Yearly Prediction based on Numerology

Yearly Prediction based on Numerology
Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini

Dr. Neha Pradeep Saini

6th January 2017


Here we will discuss Yearly Prediction for 2017 for numbers 1 - 9.

2017 = 10 = 1 = Sun.

This year will be very good for mostly all as this is the year of Sun , King of planets. Good for all. People who are into negative dealings (drugs/ terrorists) such people may face their fate and repent and learn a god lessons based on their Karmas.

1 -  If you are a businessmen or an office goer, I can assure that success will definitely knock at your door. Especially, folks who are doing jobs in sales and marketing, ample profits will be achieved. The future of number 1 foretells that fields like water, milk products, clothing, or pharmaceutical will yield surplus amount of profit. Students, double your hard work as significant chances of getting high score are there. This year for no. 1 will be very positive. Chances of marriage/ love relationship are very high. Lucky color: Red (all shades).All people avoid Grey, Black color.

2 -  Moreover, as you climb the ladder of success, many wonderful opportunities will come in your way. At work front, you will get a full support from seniors while a stuck promotion will now be achieved. A secure future is there particularly in the fields like journalism, publishing, commission agent, teaching, or export-import. Are you a student? If yes, this year you will score good marks. Also, there are chances that you may fly abroad for further studies. Now, if I talk about the familial life of folks who belongs to the number 2, happiness will be flourished. Baby is a blessing – this year couples will be blessed with a child. Also, a support from closed ones will be offered. This year for no. 2 will be very positive. they will "Live life king size"  Lucky color : Green, Maroon

3 -  Life is about ups & downs, enjoy the ups and have courage during downs. Folks, who are involved in business, always think twice before investing, although good profits are expected. While, office goers avoid indulging yourself in any kind of disputes with seniors, otherwise you may face loss. Secrets are not meant to be shared, thus always be mindful.This year for no. 3 will be very positive. This year will bring a lot of social gatherings, happiness, prosperity. Good year. Stay away from 5/6 no. fast on Thursday, Lucky color white.

4 - Office goers and businessmen will going to achieve success beyond limits. By seeing your success, there are chances that people can’t stand your success. On the other hand, a good bond with boss will be maintained along with colleagues at office. Business or work which includes salesmanship, accountancy, audit & communication will be flourished. You can even consider of commencing a new business if you are willing to do some serious hardwork. This year for no. 4 will be very year of hard work, do not get frustrated. You may earn well, but this year will be a little slow year. Stay away from 1/2/7/9 Lucky color: Brown. .

5 - This time beauty and luxurious products will attract you more. Your expenses will now increase majorly on gadgets and clothes. Now, let’s read ahead about your professional life. Office goers and businessmen will receive ample amount of profits. Also, your heart may start beating for someone in the office.  This year for no.5 will be very positive. This year will be a great year for you. Social year for you. Stay away from 2. Lucky color Green.

6 -  Your professional life is outstanding. Your contribution to the huge project will gain boss’s appreciation. Also, you may get a chance to attend important meetings along with him. Your hard work will win opponent's heart and they will praise you as well. Similarly, business life is good.This year for no. 6 will be very positive. you may fall in love with someone on fb/whatspp etc. Fast on Wednesday, Lucky color: White. Stay away from 4 no.

7 -  A serious attitude in business will be observed. This year, I advise you to plan-your-work-and-work-your-plan to find success. In 2017, opponents will be defeated as your talent will determine what you can do. If you are dealing with a business such as steel industry, machinery, leather, property, oil, or shoe industry; success is on the way.This year for no. 7 will be very an awesome year for you with a few learning too. Soul mate numbers 1 – 7 pairing of Ranbir – Katrina. Super duper year for you. Lucky color Green/ Pink. Stay away from health issues.

8 -  On the professional front, your hard work might pay you less. At this time, I would prefer you to delay your plans of commencing any new business. Also, folks under number 8, if you are involved in business related to property dealings, machinery, and iron industry; be careful. This year, you might lack concentration while studying. Also, if you’re planning to go abroad for further studies, unwanted situations might be faced. Therefore, having a second option will be good.This year for no. 8  will be year a little slow year. Unwanted troubles, frustration, control your anger to avoid unwanted troubles and hassles. Avoid  no 1/2/9 no and avoid color  Black

9 -  On the basis of your courage & hard work, you’ll be able to achieve success in every area. Be ready to shine like a diamond. A profitable journey in a business will soon going to start, while folks belong to service class will be granted with a promotion. People who are working in departments like police, construction, property, pharmaceuticals etc, this year will be victorious for them. Now let’s move forward on the students’ life, good chances are there to crack the desired entrance exam you were preparing for.This year for no. 9 will be very positive. Good year Avoid 4/5/7 . do not be impulsive. Fast on Tuesdays Lucky color: Red


Neha Pradeep Saini