Rai
Astrologer , Vastu consultant

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Mumbai ( Maharashtra )

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Myreport 1100 INR
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About Self

Shri Arvind Rai, a well known Vastu expert & Astrologer, belongs to the spiritual and heritage city of India, Varanasi(Kashi). At a very early stage of his life, he started in-depth study & research of vastu and astrology. And around the age of nineteen he started advising people based on astrology and vastu. He also emphasized on the unique blend of modern science and vastu to bring the stability and success in the life of each individual. He achieved expertise in this field by undergoing a unique form of education & training, based on the Guru-Shishya traditional methodology, under Dr.Kamlakant Pandey who was a renowned lecturer (Jyotishacharya) in Astrology and Vastu at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi. His mentor Sri.Avdhesh Jha (Tantrik Guru) taught him the rituals and beneficial remedies based on occult science as like Tantra vidya. Honorable spiritual guru Sri.Sadanand Shastri accepted him as his pupil and gave him the knowledge of yoga and meditation.

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  • Seetharaman
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    I have Surya giving negative impact and I can get separated from my wife because of Surya's effect. But If i pray Rahu and Offer prayers to Surya, does that mean I will not get separated from wife? Will by Surya go weak and not allow me to separate from wife?

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