Span of your life determination in astrology

Span of your life determination in astrology
admin Monkvyasa

admin Monkvyasa

15th September 2016

Sages of yore have declared that it is not possible to determine the span of life of a human being until he is 12 years of age. For he may die within four years owing to the previous sins of his mother, or within 8 years on account of the sin of his father, and lastly by his own sins. The cause of his death during this period called that of Balarishta is termed Balagrahas or evil spirits. To ward off this evil influence people are advised to perform propitiatory Homas on the day of the child’s Janmanakshatra and to take proper medical advice also. According to another view Balarishta period lasts only for 8 years. There are another Arishta called Yogarishta, evil planetary configurations, which might cause death before age of 20. If the span extends beyond 20 but not beyond 32, it is termed short life or Alpayus, if the life extends upto 70, it is Madhyma or moderate span and beyond that it is full.

There are some yogas or planetary configurations which lead to early death of native. If the ascendant at the birth is the very end of a sign which is occupied by malefics, immediate death is possible. If it is at a Gandanta mentioned above, the father, mother or the child itself may quit the world. If the birth is any of the four kinds of Sandhi mentioned elsewhere which receives the aspects of malefics, early death is to be predicted. Your business is to say that there are many evil influence which should be warded off by means of proper worship, prayers etc. of the planets and the deities presiding over them. The end aim of the astrology is not merely to predict coming events but to strengthen the devotion of people to god and thus lead them on to the path of spirituality culminating in self-realization. In fine, an astrologer should be a practical philosopher. If the Moon is in the fateful degree of the particular Rashi, the child may have the early death , provided it is kendra house or the 8 th from the Lagna. The following are some other Yogas leading to early death:-


The Kendras and the 8th house are exclusively occupied by malefics

Malefics occupy the first and the 8th houses

Malefics are posited in the Lagna and the 7th house

The moon or the ascendant is hemmed in between malefics.

The weak moon occupies the 6th, 8th or 12th house.

The weak moon conjoined the malefics is in 1st, 5th, 7th or 9th.

Malefics are posited in the 7th and 8th houses

No kendra or Kona is occupied by benefics

If the death is almost certain, you have to find out its approximate time. The following are the some of the methods:- If the lord of the Lagna or Rashi occupied by the moon is weak and posited in an evil house ie 6, 8 or 12, the child is likely to die within as many years are indicated by the number of the sign count from Aries. If the planet owning the decanate of the Lagna or the Moon is in similar conditions, death is likely to take place in as many months as are denoted by the sign of the decanate. It will die in so many days as are indicated by the Rashi owning the Navamsha of the lagna or the Moon, if it is lord is in similar conditions. Prediction should be made after due consideration of all the Yogas.

I should like to tell you here that the year 32 in a person’s life is critical. It is called Dvatrimsadyoga. If this coincide with any Dasa- sandhi or other bad period, the native may quit the world, provided there are Yogas for short life. This is the reason for the statement that is a bad time for a person when saturn in his transit passes through the position occupied by him at birth. I must tell you, how long do the planets stay in a house during their transit. The sun generally takes one month, the Moon two days and a quarter, Mars two months, Mercury one month, Jupiter one year, Venus one month, Saturn two years and half and Rahu-Ketu one year and six months. According to this measure Saturn makes one complete circuit in 30 years. In the case of short life death takes place in the first round of Saturn, of medium life in the second round, and of long life in the third.

More Yogas for infant mortality

If venus is weak and is in an house other than a kendra or Kona, if the lord of the ascendant and Jupiter are afflicted by malefic aspect, if Saturn is in Amsa of the Lagna, and if he has the aspect of ketu, the child will die within a year

If no benefic is posited in a Kendra , if Saturn being posited in an Amsa of Venus is aspected by ketu and Venus, it will be within two years.

If the Saturn is in an Amsa belonging to Mercury and receives, the aspect of Mercury and the Sun, it will be within three years

If Saturn occupying the Amsa of Jupiter receives the aspect of the Moon and Jupiter, death will occur in four years.

If the Saturn occupying the Amsa of the Sun is aspected by the Sun and Venus, death will be take place in five years.

If Saturn in the Amsa of the Moon receiving aspect, and if the Lord of the Lagna is in the 12th house, the maximum lease of life is six years.

If the Saturn being in the Amsa of pisces receives the aspect of Venus, it will be in 8 years.

If the Amsa of Saturn is Capricorn and if he is aspected by Mercury, it will be die in ten years.

 If the Amsa is Sagittarius, and if saturn is aspected by the weak Moon, it will be die in 11 years.

If the Amsa is Aries and the aspecting planet the Sun, death will occur in 12 years.