Transit of Mercury in Aquarius - Feb 2017

Transit of Mercury in Aquarius - Feb 2017
Ashish Aggarwal

Ashish Aggarwal

23rd February 2017

Mercury the youthful planet and significator of education, business, travels enters the Fixed Sign of Aquarius on 22nd February 2017 and remains here till 11th March 2017. The following predictions are based on Moon Sign:

1. Aries: Good for finances, social status, hobbies.

2. Taurus: Good for starting a new venture, domestic life is peaceful, recognition at professional front.

3. Gemini: Favourable overall, but might have differences with father or elder brother.

4. Cancer: Good for spirituality, astrologers, not so good for younger siblings. Think before your speak to avoid scandals.

5. Leo: Good for marital life, business partnership, professional life.

6. Virgo: Take care of health, avoid disputes. Rise at professional front, long journeys on the cards and increase in expenses.

7. Libra: Increase in income, long trips, good for students, romantic and social relationships.

8. Scorpio: Difference of opinion with family members, health of parents might suffer, recognition at work place.

9. Sagittarius: Mental confusion, good for determination, endurance, communication skills, small trips, gain for spouse.

10: Capricorn: Gains at professional front, gains in legal disputes, spouse's health might decline.

11: Aquarius: Good for spirituality, health needs to be taken care of, good relations with children and spouse.

12: Pisces: Travels, health issues for the spouse, travel for spouse as well, increase in expenditure, shift in residence is also possible.