Travelling Abroad- Know via Astrology

Travelling Abroad- Know via Astrology


Monkvyasa Astrologer 10th November 2016

One of the burning topic among youngsters now-a-days is Travelling Abroad. One can see happiness on their faces when they are able to get VISA of their favorite Country. Not all of them get settled abroad, some of them are reside for 4-5 years and come back and others have a touring job. This all is happening to avail of opportunities for professional satisfaction and to make more money.

There are various reasons why people move from one place to another:

• Journeys due to nature of work – what we colloquially call “traveling job”.

• Business travel to abroad.

• Tourism or pilgrimage.

• Change of residence due to profession

• Settlement in abroad after marriage if the spouse is settled in another country.

 For these queries astrology is the best answer. It can help a lot in these types of confusing matters. Astrology is a vast subject and to get correct answer from it one has to reach at that level where there is no chance of if and but, as this is not an easy task.

Making an article not so lengthy I want to discuss some very important and interesting facts about abroad travelling through astrology.Vedic or ancient Indian Astrology suggests so many principles out of which we have to find out which are suitable in present day lifestyle. For example, travelling abroad meant to be reputed and most wanted task these days but this was not so in ancient world as it was considered punishment used to give to the people found guilty in some crime. So, which was punishment in old days is working as blessings these days.


Only one house is not involved in abroad journey as written in the classical text. There are no of houses involved in this context in which 9th and 12th houses are main houses and others are 7th and 8th houses in my view. In Astrology 9th house is considered the house of fortune. So, if it is the house of fortune then it must be related to the well being of a person. So, if a person is going through the dasha antardasha of 9th lord or planet connected to the 9th lord then definitely the journey of a person is fruitful if there is no malefic influence on the house or the planet. Strong 9th house and planets associated with it gives immense wealth and reputation in abroad. Another house concerning abroad journey is 12th house. But as we all know 12th house also represents debts and loses…. Etc, the journey connected to this house may or may not be fruitful for a person. An astrologer must keep this point in his mind while predicting about abroad journey or settlement.


So many people are willing to settle abroad especially young generation of our country as they think they will have more chances in abroad to explore themselves, having ravishing life, earn good amount of money and for having safe future. This is not an easy task for any astrologer to predict about a person will settle in aboard or not. Still deep knowledge and experience give astrologer courage to predict about such cases. In this regard there should be strong connection between 9th house and ascendant with 12th house. This connection should not be with the 4th house because then the person will go abroad but will not settle there and come back after few years for one reason or the other. Conversely, if 4th house is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu- foreign settlement is possible. If an ascendant lord has a strong connection in 9th and 12th house in a fixed sign then the probability for abroad settlement increases.


The probability of staying or travelling abroad is all depending upon the strength of significators involved. JUPITER is the main significator of abroad settlement. From another point it is also very important because in KalPurushKundali, in 9th house the rashi falls is Sagittarius whose lord is Jupiter and it is dual in nature and has fire element in it. So this considered as the important planet and 9th house considered be important house for abroad issues. Another important planet in this regard is Rahu.Rahu signifies the foreign element in the chart, something that is unconventional and out of ordinary.

The combination of above-said planets with the above-said houses give strong indications of settling abroad.


This is another most important factor means if there is strong yoga occurred in the horoscope of a person then another question ariseswhen it would fructify?Because, timing of happening of an event is the most important thing in astrology. This is another challenging job for an astrologer to predict the specific timing. Here are some important factors regarding this:

• Dasha or Antardasha of 9th or 12th house

• Dasha or Antardasha of planets associated with 9th or 12th house

• Mahadasha of Rahu

• Also consider 9th lord from Moon

• Despositor of 9th house

• Planets sitting in 8th house

One important point to be elaborated here is if a person is going through Rahu Mahadasa, it would enhance the possibilities of journey abroad because after this he would be going through the major periods of Jupiter and Saturn which would facilitate foreign journey.

 Apart from the above said combinations of important houses and planets involved in the prediction of Abroad journey or settlement few more combinations which could also be taken into consideration when

 Sun is in the ascendant the native gets the opportunity to travel abroad.

 Saturn is in the twelfth house.

 The lord of the ascendant is in the twelfth house.

  The lord of the ascendant is situated in the seventh house in a movable sign.

  The lord the tenth house is situated in the ninth house in the movable sign.

  The lord of the seventh house is situated in the ninth house.

  The Jupiter is situated in the fourth, sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

  The 12th and9th house lords interchange signs, and then also the native travels to the foreign land.

  Venus is in the sixth, seventh or eighth house in the horoscope.

  Rahu is in the first, seventh or eighth house.

 The lord of the sixth house is situated in the twelfth house.

 The lord of the ascendant and the Moon are situated in the movable sign.

 The yoga is also formed when the lord of the twelfth house is situated in the ninth house.

 The lord of the ascendant and the 9th house interchange signs the yogas for travel abroad become strong.

 The lord of the twelfth house is situated in the fourth house then also the native gets to travel abroad.

 Gemini, Libra and Aquarius represent west direction, if involved; one will go to US or Canada.